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Posted By Cassie on 04/23/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I have a love hate relationship with these girl friend sites. I love them because I like looking at all of the candid photos. They often remind me of my own past experiences at Spring Break or having some sapphic fun with a coed friend. I hate them because I spend way to much time on them!

Once I start clicking around I start to develop a theme. I eventually stopped on the girl above. has a whole gallery of her candid pics. I love satin sheets. I love real boobs. I love tans! Pink lip gloss. Curves. I can certainly see why her boyfriend wanted to take some pics of her.

Raw GFs is full of candid pics. There are tons of beach candids, self shots in the bathroom mirror, etc. The nice thing about sites like RawGFs is that they often get sent the pics directly from the source. So you end up with an entire set of pics from one certain girl.

Another great thing about is that they have lots of homemade porn. Females don’t like the ooh, ahh, bullshit porn most guys like. We like real chicks moaning and whimpering like we really do. Raw emotion and real orgasms are always a plus!

Posted By Cassie on 04/04/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Now that I have your attention…

I know you have all sorts of things running through your mind right about now. I know this because I have a couple of things running through my mind too… and a few digits running through my pussy lips thinking about those things I have on my mind.

You can tell me what you are thinking about when you watch the Callista Model video above by clicking on the comments section below this post. Until then, I will go ahead and tell you what I am thinking about right now.

Remember when you were in high school and having someone find out that you masturbated was like, “Oh my God, I’d just die!”

Then you graduated and found out that practically everyone masturbated. Most of us were doing it several times a day! Well, the stigma of girl on girl sex in high school fades away just like the stigma of masturbation.

One of the highlights of every woman’s college days are the initiation parties. By the time you get to college you have heard a lot of good rumors about what goes on at these parties. While guys are out fucking donkeys girls are doing things a bit more fun. With each other!

At one of our parties we filled a kiddie pool up with gelatin and edible oil. The new girls had to wrestle in a double elimination tournament. We told them only the top eight would get into our sorority so that they would do dastardly things like take another girls bikini top off in order to win.

Each girl was made to wear a string bikini with big bows. Easy for grabbing on to and yanking! The sorority sisters all dressed in our best lingerie and sat around the pool in chairs. After everyone got good and drunk before the games began.

By the second match the desire to win came out. First the girls pulled off each others tops, then their bottoms too! One girl was completely bald and the other had a landing strip. I couldn’t decide which one I’d rather taste first!

Once the first round of matches were done the sorority sisters were very hot and bothered. We couldn’t stop ourselves when it came to cracking the rookies on the bum!

Our sorority president told the girls to each pick a senior and give them a couch dance. I got two girls on me and made them have a dance off against each other. By now all of the new recruits were naked and feeling their hot pussies slide up and down my legs was putting me over the edge.

I blew my whistle and told all of the girls to enter the pool at the same time and wrestle around with each other. The site of these eighteen year old girls oiled up and threshing about naked before us was too much to handle!

As usual I was the first one to shed my lingerie and jump in with them. Turns out I didn’t have to decide which one to lick first. The completely bald one decided for me and sat on my face. Before I knew it another girl was licking me and soon another was licking my nipples!

And that is why I am a member of Callista Model! This girl goes well out of her way to bring me back to some very fun times. I even find myself making up new fantasies while watching Callista’s videos.

While Callista Model states she is non-nude there is plenty of nudity. You know how those non-nude models nipple slip and lip slip once in a while. Or wear panties so thin and see-thru you can see everything just fine!

Photos are shot in 2000×1330 and larger. There are two new galleries a week. Plus, Callista does mini galleries and the occasional candid photos too. Videos come in various widths and file sizes to accommodate all bandwidth types. She even has iPOD and PSP videos that work on 95% of cell phones.

If you are feeling really randy you can engage Callista in a live video chat. Members also have access to her archive of past cam shows. I have spent a little one on one time with this girl. I hope I can hook up with her at a porn convention some time soon!

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