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Posted By Cassie on 10/28/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Oh my! If only web cams and the Internet had existed in their current high speed, high definition forms back when I was in college. I would have a lot less student loans to pay back right now.

My house mates and I would often come back from parties horny and drunk with no boys to play with so we would improvise.

Before college I thought strapons were strange and really quite gross. After college I thought they were God’s gift to women. A way for us to role play and have a good time where nobody gets pregnant. HAHA

Those days are over, but I still feel like they are right here with me every time I dance with my new girlfriends via the Internet. Pattygerls from XXX Camz Club are too cute. I love them both. I think you will find them out of this world too!

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Posted By Cassie on 10/26/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


When I was in high school we had a teacher for science class that did triple duty as a P.E. teacher and the tennis coach. He was only twenty five and looked like he was about nineteen years old. It could be said that every girl in the school had a crush on him. He was one of the few teachers every girl wanted to blow, not for the easy-A, but because we all adored him!

One day I got my chance when I stayed after class and whore a very slutty outfit with no panties. I pretended to not realize I was touching my itchy pussy in front of him and I could tell her was enjoying the show. After several minutes of driving him insane with my pussy play I walked over to his desk and bent down low so my blouse would open enough to show him my small titties. Obviously his mother never taught him good manners as he had a hard time keeping his eyes off my young boobs.

I asked him a few science questions and I could tell he was having a hard time. That is when I bounced around his desk and grabbed both arms of his office chair. He looked like a deer in headlights. I pulled the chair out from behind his desk and could clearly see his hard cock pressing up against the leg of his pants.


A few seconds later I had his cock out and into my mouth before he could stop me. At first he seemed to be trying to shy away as if to say he wasn’t going for it, but then he put his hand on my head and pushed my mouth so far down on his cock I gagged.

My constricting throat pushed him over the edge and he blew his load into my mouth. I couldn’t believe he came so fast. How long had this guy had a crush on me? Why didn’t we do this sooner?

One of my favorite sites explores the sordid relationships between teachers and their students. You can watch the free mobile porn videos at They partnered with Naughty America to make a one stop shop for all things mobile.

Watch porn on your schedule no matter where you are!

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Posted By Cassie on 10/12/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I wish guys didn’t get jealous of two girls having fun with each other in the bathtub. I have yet to find a guy that, if allowed to, will sit still and watch instead of trying to join in. Sometimes girls want to share a special moment without a cock getting in the way. Is that so bad?

This here is Busty Alli and her blonde friend. My, oh my, would I ever love to be in her position. I love getting all soaped up with a girlfriend so we can slip and slide on each other. I’d grab those fleshy cheeks of hers while I wrap my lips around her nipple and slowly roll my tongue over the tip. I can already feel her responding by rubbing her soft pussy on my soapy thigh. I think I can even feel her hard clit as she grinds on me!

You see, us girls aren’t that much different than you guys are. If you have a bi-curious girlfriend or wife I suggest you invite another girl over, but then let her have first dibs. Sit back and enjoy the show. The longer you hold out the more likely they are to continue the show at later dates!

Posted By Cassie on 10/08/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Would it shock you to know that girls like looking at other girls pussies just as much as guys do? I know mass media has given most people the impression that girls aren’t visual when it comes to sex like guys are, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most people assume that girls don’t like looking at pussy because girls don’t keep porno magazines around like boys do. But think about it, if we already have pussies, why would we need magazines to see them?

My friends and I began comparing pussies right around puberty. As we got older we were very interested in each others changes from the size and shape of our boobies to the differences in our pussy lips. While down there we often took some time out to explore each others pleasure spots with our tongues.

Once my boyfriend caught me looking at teens in porn videos and he was kind of shocked. He always assumed I didn’t like porn. Funny how guys often fail to communicate with their partners and instead base their sexual habits and secrets on misinformation!

He also thought it odd that I liked to look at girls younger than I was at the time. Again, why would he think I was any different then him? Just like guys, us gals enjoy looking at girls that remind us of past flings we had in school. So it should come as no shock that we would spend time on real teens porn photos and video sites.

The next time you want to watch a threesome between two hot teens like Presley Hart from Nubiles invite your partner and you just might be surprised that she is just as interested in the girls too!

Posted By Cassie on 10/05/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Tied up teen girl lesbo petting at PornoXO

Before I became bisexual I was a lesbian. My first experiences with sex were with other girls my age. Sometimes I would even tempt the older girls into having sex with me. I loved toying with them!

One day when a girlfriend of mine was over we went through my dirty uncle’s closet while he was at work. He had all kinds of magazines with girls having sex with guys or lesbians having sex with each other. One of them had girls tying each other up while wearing fishnet stockings and high heels. We both wanted to explore than magazine a bit more!

We took the magazine to my room and then headed to my mother’s room to retrieve some of her lingerie and high heeled shoes. By the time we were back in my room we were both giggling uncontrollably.

My friend and I took turns hooking each other up in garter belts and bras way too big for us. My friend even put on one of my mom’s crotchless pair of pantyhose. She looked so cute with her hairless pussy and a bra that made it look like she actually had big boobies.

I tied my little damsel in distress to my bed posts and tickled her inner thighs with a feather from hat my aunt gave to me on my birthday. I bet she had no idea it would end up tickling my best friends clit!

You could say we were kinky, but I think it is just natural experimentation with what feels good. People say the Internet is exposing kids to porn, but really, is it? I didn’t have the Internet back in my day and I still managed to find porn. Maybe the conservatives have a predisposition to being jealous of the girls in those naughty magazines?

Either way I stand behind my upbringing. I pay my taxes and I contribute to the economy. Guess who I will be voting for in the upcoming election.

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