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Posted By Cassie on 02/12/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


My boyfriend and I work in pretty close quarters. We often share things we come across as we are posting. This morning he showed me this picture and asked me what I thought about it.

I THINK IT SUCKS!… That I am not in it!

It is no secret in our house that I swing both ways. When he is a good boy (he just poked me) I let him watch. If he is really good I might let him in on the action. haha!

I spend my time looking at sites made for both sexes. I would have to say that Lesbo Brits is made for both men and women. It is not your typical lesbian site like We Live Together (which is for men obviously). At Lesbo Brits the girls spend a lot of time kissing and fondling. Just like I do with my own girlfriends!

Lesbo Brits opened a year and a half ago. The site updates with new lesbian videos every week. As part of a larger network you also get access to many more teen sites. Take the tour and check the bottom of the page for all of the juicy details!

Posted By Cassie on 02/08/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I would imagine you think this kind of behavior between girls is a bit odd, but I can assure you, it happens all of the time. My girlfriends and I got together once to try wrapping ourselves in Saran Wrap to see if we could lose weight for the Prom. Before long our creativity sparked and we turned our wraps into bikinis. The kind our mothers would never let us wear with a thong back.

Both Brooke Marks and Misty Gates look great in their Saran Wrap bikinis. Way better than we ever did! In fact, I’m getting moist just looking at them!

Time for me to hit the members area. You can join in the fun on Brooke Marks personal message board and maybe even drop me a line there. Look forward to hearing from you!

xoxo ~ Cassie

Posted By Cassie on 02/04/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I can remember when I got my first cell phone with a camera like it was yesterday. One of the first things I did was send my boyfriend a pic of me topless. He one upped me by sending one back of his cock. Determined not to be outgunned I sent him a piping hot picture of my newly shaved vagina. Then I rubbed that newly shaved vagina while I looked at the pic he sent of his hard cock!

Once I was done I sent him a picture of my sexed pussy. It was very wet and red. He was at work and I knew he’d go wild since he wouldn’t be able to relieve himself until he got off later that day. haha!

Since then we have traded many cell phone camera pics and videos of ourselves. Luckily none of my pics have ended up on an ex-girlfriend site (yet!).

Even though my pics are on Obsessed With Myself, I have to admit, I seriously enjoy looking at all of the pics! Being bisexual I not only enjoy finding new ideas for sexting my boyfriend (and girlfriends), I also enjoy masturbating to all of the hot candid pics and homemade videos people submit!

There is literally something for everyone at Obsessed With Myself. I like to reminisce about the girls I slept with in high school, college and in my 20-something life. I can do that and more at They also have an Asian section, blowjobs, cumshots, party girls, girls kissing and just about everything else girls do while naked or nearly naked!

You can tour for free if you uncheck the prechecked stuff on the join form. It will be obvious what I am talking about once you get there. Take the Obsessed With Myself tour and see if once of your ex-GFs is on there!

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