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Posted By Cassie on 12/21/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Love Abbie

Sure, it is a long way to Vegas on skates but, if you are going to go to Vegas you might as well look sexy doing it.

Love Abbie is one sexy girl! I love her freckles and her cute little tushe. I wish I had one like hers. And I bet she wishes she had one like mine. We girls are never 100% happy with ourselves.

Along with her cute tushe, Abbie also has some great legs. In fact, I love Abbie’s entire body. It is full without being fat. Teen without being tween. And her tits! So pert and perfect. I’d lick those nipples in a heart beat!

Another thing I love about is that she does hardcore! You get to see her fuck and suck cock. Hey, even I need some cock sometimes! She also masturbates and does lesbian scenes too! updates the pictures and videos weekly and she does live webcam shows. You get to see and hear Abbie live!

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Love Abbie

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Posted By Cassie on 12/11/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
A Great Set of Tits

I am a sucker for girls with large hips and blue eyes. Perhaps it is because I have large hips myself, though opposites are supposed to attract, so it can’t be that. I think I just like curves. Watching the curve from the boobs to the waist to the hips makes me wet. is where I go when I am feeling a bit hippy. Along with her thick rump she has some awesome blue eyes as the sites name would suggest. Cass was born with the eyes other girls dream of having.

You might have noticed that we both share the same name too. Is this all coincidence or are the stars aligning for me and this girl?

Each week Blueyed Cass adds another picture set and video. She also does two live cam shows and keeps a personal journal. Blue Eyed Cass takes requests from the fans so there is a good chance you will be able to interact with her an a personal level. If not creating a set based on your idea, she might be wearing what you send her on the web cam!

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Blue Eyed Cass

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