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Posted By Cassie on 10/28/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Just when you thought you had seen every spelling of the name Makenzie, someone else decides to put their own spin on it. Phil Flash has been taking teens photos for over a decade. Today’s big tits beauty is from his site Face Down Ass Up University or FDAU University for short.

Makenzie is exactly what my sorority sisters and I were looking for in a new recruit. She has fluffy boobs, super soft skin and a cute little pussy to match. She is the type of girl we bombarded with kisses. Sweet kisses on her titties, someone kissing her “down there” lips, someone kissing her “up there” lips… We would have definitely had our way with her!

There are currently 37 schoolgirls at FDAU University. The girls have done 89 videos and almost 180 photo sets so far. Each girl does several of each. This site is quite new and with weekly updates you can expect to see these numbers grow quickly.

As the girls progress through their sex-ed classes they learn lots of new things. Freshman tend to tease with lots of panty shots. The sexy sophomores get naked and often kiss other girls. Flirty juniors do lots of kinky stuff like pole dancing. Then the sultry seniors take the show. These girls get wild and leave nothing to the imagination. Expect to see them crowding the Jacuzzi naked in a drunken lesbian orgy!

I know… Lucky sluts!

If you like seeing schoolgirls in uniform, tons of panty shots, girls wearing socks, girls having sex with each other, or just enjoy looking at nude coeds, Face Down Ass Up University will make your mouth water!

Posted By Cassie on 10/03/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Being a female definitely has its privileges. If… you are into girls!

First, as a female not one of my girlfriend’s parents suspected me of having unclean thoughts about their daughters. In reality I couldn’t keep my mind off of them. I actually masturbated more about the girls in my life then the boys!

Second, girls don’t immediate suspect you are befriending them just to get into their pants if you are a girl too. They also don’t assume I want to get drunk with them just to get into their panties. I have been thanking God I am a girl for almost a decade now!

One of the problems I have with sites like We Live Together or MILF Next Door is they have women. Often older than I am. Since I am not into older women this presents a problem. I find girls like I’m Isabel much more attractive and the bummer is that they often are not part of a network. So you have to plunk down a lot of cash for just one site.

With you get a network of nine other solo models and two multi-model sites. You spend the same money and get twelve times the girls!

I know their promotional material still shows 10 sites for 1, but this network is pretty new. The big benefit for you is that it means the girls are all barely legal. And waiting!

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