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My boyfriend gives Blue Eyed Cass the, “I’d hit it, 2x’s!” seal of approval. I have to admit that I’d hit it two times as well!

Lucky for me I have hit girls like Blue Eyed Cass not only two times, but a few dozen with some of them. In this set Cass reminds me of a girl I used to love to sun bathe with.

Girls can get pretty kinky with each other and my friend and I were masters of kink. Once she tied me up with our bikini top strings and stuffed her moist bikini crotch in my mouth as she rubbed oil into my tits. Not too big a deal in a private area, but we were at a public pool in her apartment complex!

I don’t know why, but getting tied up always makes me really wet. Especially if I am tied up in a place where I can get caught. This was one of those places.

None of the apartments over looked the pool, probably to keep weirdos from taking pictures of girls or some shit like that. But if someone decided to go swimming just about the only thing we could do, or she could do, was throw a towel over me making sure to cover my tied wrists. Then she would have to wrap one around herself as well.

After about a minute or so she got tired of rubbing my excited nipples and moved down to my shaved pussy. Since the Summer was coming to an end my skin had a nice, rare tan. I lifted my head to get a good look at her fingers disappearing behind the horizon of my mons. My clit ached for attention!

When her finger reached my button it was like flipping a switch. My already hot, sun drenched body got even hotter. I began to sweat and moan a bit. She really seemed to enjoy making an impression on me and bent down to get a taste of my pussy.

Her soft tongue was actually a bit cooler than my own skin and was a nice surprise. I had a hard time keeping my legs parted so she could get in there because it felt almost too good.

I turned my head to the side and to my horror I saw a man in the distance walking towards us. He was carrying some pool cleaning supplies. I tried to alert my friend, but with her panties in my mouth she just thought I was moaning. I snapped my legs shut and pulled them up towards me.

She looked at me and must have noticed the scared look on my face and she pulled her panties out of my mouth with one hand and threw my towel over me with the other. Lucky for us he was the type that looks down when he walks. She barely got a towel around herself before he entered the pool area.

Unlucky for us he appeared to be in his sixties. He had that conservative look. Like, maybe, bisexual girls were an abomination and not a turn on.

My friend laid down in her chair next to me and we pretended to just be laying out. He took his own sweet time cleaning the pool and with the sun beating down on us we fell asleep.

I woke up to him standing over me asking me if I was alright. I wondered why he was asking until I noticed a breeze must have kicked my towel over and I could feel the hot sun beating down on my naked pussy. I went to pull it down and alas, my hands were still tied. My friend hadn’t thrown anything over them and that was actually what was concerning him.

He said something about getting the manager and headed off towards the office. My friend had just awaken and quickly untied me so we could collect our bathing suits and get out of there.

A day later her manager served her with a notice to vacate. Oh well. She ended up moving in with me anyway and we continued our fun times until she got serious with a guy and moved away.

Blue Eyed Cass has those curves you want to rub your oiled hands all over. She has just enough chunk to soften her figure and plenty of muscles to trace with your fingers. She has a great set of tits and a thick bottom.

When it comes to alluring softcore with lots of teasing it doesn’t get any better than She updates each week with new photos and a video, plus you get two live cam shows a week.

This girl is no stranger to getting it done in public and there are plenty of sets and videos of her baring it all. Sometimes she even gets caught! In addition to the professional content you also get her candid pics too. Some of those sets feature her getting frisky in public with her friends!

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A hot blonde with hot friends, plenty of girls kissing, girls in panties, sleepover orgies… the only thing missing is YOU!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Light Speed Girls. Today’s focus is on Heather Lightspeed because she reminds me of an old high school friend named Jenny.

Jenny and I used to enjoy our bisexuality and pledged to live life to the fullest. Both our parents worked and we both had pools so that meant plenty of lying out by the pool and plenty of lotion that needed to be applied. We used to marvel at each others bodies. Applying lotion was more like foreplay!

The reason why Light Speed Girls are so wonderful is you get more than one for your money. In fact, I have the 31 sites package. Yes, it is $10 more than most sites charge but I get 31 reasons to remember a fantastic string of girls in my life.

Because of my time spent with Jenny, Heather Lightspeed is my current crush and my boy friend gets his first Internet crush Tawnee Stone. Newer girls like Dana Lightspeed and Courtney Lightspeed deserve mentions, as well as, Jordan Capri. Jordan and Tawnee are the foundations of the LightSpeed Empire.

Light Speed University is well known for its bisexual sorority parties and initiations. While I got pretty freaky with my sorority sisters, we never did anything this crazy. I wish I had found this site a few years ago!

If you are tired of stupid plot lines and the same regurgitated hardcore crap most sites are promoting try Heather Lightspeed and her sorority sisters on for a try. Like me, you might find yourself wondering why you didn’t know about this place earlier!

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