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Posted By Cassie on 12/28/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Sexy coed babe Christina A.K.A. Hidden_Passions works her pussy in a public library!

This girl makes my pussy wet. Her name is Christina, but she goes by the name Hidden_Passions on her site. She is an exhibitionist at heart. Watching her masturbate in a public library inspires me to want to take my boyfriend out to a diner and fuck him in one of the back booths!

Masturbating in public places is nothing new. I have done it plenty of times. My friends have done it plenty of times. What makes it exciting is that she is doing it for all to see. Except of course the librarian and the other guests at the library.

Christina does this for free. You don’t have to join to watch or give her any money. She relies solely on tips and the generosity of others. She has a lot of friends who join her including couples having sex on their cams for free. It is where the ultimate exhibitionist behaviors meet the ultimate in voyeuristic behaviors. I am hooked!

Posted By Cassie on 12/24/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

I used to have this boy that lived on my street and I used to enjoy telling him how I wanted him to jack off. It all started when I caught him red handed as he was rummaging through my overnight bag while I was spending the night with his sister. At first I was upset having him go through my private things, but then I saw his hard cock under his pajamas and I wanted to see it naked.

He was so shy about jerking off in front of me. It took a lot of persuasion to get him to finally pull it out and tug it. I was afraid his sister would wonder what was taking me so long and come upstairs looking for me. He came in my panties and I ended up wearing them so I could have his cum on my pussy. Back then I had no idea I was playing with fire. I could have gotten pregnant that night without having sex!

Guys, stop being pussies and just break down and buy the damn thing. We have dildos and vibrators; there is nothing wrong with you using a Fleshlight. To be honest I think they are sexy!

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