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Posted By Cassie on 09/16/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

live lesbian cams

If only they had webcams like these back when I was in college. Then again, I am a horny girl as it is. The last thing I needed was to flunk out of school because I was addicted to webcams!

I watch a lesbian sex webcam or two at the network because it allows me to relive my past experiences with my college dorm roommates. I was the kind of girl that liked trying anything one and had sex with girls of all sizes and races. My favorite girls to have sex with when I was feeling blue was the Latin girls. They have a way of making your day warmer. Seeing this photo of a girl putting her hand into her friends panties as if to show her how good an orgasm feels the first time around has my pussy dripping!

I have to go now because their show is about to start. You can find this lesbian duo sexing under the moniker Juanitas. Right now they are doing a live show for only $5 and seriously, I really have to go.

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Posted By Cassie on 09/26/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


You might be more adept at this than I am, but I am pretty stoked right now. My boyfriend went on a trip and I am hornier than hell. I was thinking about a Latina friend of mine I invited to sleep with my boyfriend and I when it hit me – I wondered if there was a place I could watch live Latina webcams without paying a lot to watch them.

As it turns out there is a place you can watch live Latina’s webcam chats for free. One of the girls I found looked so much like my friend I was fantasizing about that I totally thought it was her. She was having sex with some dude that looked more like her little brother than an equal partner. Haha!

So if you are in the mood to watch free Latina cams you now have a place you can do it at. Toodles!

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Have you ever heard of a busty teen pornstar club before? Well me neither but I had to do a search and satisfy my curiosity and when I did found it… I was feeling kind of jealous I haven’t found it earlier. It seems to me that these teen girls are constantly fucking, even when they shouldn’t be. For example this little slut should be home doing her homework instead of fucking around with other cocks. She enjoys being treated like a slut and that’s why she’s giving the camera that straight look while her boobs are getting banged… and she loves it.

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Posted By Cassie on 02/15/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


If you have never heard of Sophia Sanchez it is time to include a little Latin spunk in your life. She has a body most women would die for and most men would kill to sleep with…. although I recon there wouldn’t be a whole lot of sleeping going on!

Sophia is part of a network of solo sites I have written about before. Some Latin girls like Sophia and her friend Lindy Lopez really do it for me and my boyfriend. Lots of booty and a good amount of boobs to keep your lips company!

Perhaps that is why my boyfriend likes me as well?

Treat yourself right for Valentine’s Day and the entire month of February by grabbing a membership to several sites at once!

Don’t like Latinas enough to chomp at this bit? Then try the rest of the girls in the network. I also like Aston Richards. She reminds me of a certain someone I used to spend way to much time with if you know what I mean!

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Here is a treat! These beautiful girls are Sweet Yurizan and Mai Ly. While I do enjoy looking at female volleyball players just as much as the next bi-sexual girl, I really have a thing for girls more my size. Looking at my picture above it should be obvious that my hips don’t fit into a size two pair of jeans!

This is a win-win for you though. Hippy women make for better lovers. Hey, we try harder!

Yurizan Beltran is my favorite Latina. I would eat this girl up any day, any time! My fantasy would include lots of baby oil, a shower curtain and then lots of slipping and sliding!

Mai Ly is another of my favorites. My boyfriend turned me on to her when he wrote about Mai Ly on his blog Rhino’s Girls. That isn’t his original post, but it is the one I like the most! Oh, and I did chastise him for calling her a bitch! haha! Mai is not a "bitch," she is a "Sexy Bitch!"

Sweet Yurizan has lots of galleries featuring her with other curvy girls. At nineteen years old this girl has it all! Boobs, hips, curves, DSL (which also translate into PSL)… It isn’t hard to imagine why both guys and girls fall in love with her at first sight!

Oh… and did I mention that you get unlimited access to all of Sweet Yurizan‘s friends with your membership? You really have to take the tour because there are a "good" ton of them!

Posted By Cassie on 05/23/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

I have been with several Latin girls and I have to say, they are spicy!

Pamela Spice above looks very tasty. Her lesbian videos are amazing. You get close ups of her very wet pussy and her friends tongue running up through the lips. Pamela’s stomach twitches when her friends tongue hits her clit. These two hold nothing back. Pure Latina style!

Pamela Spice has a story similar to my own. Overbearing church-going parents that wanted to protect her from boys. However, just like my parents, Pamela’s parents forgot about the other girls. I used to get fucked every weekend… by my friend and a magic marker.

For those of you that have iPODs, you can download videos ready for you to take on the road. For the rest of us the videos come in WMV. Pamela adds another video and picture set each week.

Pamela Spice is the perfect, innocent looking, spicy Latina teen both guys and girls drool about.

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Raven Riley

Anyone for some sex play with Raven Riley? I don’t know about you but I could lose myself in this girl. has been on the net for two years now and Raven is just as motivated and a part of the website as she was in the beginning. Getting old sucks but Raven makes it look ohh-so-sweet. The older this website gets the more nasty Raven becomes. I love it!

In this Raven Riley video, Raven masturbates with a cucumber. I am sure that for most guys it doesn’t get anymore perverse than that. But for us girls there is no perversion involved. It is just simple exploration of ones inner secrets.

Like Raven I was an early explorer. Sometimes fingers just aren’t long enough… Especially girls fingers. So you have to improvise and pretty soon just about any household item becomes a dildo. Magic Markers, hair brush handles, Magic Markers, turkey baster, Magic Marker, tampon case, Magic Marker… are you seeing a pattern here?

Why did you think your sister always had a Magic Marker by the bed? To black out pages in her books? Helloooooooooooo! She was masturbating with it! And once you go black, you never go back… HAHA!

As a girl gets older and more daring there comes a time when you want to test the boundries. To stretch the envelope. And a cucumber is just the thing to push you over the edge. To pretent to feel what a real man sized cock feels like. Sure it hurts a little but then so does a real man sized cock!

Raven Riley is the definition of a full service solo model. She not only releases updates two to three times a week, she also does webcam shows three times a week too. Plus she is always giving away her used sex toys to some lucky member. She really takes this solo model thing to a whole new level.

Become a member and you get to instant message Raven and flirt with her on the message board. Things get pretty wild in there. And if you are truly one of the lucky ones, you might be able to catch her pole dancing at a strip club near you!

Raven isn’t just an Internet model, she is an experience!

Find More Raven Riley!

Posted By Cassie on 01/31/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Raven Riley

Tell me if this isn’t the strangest thing you have ever heard.

I don’t like to masturbate with vibrators, but I get off on watching other girls do it!

Yeah, I think it is bananers too! The sensations I get are too intense and I feel like I am gonna pee. A friend told me that is normal for some girls but I stopped peeing my bed at an early age and I am not about to start doing it again.

Watching Raven Riley tease herself with a vibrator on her little clit is like watching a conductor with an orchestra. It reminds me of a friend I have that lets me rub her nub with a vibrator too. It makes me feel like I am a mad scientist and she is my willing subject, doing anything I ask her to do.

OK, I am wandering…

I have to give some big props to this girl. is so well known that my brothers know who she is. If you knew my brothers, it’d be a big shock to you too.

Raven’s video pics were too small to use here so I borrowed one from her Super Bowl gallery. Her body is so enjoyable, I could literally eat it up! This is my favorite pic right here. There is something precious about being one second and a millimeter away from another girls pussy. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. is my kind of site. This girl goes both ways and then some. How often does a girl get to see a pussy licking in POV fashion? Not often enough! It is like you guys shoot porn just for yourselves and leave us girls high and dry. Not fair!

Raven gives me everything I want and then some. With updates every two to three days and two years behind her now, Raven has everything a guy needs and everything this little girl wants!

Find More Raven Riley!

Posted By Cassie on 01/25/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Mia Ciara College Luv

Welcome to my blog. My name is Cassie and that is me at the top of the blog. I hope you like my pictures!

The hottie above is Mia Ciara. I like this picture of her because I am in college and doing a lot of studying – and Mia would make a great study partner. Only I am not sure if we would actually get any studying done!

Latina girls are a real turn on for me. I am so pale during the winter so I guess it is just opposites attracting?

Mia’s ass is so darn tight it is amazing. I wish mine was that firm but we gotta do with what God gave us and… by the way, my nickname is "Bombshell," so it ain’t all bad.

This girl gets pretty down and dirty when compared to most of the other teen sites I have seen. But she also leaves a little to the imagination (do you still remember what that is?). I like sites like that. I am such a tease, so it is nice to get a little of my own medicine once in a while. has weekly updates and her pictures are like artwork. Perfect because, personally, I am not into that throw it in your face porn. Along with her videos you also get her webcam sessions. Lucky members get a private one-on-one with her too!

Find More Mia Ciara!

Posted By Cassie on 01/24/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Katie Fey Voyeur Masturbation Spy

Can a girl get some fucking privacy up in here?

Pretty much… Hell no! This is the stuff fantasies are made of, people!

Katie Fey is hot. But watching her masturbate is even hotter. I used to have a girlfriend with about the same shape and hair color and this free Katie Fey gallery helps me relive the moments I had with her. I once came into her room to retrieve my clothes after I had started the shower and caught her on the bed in just about the same position – masturbating… only without the blanket.

You wanna talk about massive throbbing hardons? I immediately moved back into the bathroom and spied on her through the crack in between the door and the door frame. I thought I had died and went to heaven. I think I will charish that mastabatory moment until the day I die. A big thanks to Katie Fey for helping me relive the moment in crisp detail! updates twice a week and currently has 80 videos and over 319 picture sets! Katie also takes member requests and gets nude now!

Make this a win-win for both you are Katie Fey by joining her site today!

Find More Katie Fey!

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