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Posted By Cassie on 04/29/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Stop the presses. It is official. The porn industry has just run out of stripper names and is now pillaging male names. Keithy is now a stripper name!

Sorry, I thought it was too funny to see somebody try and put a female twist on such a mucho mail name!

So lets get serious, shall we?

Most guys think bisexual girls are indiscriminately bisexual. Bring a pussy home and we will lick it for you. Wrong! This couldn’t be further from the truth! Just like you, us girls have our favorites when it comes to pussy and I personal like them Wet and Puffy!

There is one sure fire way to get a pussy into the wet and puffy condition and that is to use a pussy pump. The first time a boy tried to use one on me I broke up with him. I figured he was only going to get stranger as the relationship progressed.

While in college I met a girl that I trusted (and licked!) who reintroduced me to the pussy pump. She was slow and explained everything to me as she was doing it. The sensation was very strange. My clit felt extra sensitive after getting pumped. It grew to four times its normal size!

Along with an extra large clit my outer lips also grew four times their normal size. With so much blood engorging everything down there my pussy became four times as sensitive! Which is the point of using a pussy pump I guess?!?!

At Wet and Puffy they like to get up close and personal. Girls expose every inch of themselves for your enjoyment. Just looking at all of the puffy pussies there makes my mouth water!

I am going to go watch the entire video of Keithy experimenting with pussy pumps… want to join me?

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