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Posted By Cassie on 09/23/11 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I just caught my boyfriend jacking his cock off to this gallery of Emily 18 and, being the good girlfriend that I am, I blew him off and asked him to tell me what he was thinking about before I popped in and popped his cock into my mouth!

He told me about a girl he once spied on that was checking out her private parts in a mirror. She was trying to figure out her pussy and, in the process, taught him a lot about how everything was supposed to… come together! LOL

Anyway… After he exploded his jism into my mouth I swallowed it down and called out, "switch!" It was my turn to get some tongue work!

Like the good boyfriend he is, he instantly dropped and gave me twenty… flicks of his tongue. Then he asked me what I was thinking about…

I recanted my own curiosity about how my pussy worked and went into some details about sticking things inside it… You know… Scientifically… Just to see how deep it went, how wide it could get… that sort of thing!

His tongue wasn’t doing enough for me so I pulled him over to the bed and found his cock to be not too big, and not too small… It was just right! Hmm… Kind of makes those old nursery rhymes seem a little bit perverted?

Find more perverted fantasies played out by Emily 18 on her site. She updates three times a week and is so kinky even girls like me can’t get enough of her!

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So my birthday is almost here and my boyfriend asked me what I wanted. I showed him this picture and he left to make a few phone calls. Now I am wondering… Can he actually pull this one off?!?!

Hi, my name is Cassie and together with my partner in crime we operate over 100 blogs. Obviously we both enjoy writing and have open minds about sex and sexuality. I am a big time believer in the notion that most girls that don’t like porn don’t like it because they approached it with their man in a completely wrong fashion.

The biggest mistake most women make when it comes to their man and porn is acting like their man’s mother. Girls fantasize about being caught. Most guys dread being caught!

If you are a woman chances are your mom and dad never bothered you or tried to walk in on you while you were masturbating. Even if they did pop in, you might have been humping a pillow and could have laid sideways looking like you were sleeping with your leg resting on it. Guys on the other hand have a big donger sticking out so getting caught and appearing to be doing something else isn’t as easy. To make matters worse, moms seem to have radar for when junior is masturbating and seem to always want to pop in right before he blows!

So now think about when you pop in on your man and he hides his shit and swears up and down he wasn’t doing anything (wrong). Well, he is partially right. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, but you made him feel like he was. Instead, ask him to masturbate WITH you. What? I know, why would you both masturbate when you can just have sex, right?

The reason you should take time to masturbate together is it will allow you to become comfortable with his obsession to porn. Before trying this with my own boyfriend I always figured he looked at magazines and web sites because he wanted to fuck other women. As it turns out he actually prefers softcore and/or lesbian porn! He was actually interested in what makes a girl feel good so he could better apply his techniques on me!

Obviously this revelation was a win-win for us since I am bisexual. Until I began masturbating with him and sharing fantasies I had never actually looked inside one of his porno mags. Now I can’t get enough of them! Haha!

One of our favorite sites to enjoy together is Sapphic Erotica. The girls don’t have simulated lesbian sex with over-done oohs and aaahs culminating in a fake orgasm. These lesbian girls have real sex the way girls do when they are alone!

I hope you all have learned something today and the next time you catch your man looking at porn, hurry up and strip down to your panties and join him in bed!

Posted By Cassie on 09/06/11 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Would it surprise you to know that girls check out other girls? I have had a thing for other girls ever since my mom introduced me to Girl Scouts. What? You thought you were the only one that dreamed of finding out what color panties a girl had on under her skirt? Pleeeeaaase?!?!


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