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Posted By Cassie on 09/19/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Sweet Natural Girl originally started with the girl next door Jamie. As time went on and school took up more of her time she invited her niece Jillian to pick up the slack. Now you get two girls on one site!

Both Jamie and Jillian talk the the members of in the members forum. You can also read their blog entries to see what is going on in the girl’s next door lives.

There are hours of video at Sweet Natural Girl and over 12,500 pics for you to look at. Fans of panties and camel toes will enjoy this site the most. Every gallery features a fresh pair of skimpy panties or a tight fitting bikini.

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Posted By Cassie on 09/02/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

So my boyfriend and I are watching this porno and in it a guy takes his blind date to a strip club where. What a gambler! Not really… It is a porno so obviously this girl is going to be a slut and want to fuck everything she sees including the strippers.

My boyfriend seemed pretty turned on with all of this so I decided to setup a date of our own. Our anniversary was coming up in a week so I got us some dinner reservations at a seafood restaurant that just happened to be located down the street from a strip club.

When we finished our meal at the restaurant I ordered us some oysters. You know how they make women horny right? Yeah… right… So I pretended to be all hot and bothered and suggested we go to the strip club down the street. It was like he had added an extra syllable to my question. That syllable was an ecstatic YES!

So off we went and guess who is on the billboard as a guest dancer? My boi-toy’s favorite porn star Briana Banks. At this point he is telling me this is going to be the greatest gift he had ever received and I was thinking, “Oh, fuck! What did I get myself into?”

Still feeling a little randy from the liquor and the oysters I flashed my tits at the door to get us both in for free. Bouncers always love girls that want to party.

Briana Banks was already on stage dancing and I handed my boyfriend some ones and sent him over to tip her. Briana still had her g-string and bra on so when he put the dollar in between her big tits Briana grabbed the back of his head and thrust it against her bosoms. He looked like a wino after drinking several bottles.

Briana looked at me and whispered something in my boi’s ear. Uh oh, here comes trouble!

After her dance was over Briana came down from the stage and walked her pretty little porn star ass up to me. I had to catch myself and stop looking at her boobies and shaved pussy. I was acting like one of the guys!

Turns out the porn stars don’t like to do couch dances with the guys because they can’t stop themselves from getting all touchy-feely. Briana Banks straddled  my thighs and grabbed my hands and put them on her boobs. My pussy went from moist to roaring rapids! I wasn’t wearing any panties and I could feel my oils on my inner thighs.

Briana pulled my skirt up until she could barely see my cleft. She smiled and repositioned herself so that one of her knees was jammed between my legs. Next she lowered that beautifully shaved pussy of hers on my thigh. Oh, how creamy and hot get pussy was!

Briana and I gave the entire audience the show of the night by bringing each other off as we humped each others legs. My boyfriend was so pissed! He didn’t bring a camera…. he thought we were just going to dinner and a movie! Oops!

Well, that is my Briana Banks story and I am sticking too it. HEHE

You can watch Briana Banks perform with both guys and girls and even going solo on her web site She updates weekly and now has live video chat.

Keep that chat going because you never know when you will meat Briana Banks yourself.

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