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Posted By Cassie on 05/26/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


By now you have probably heard of chicks that want to be raped and even have fantasies about being raped. While I am not one of them I do have fantasies of raping other chicks!

Cat Fight Gangbang is where girls like me go when they want to pretend to act out some hardcore lesbian rape fantasies. I think this is the only site like it on the Internet. But what would I know? I am just a dumb blonde right? Fuck you!


Seriously though. Cat Fight Gangbang is probably the last place you would expect me to be but for some reason I just keep coming back. It isn’t like I wish I was a guy or something. I don’t pretend to be some dude analizing these girls when I watch them get strapon dildo fucked in the butt. I pretend to be me with a strapon dildo fucking her in the butt!

Or – how about a baseball bat? Think it’d fit? I can tell you that it does only because I have seen the videos in the members area at Cat Fight Gangbang.

Now, I will say that I don’t agree with all of the sites in the 45 site network Cat Fight Gangbang is a part of. Tons of them I actually find offensive. But, I am open minded and realize some of you are probably into anal licking or extreme hardcore sex videos.

Ready to try something a little more wicked? Get your Cat Fight Gangbang membership and see why I can’t stop coming back for more!

Posted By Cassie on 05/06/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


It is funny. When ever the girls and I get together for the evening and talk about our relationship(s) and sex, one fact always comes up.

For some reason guys don’t think girls like porn!

You guys are always trying to hide your stash from us and yet you will rummage through our panty drawers like you own the place. Just so you know, we all know those cases aren’t holding 100% comic books only.

Recently I caught my boyfriend wanking to Bailey Kline. He tried to hide his big hardon but it was obvious. He tried to apologize and I cut him off. I asked him to show me what he had on the screen and like a dumb-bum he tried to deny he ever had anything on it. What gives?!?!

All I wanted to do was masturbate with him over Bailey Kline’s big boobs and he acts like I am running an inquisition?

Through trial and error I have found that there are two types of guys in the world. Guys like my boyfriend who were caught by their mommies when they were younger and learned to hide their porn. The other type are the guys who had dads that either furnished them with porn (to make sure they didn’t go gay) or received a hooker for their 18th birthday like it is some right of passage.

Both types of guys have their pros and cons. The first type is less likely to cheat on you, but also less likely to ever share his porn with you. The second type goes to Mexico every time he gets $100 in his pocket and not only wants to share his porn with you, he wants to put you in it!

Over time my boyfriend and I learned to share Bailey Kline. Just the other day he caught me masturbating to this big tits blonde!

Bailey appears to be so soft and cuddly with a hint of, “You’d better watch yourself,” peppered in. Like everything is great and she even lets you go anal. Once you are done she says, “My turn!” as she straps on a big black dildo!

Haha… I am reading my final draft to my boyfriend and he just said, “Ewww!” to that last comment about Bailey. Poor thing. He doesn’t know I have a dirty mind too… and it is about time I let it loose!

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