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Redhead Tries Fisting Sex For Her 1st Time Don’t be shy, girl! You look beautiful! You guys probably have no idea about what us girls do in order to experiment with our pussies. Fisting sex as a masturbation technique is far more common than you would ever believe. Just about every girl I have ever had sex with has tried fisting herself at some point. All of them have had my fist up their pussy and all of them have put their fists into my own. While you boys try stuff like fucking a banana peel us girls try fucking the actual banana. When it breaks off in there it is even better. That is when we start experimenting with eating fruits out of each other’s pussies. Grapes, strawberries, cherries, all sorts of things go up and pop out into our mouths. Haha! Seeing this shy redhead trying fisting sex for the first time really made my pussy wet. Now I am looking around my office desk for something I can stick inside my pussy. My BF’s Maglite flashlight is starting to look promising. It is one of those huge D-cell battery kinds. My only issue is that the steal on that sucker is super cold. So I am going to sit on it and get it all nice and warm. Then I am going to spit on the tip and see how deep I can get it to go. He is going to be so surprised when he reads this post! Find more Fisting Porn updates and maybe learn a thing or two.

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Asked if I could do anything over again I would have to say I would have approached sex with more gusto right from the beginning. Like a total nut case I listened to my mom and was a good little girl for many years so I wouldn’t be labeled as a slut. God how I wish I would have lived out some of the fantasies I had running through my head!

One fantasy I always had was fucking a teacher. I had many that gave me the look. You know the one. Where all I had to do was stay after class and we’d be fucking like rabbits. I was told it was wrong and dirty, but how can it be when more girls fantasize about it than those that don’t?

All of this makes me wish the Internet was around in its current form when I was a girl hitting puberty. I could have using the live teen sex cams sites like to explore my sexual fantasies without actually engaging in sex. How could would that have been?

As it stands I do use Live Filthy to have some fun when my boyfriend isn’t around to service me. Chat me up!

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Streaming Couples Seduce Teens videos

My boyfriend and I are very open about sex. It wasn’t always that way. When we first got together he was pretty closed off when it came to letting me know just how far his rabbit hole went. I think he was afraid I would be grossed out because he jerked off or because he liked to look at teenage girls. But that was because he didn’t know I masturbated to teenage girls!

Now we are very open about our likes and our dislikes. He was kind of shocked to find out that as a babysitter I wanted to fuck some of the couples I was babysitting for. He found out about this fantasy when he walking in on me streaming Couples Seduce Teens to our HDTV.

I was able to stream the movie because we have a Boxee set top box that works with a service called FyreTV. It is very similar to other mainstream services that do Hollywood movies. Only this service is all about porn, baby!

From time to time we like to watch movies either in our bedroom or in the living room with this service. They have an entire library of streaming teen videos you can get on just about any device you have that supports video. One of our friends is a hardcore Apple fanatic and he says he gets it on his Apple TV box and his iPhone.

My boyfriend likes the idea of interviewing a girl for a porn part and having sex with her. It is kind of funny because it is so not him in his personal life. But when he fantasizes anything can happen. I guess!

So he is cueing up Calling All Teens. The beauty of this particular video is it is by Combat Zone and for just $5 a month we can pick and choose from their entire catalog of videos.

Gotta go. Movie is starting!

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Christina Model white halter top and red school skirt movie Christina Model white halter top and red school skirt movie

OMG! I cannot believe that I finally found this girl again. I had thought she had stopped creating new material a long, long time ago. She was one of the first girls I had ever seen online. Back then she was only sixteen, but she didn’t get naked. Back then I was only sixteen and I so wanted to be her. Since that wasn’t going to happen I so wanted to be her girlfriend. I cannot remember how many times I rubbed my pussy looking at her gorgeous body, but it must have been well into the thousands.

You can watch her video by clicking on a picture above. The video is from Red Tube. They are by far the largest tube site on the Internet. Their video library is larger than Christina Models tits!

As far as I can tell there is no place to enter a credit card, but you can join the site to get member functions for free. One of the functions is the ability to create collections of your favorite movies. I have been watching videos on the site now for about two hours and they haven’t kicked me off yet so I am pretty sure it must be free.

I can’t believe I found Christina! I need to let you all go so I can enjoy her all over again!

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Meet Madden schoolgirl gallery

When my friends hear that my boyfriend looks at porn all day long they always give me a look of shock. I know what is going through their heads. They think that if he is constantly looking at naked women, some of which may, or may not be, hotter than myself, he is eventually going to want to trade up. The funny thing is, most of the girls he is interested in are duplicates of myself!

While I don’t look like Meet Madden so much anymore, there was a time when I could rock this schoolgirl outfit in the same size she is wearing. I will, from time to time, put on a schoolgirl outfit and role play with him, but the skirt and blouse are a few sizes larger than before. He doesn’t seem to mind though. He is happy as a clam that I care enough to put on a show for him.

Meet Madden schoolgirl gallery

Okay… that didn’t come out right. It doesn’t sound right to me because I cam not just putting on a show for him. He is putting on one for me as well. I enjoy being his kinky little schoolgirl just as much as I enjoy him being my horny perverted professor.

Meet Madden schoolgirl gallery

Madden is a professional when it comes to dolling herself up and donning outfits that will peak every dirty thought you have ever had about a teenage girl or some college coed, or the girl next door. Hey, I was the girl next door once. I enjoyed having sex with my neighbor just as much as he enjoyed having sex with me!

Find all of the hottest solo model site reviews on

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Beautiful, fresh and young teenage girls are always more popular than older girls, even though older girls have have more experience and can do a better show. Fact is that we all want to watch young teeny chicks being fucked more than experienced women. We don’t need to wonder why. It is pretty obvious. Younger girls have tighter bodies and look as good as they ever will.

Lately I have noticed that porn star Connie Carter is becoming quite popular. I’ve checked her out and I have to say, those searching for porn stars have it right. She is hot as hell.

When you search porn on tubes you might see many teens, but none of them wouldn’t be hotter than Connie. When you look at the image in this post you can see her beautiful boobs. Not as small as you would expect, huh? Actually her tits are pretty big. I am stunned by her beauty. On they have a porn scene where Connie fucks guy in a hotel room. He is absolutely amazed by her long brown beautiful hair. He couldn’t hold back his cum for very long. I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t be able to hold back either!

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Get kinky and nasty with Princess Kitty over the phone!

Today I just hooked up with an old friend of mine from high school named Kitty. She is one of those platinum blonde girls all of us other girls dream of being. She has big boobs, a firm body and the prettiest face you will ever lay your eyes on. I used to masturbate to the idea of eating her pussy at least once a day. Twice on the weekends.

Any who… My boyfriend and I met her for lunch and as it turns out she does phone sex. My boyfriend was kind of surprised that phone sex lines are still around. Then he even went as far as to say he was ten times more shocked that a phone sex girl was as hot as Princess Kitty. He thought they were all doing phone sex because they weren’t hot enough to do webcams.

I have to admit I was thinking along the same lines as he was about girls that do phone sex. I did, however, know that phone sex lines were still around and quite popular. To be honest, I think it is odd that my boyfriend doesn’t use them. I know lots of my girlfriends do!

Kitty thought my boyfriends assumptions were cute. She informed him that phone sex allows you to stimulate your imagination on a much higher level than webcams do. She told him to close his eyes and she began a super hot fantasy setup and then walked him through a first-timers call.

I have to admit, my pussy was soaked by the time they were done. At the end of the "call" she asked him to open his eyes and tell her honestly if webcams were ever that good. He just sat there dumbfounded for a bit. Then he snapped out of his trance and was going on and on about hot great phone sex was. LOL! I guess you could say she converted him!

Another piece of factual information that Kitty relayed to us is that phone sex had gone mobile the day mobile phones were invented. No other pornographic medium can claim that milestone.

So here is a shout out to all of the other phone sex princesses. After all, Kitty can’t be available 24/7. A princess has to get her beauty sleep at some point!

Throw caution to the wind and try out phone sex with hot babes tonight. Go online and read the girls profiles before you call. That way you can find the one that is perfect for you. Think of Princess Phone Sex as your very own little black book loaded with the hottest girls in town.

~ Toodles!

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Boy it sure is hot right now in Los Angeles where I live. My boyfriend decked out our office with two large 25” monitors each. Unfortunately it means our office is on fire even with the air conditioning on. If my boyfriend wants to burn alive in the office that is his prerogative. During the hottest part of the day I prefer to grab my laptop and enjoy some teen cam sex with the girls at

You can load a teen girl webcam on your cell phone too. The other night I took a girl into the bath with me. We used the cam to cam feature to get each other off. It was pretty hot.

If you have an itch for a teen sex cam and need to scratch it you will always find ready girls on!

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Tiny pornstar Maddie O’Reilly gets fucked by Peter North in his POV porn video. Maddie is just 18 years old in this sex video but she sure knows how to take a big cock! Filming this sex video POV makes it feels like you are really fucking her. With her tiny legs spread you get to see her tight bald pussy taking the whole of his cock nice and deep and in true pornstar tradition she finishes the scene with a nice warm wad of Peter North jizz all across her face and she enjoys licking it up. You have to have big respect for Peter North, he has managed to become one of the biggest male pornstars on the planet and gets to fuck the hottest pornstars on a daily basis, kudos to him! Lucky fucker 🙂

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