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Posted By Cassie on 09/21/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Back when I was young I used to go through my older brother’s things. I was always curious about other people’s things. Once when I was rummaging through his closet I found a box with some video tapes in it. They had names like “Lesbian First Sex Part IV”. Being curious I put them in the VCR and watched them…

That is where my fascination with other girls began. On the tape I just mentioned the plot was girls seducing other girls and as far as porn goes, these scenes actually looked real.

Suddenly I didn’t look at my female friends the same way anymore. When we would change our clothes in front of each other to go swimming I would try to catch glimpses of their private parts without looking like I was. While laying out for some sun I would put on some sunglasses and spy on my friends. I’d often have to excuse myself to the bathroom so I could rub my pussy and get rid of some sexual tension.

On one fateful day I invited a friend of mine named Marcy over to do what girls normally do when they are not having sex. I suggested we go through my brothers closet and purposefully made sure that video was the only one we would find. Once Marcy found it I suggested we should watch it and see what my brother is jacking off too.

Marcy was into my brother and had she not been and had I not mentioned he jacked off to this very video, I don’t think she would have obliged me. I put it in and said, “So this is what my brother likes huh?”

The opening scene had a girl letting another girl into her apartment. The neighbor had locked herself out of her apartment. She instantly noticed her host was feeling a bit blue and asked what was wrong.

Turns out the host girl had just lost her boyfriend. Seems he found someone prettier to screw. The neighbor offered to show her why he is wrong about her and started with her feet and a nice foot massage. As time went on she worked her way up her long, sexy legs to her pretty panties.

At this point I could feel the moistness of my juices on my panties. Marcy squirmed a little bit and I wondered if she was trying to quell her own aching clit.

In the video the neighbor wondered aloud if her host shaved her beaver. The host acted coy and tried to break free, but the neighbor was insistent on knowing. She told the host she shaved her beaver completely bare because her boyfriend liked it. As it turned out the host trimmed, but didn’t go completely bare.

Upon seeing the some what kept forest the neighbor whisked the host to her bathroom for a shave. She was a bit shy about a girl touching her pussy and again, protested. The neighbor asked her if she wanted her boyfriend back or not? If she did, she needed to make her pussy look barely legal again. This was the way to do it!

I looked out of the corner of my eye at Marcy and she looked like a deer in headlights. I hoped this meant she was just as interested in the content of this video as I was.

The neighbor got some shaving cream and spread it all over the hosts mound and pussy. She then produced a razor and got to work on the top. Once it was done she moved lower and the host squirmed telling her to be careful.

A few quick swipes and the host had a barely legal beaver again. The neighbor got a damp wash cloth and rubbed the remaining shaving cream off her friends pussy real slow. I saw Marcy squirm again. Was her pussy getting as wet as mine?

Just as the last bit of shaving cream was rinsed off of her pussy the host went to get up and her neighbor pushed her back down. She then produced a bottle of oil and told her she needed to rub some in or she would be a burn.

Next, the neighbor dripped some oil on the mound above her host’s pussy and then began to rub it in. She continued on the sides of her vagina and pulled it open a bit. Inside was already slick with the host’s juices and her clit was noticeably hard.

She brought up the fact that her host was turned on. The host denied it.

“Then why is it so wet right here?” she said as she plunged a finger into her wet pussy.

“I…” the neighbor tried to talk but her pussy felt too good.

“And why is this so hard?” the neighbor asked as she bent down to lick her host’s clit.

“Oh God!” she gasped.

To this Marcy moved again. Contorting her legs in an effort to stop her own clit from aching.

On screen the neighbor was running two fingers into her host’s pussy while licking her clit. A few minutes later she orgasmed. It was a big orgasm and she almost slid off the counter onto the floor. The girls locked into an embrace and kissed passionately. The screen faded to black.

I stopped the video and Marcy asked if we could watch that again. I said sure, but first lets shave each other’s pussies bare. She said OK and without looking at me, Marcy headed for the bathroom. From that point on we shared lots of embraces and passionate kisses.

The first porn magazine I had ever seen was Barely Legal. Again, I have my brother to thank for that. One of the things I hated about regular porn (especially back in the early nineties) was the “girls” were all 25+ years old. To see girls even remotely in the same ballpark as myself I had to wait for my brother to go to work so I could enjoy his Barely Legal magazines.

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