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In this episode from Bangbros entitled Being Lesbian Is Awesome we get to see the beautiful Kennedy Leigh enjoying some pussy with her housemates Mercedes Lynn and Jonni Hennessy. While I do enjoy the title as written I think it could have been better stated as, “Being Bisexual Is Awesome!” Because being bisexual is awesome!

The Bangbros network has plenty more of Kennedy Leigh, but right now I would like to focus on her work as a free webcam model. You can enjoy porn stars like her on the best free teen webcams site Girls are online 24/7/365 waiting to rock your world. No other site boasts as many porn stars as they do.

Kennedy loves to be told what to do on her cam. She is submissive. This is great because sometimes I want to be in charge. And sometimes I don’t want to be in charge. Being a porn star Kennedy is well versed in both roles. She really knows how to take charge if need be!

Dive into some porn star pussy right now!

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Guys often wonder why girls fool around with other girls while they are in college. Is it because they are so overjoyed about finally getting out from under their parents wing? No. They could have had, and often do have, sexual encounters with girls during sleepovers with nobody being the wiser. Except for mom, who undoubtedly has had some sleepovers of her own. Girls enjoy the company of other girls because they know how to pleasure each other correctly. Who better to go down on you than a girl who, herself, has often wished for more from the boys?

So, boys, I am here to tell you that you might be a jackhammer with your knob in bed, but without a little cunnilingus as foreplay we are always going to need the services of one of our lady friends.

How do you brush up on your cunnilingus skills and keep your woman coming back for more? There just happens to be a site with a ton of good information on the subject at: Take it from a woman who has been down on, and who has been gone down on by, enough girls in her lifetime to surpass counting them on her fingers and toes; this site rocks!

After reading each and every page I suggest ordering the DVD’s on how to have sex from women who do it professionally. My favorite is Oral Sex For Couples – Volume One. After that I would have to say the Incredible Sex Video Series. My boyfriend and I have watched them both and we both learned how to please each other to a whole new level of pleasure.

Give the woman in your life the most intense orgasm she has ever had. Study hard enough and you never know… she just might return the favor!

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01 07 09 14

Wow. Seeing that first little photo in this set really brought me back to an earlier encounter I had with a girl. She was the younger sister of a good friend of mine and I noticed she always had her eye on me. She tried stealing more glimpses of my boobs than the boys at school did. I began to wonder if she had a thing for me.

One day we all went swimming and her sister had to leave abruptly to meet a boy. Their parents were in Vegas so we had the house to ourselves. I invited her into the guest room keeping her locked in conversation. While we talked I began to change out of my bathing suit and into my regular clothes.

Once my boobs popped out of my top she couldn’t keep her eyes off of them. I tested her by leaning into her as I reached for my bra behind her. Instead of ducking away she sat there transfixed as if she were waiting to dock her mouth with my nipple. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face into my breasts.

Instead of recoiling away my best friends sister began sucking away. After I was sure I had hooked my fish I pulled her head up to kiss her. Again she responded how I had hoped she would. Soon I had her virgin pussy right in front of me. I hadn’t seen one in years having long since broken my own hymen.

I flicked at her young flesh and felt her body tense up in anticipation. Then I locked my lips around her hard clit and rolled my soft tongue over it in slow circles. She grabbed my head with her hands and clamped her thighs over my ears as if she were afraid I would pull away. I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

As our relationship grew she asked me to break her hymen and show her what it would feel like to fuck a boy. Besides for my own I had never broken a girls cherry before. I felt a excited and scared at the same time. What if it hurt her enough she stopped liking me? What if she was labeled a slut by boys at her school? Technically she would still be a virgin…

Let your mind wander at They update weekly with two new models and have thousands of videos for you to catch up on. Once you experience porn the FTV Girls way you won’t want to go back.

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Just once I would like to be in the area when the FTV Girls are there doing something like this. Then again, I fear I might actually join in the fun if they did something like this in front of me. After all, it isn’t every day you get to suck on two gorgeous babes nipples in a public park!

Hmm… Strike that last sentence. If you are at First Time Video Girls the chances of you doing something like this are rather high. prides itself on finding hot girls willing to do the nasty in full view of others. That is what makes these videos so damn exciting.

My boyfriend turned me on to this site about four years ago. Since then I have frigged myself on car trips, at the beach and other public and semi-public places for his enjoyment. I feel sorry for the guys attached to women that would be turned off by this kind of behavior. Like they are too good to shag in public? Bitch, please!

(Hey, I can say bitch because I am one. You on the other hand…!)

Get your own password and do what my boyfriend did. Go through the online cancelation process and it will ask you if you want to stay a member at a lower price. In this economy he all need to tighten our belts right?

Unless you are about to screw of course.

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Lately I have been getting a lot of people asking me the same questions so I am going to answer them here so that everybody can read them all at the same time. It will save me a lot of typing.

1) Do you masturbate? Yes, I masturbate a lot. I used to masturbate about once a day with some days going as high as three times. After I graduated college and got a career that number dropped down to several times a week. Sometimes when I get particularly horny I still masturbate three times in one day though.

2) Have you ever had sex with other girls? Yes, I have had sex with other girls and still do from time to time. My first sex partner was a girl from down the street. We didn’t really think of it as sex since we were more or less just exploring each other. Like an extreme game of doctor. In high school I tried dating a girl exclusively. Never again! Girls tend to get way to clingy.

3) Have you ever masturbated in front of another  girl? Many times. LOL. One girl I knew back in high school used to race me to orgasm. We got so good at pleasuring ourselves we could orgasm in as little as two minutes. Some guys might think that is a long time, but for a girl that is amazing!

4) Have you ever masturbated while watching a video of another girl masturbating? Heck yes! Where do you think I got some of my best techniques from? Watching guys?

5) Do you ever talk to girls on webcams? From time to time I do. Mostly I tend to stick with sites like GFLot. They have lots of prerecorded web cams you can watch for free. They also have hardcore and lesbian videos as well. I spend the money I save on lingerie for me and my boyfriend to enjoy.

Have a great weekend!

~xoxo Cassie

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My boyfriend surprised me with an early Christmas present yesterday. It was one of those new Samsung Galaxy S III phones. Up until now I had been using an old school Razr. I loved that little phone, but it died on me. When I laid eyes on my new phone the first thing that popped into my head was that my BF bought me a DVD player. The screen is huge!

As it turns out I have a lot to learn about current mobile phones. This one uses Android so he loaded up some Android porn apps for me. Now when I am at the laundry mat I can watch some kinky stuff on my phone while the other women are doing crossword puzzles. LOL

If you haven’t used porn apps before you should be. They basically format some of your favorite sites to fit on your mobile phone. It is pretty cool actually. You can stream the videos and look at the pics. If you click on a picture you can zoom it in too.

Time for me to go frig myself off in the laundry mat restroom!

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