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Posted By Cassie on 02/28/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Hailey Little, you are my browned eyed girl! This little blonde bombshell has won me over!

Looking at this blonde teen it is hard to keep my eyes from roaming. I am all over her eyes, her hair, her teeth and her big tits. Damn she has a perfect set of tits! has been open now for two years and with weekly updates there is a ton of galleries to look at. Yes, Hailey does not get fully nude but, she has mentioned numerous times lately on her message board that she is finally leaning towards it!

Until then you can see her fully nude but, with her hands covering the goodies. That is ok with me. A girls got to be modest when she has a killer set of tits like Hailey’s. I actually like imagining what she looks like underneath those panties of hers.

As a member of Hailey Little you get to chat with Hailey on her message board and write to her using her personal Email address. You also get to see bonus galleries of all of her girlfriends.

Girlfriends? Hey, I thought I was the only one!

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Posted By Cassie on 02/25/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


While she calls herself Private Gwen, I have yet to see the private part. I mean, I have seen her private parts… but she isn’t making a big secret out of them! In fact, she is exposing them for everyone to see.

Of course, that is the premise behind A real teen site and not some prop photo B.S. site. All of her real experiences and her real life. You actually get to meet her! On line of course…

While Private Gwen does portray her teen star/glamorous side, it really is more about her self-pics. The ones she takes no matter where she is. Documenting her life (including the life in the bedroom) for all to see.

Gwen doesn’t just pose with girls and model teen clothes. She has sex with girls and guys and Gwen masturbates too. Just like me! hehe

Most of the content is shot by amateurs. Private Gwen and her friends take turns holding the camera. It really gives you a sense that you are there as a participant and not just observing. The videos are all downloadable too.

Gwen even includes some pretty private subjects like her first anal sex. I don’t mean her first time on video, I mean her first time ever! You get to see her true emotions. It is so cute!

In one of her videos she really brought me back in time. She has one where she pees. Call me a nutcase, but I really like watching it. Me and my friends used to pee in front of each other. Hey, I like to reminisce! adds new content weekly with pics and videos. I was surprised to see a $4.95 trial on the join page. You don’t see those on teen sites very often. A nice surprise during these trying times!

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Posted By Cassie on 02/13/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Tattoos and Red Hair = Hot!

Listen up parents. I am going to let you in on what seems to be a little bit of a secret. If your daughter has red hair she is much more likely to be a naughty girl than girls with other hair colors. Nothing scientific here, I have just eaten more redhead pussy than any other hair color out there. And, girls named Zoe with red hair are 99.8% more likely to be naughty than any other name. So there you have it. Do with it what you will.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing against Zoe Fire except for maybe my tongue and a finger or two… I love redheads just as much as guys do. I really enjoy how spunky and frisky they can get. One of my readhead girlfriends almost got me to get my clit pierced. But I was too wimpy and pussed out at the last minute.

Zoe has some great tattoo work done. Though, it is scarey to be sucking on those pierced nipples of hers with that evil looking skull staring back at you. Definately a turn the lights down moment. hehe

I love Zoe’s boobs. It could be because they remind me of some of the first boobs I ever squeezed (besides for my own). Firm looking and soft feeling. I wonder what it would be like to get my nipples pierced like Zoe’s. Do you get a two for one deal?

This girl also has a nice curvy ass. And if you read my blog you should know I am an ass woman. I just want to crack that ass of hers so damn hard! Judging from the body art I am sure Zoe Fire would let me too!!! updates on a weekly basis. You can already see that her photography is amazing and the free gallery above isn’t even the regular sized photos. The ones in the members area don’t block out her sexy pussy and they are much bigger in size. Zoe has some great videos and this girl gets kinky. Try reading some of my old posts and you will get the idea.

If you are ready to leave nice behind, naughty is ready for you!

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Zoe Fire

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Posted By Cassie on 02/11/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
I am a sucker for turquoise eyes. I wish I had eyes like this chick does! This anonymous babe is from She had a boyfriend take some photos of her naked and when they broke up… Well, let’s just say there is a reason you shouldn’t trust your boyfriend with your naked pics!

Her Secret Pics is a site devoted to posting ex-girlfriends pics. There are even videos! While I feel sorry for these girls I also enjoy looking at all of the candid pics. Real girls, real photos, real videos… All in one convenient location.

Her Secret Pics updates daily. The galleries are also zipped so you can grab them all quickly. Videos range from small clips to long complete videos. If you like watching girls masturbate as much as I do then you will definitely like!

I joined Her Secret Pics because I am a fan of the booty. I like booty in panties and gstrings. There are tons of candids with thick butts. I also like the girls in lingerie. All kinds of lingerie from simple PJ’s to baby dolls. Nothing but the girl next door here!

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Her Secret Pics

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