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Posted By Cassie on 01/26/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Trixie Teen - Little Cutie Pie

Well, guys, believe it or not, us girls aren’t much different from you! Sure, I do sympathize with my mother and the changes child birth brings but when I go looking for something to fantasize about on the Internet you can find me at the coed websites. Hey, I am not against the whole MILF thing, I just prefer girls my age or less. Just like a typical guy does.

I have been reading in the news that Oprah and other female media moguls are talking down about sites like How sad. Just because she can’t handle her own weight issues she has to tear into Trixie because she is the picture perfect girl nextdoor.

Sure, I will admit that Trixie Teen probably doesn’t need teen braces and probably has a perfect smile. And I will admit they dress her in some pretty ridiculous outfits that no college age girl would ever wear. But, have you ever heard of Barbies?

You know the plastic dolls I still have sitting in my closet. The ones I refuse to throw away no matter how much grief a boyfriend gives me about them. Trixie is like my Internet barbie. A throw back to a different period in my life when I first found out that I liked other girls as much as I liked boys. Maybe even more!

I often lose myself on Trixie’s website for hours before I realize how much time has flown by. I can only imagine her appeal to you guys. Especially the older ones looking for a barely legal cutie pie. I bet you pretend to be her sugar daddy. I bet you would introduce her as your niece. haha!

Hey, I am not knocking you! I love her too!

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