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Posted By Cassie on 10/21/11 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

I am a firm believer in the French phrase ‘laissez-faire’, or in English, ‘let do’. It means ‘let it be’ or ‘leave it alone’ and it has to do with business transactions. Suckers are born every minute and I do feel sorry for them, but I don’t think we need government to come in and write laws about every little thing.

I know… Not the usual thing you hear from a woman!

Anyway… When Leslie came to the Backroom Casting Couch she had already had a bad experience with a photographer just days previous to her arrival. So her interviewer went slow and showed her a really good time. He even popped her anal cherry!

Unfortunately for Leslie isn’t looking for contact models so after getting nailed in the anus there wasn’t a job waiting for her there either!

Backroom Casting Couch adds another video each week and each video features a new model. Great for you, shitty for Leslie! (no pun intended, but go ahead… rotfl!)

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