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Posted By Cassie on 05/25/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
coed girls kissing on dance floor teenie friends sharing a kiss and some sex

Lots of my guy friends have been bringing it up about how great it is to live in the world today as opposed to even the 60’s. They seem to think that girls are enjoying being bisexual more now than ever before. Wrong! The only difference between now and the 60’s is that now we have cheap cell phones that take professional level video and pics to document all of this girl on girl sex. There is no better place to find lesbian babe pics and videos than on!

This babe and erotic photos site has a huge collection of erotic photos and masturbation videos. Girls are both professional and amateur in scope. Which means things tend to get pretty darn sexy.

There is nothing for you to join to enjoy gigs of erotic teens pics and videos. You are free to watch every video and keep all of the pics you find on the site. Check the models list for the girls you have been drooling over and to find some that you might have missed.

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first time lesbian kiss video

Watching this video I got a big laugh. Well, it was more of a snort. And it wasn’t me laughing at the video. These girls are too hot for that. I was laughing about a memory this video triggered from my past. Back when I was in college I knew a couple where both the guy and the girl were super duper hot. I wanted to sleep with them both. The only problem was that she wasn’t bisexual. So I pretended I wasn’t either. Eventually when she began to trust me more I flirted with her or displayed myself to her a little to see if she would take second glances. She did!

Once I knew she was hot for me I set it up for the three of us to get drunk and then I started hitting on her. She jokingly told me to knock it off or her boyfriend might think she was a lesbian or something. He quipped that he didn’t mind watching. She looked at me with that smile you see on somebody that is about to do something that makes them really nervous. Then she planted a kiss on me. Haha!

Little did she know it was my plan the entire time.

XNXX videos play on any device. You can use your cell phone or a computer to watch them. I am frigging myself over them right now!

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Watch Insanely Wild College Parties at CLR18

While I was in college I always got a kick out of how guys liked watching me kiss with my girlfriends. We used to torture some of the guys on our wild nights of binge drinking. Once we invited a nerdy guy over and out of the blue we started kissing. He sat there watching us with his jaw on the floor for several minutes.

Then he started touching his cock. We stopped and scolded him for doing it. He was sooooo embarrassed. He totally thought we were serious. We let him off the hook by stripping each other down, including him, then masturbating in front of each other to orgasm. He must have felt like he died and went to heaven! Haha

I found a new site for watching college porn called CLR18. They have tons of videos and I love it because they used real coeds instead of made up porn stars that don’t even look like college kids. You can download the videos or stream them. I can’t get enough of this site. Get your own password and watch the party unfold!

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I can’t imagine what would have happened if they had webcams around when I was in high school and college. My girlfriends and I got into enough trouble with a Polaroid camera and my parents VHS camcorder as it was. Being able to stream your slumber party live? Oh brother!

Now you can get in on the action with CamFuze teen cams. Girls put themselves up on their webcam and they get a picture on the index page. If you like what the girls are doing you can let them know by adding credits to their account. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I gave these girls the equivalent of $5 for allowing me to live vicariously though them. Haha! allows anybody to chat with the girls including guests. You will find that this place is not just a cam site. It is more of a community. There are lots of hot babes on there and quite a number of cute couples. I need to let you go so I can stop typing and start friggin.

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Oh my! If only web cams and the Internet had existed in their current high speed, high definition forms back when I was in college. I would have a lot less student loans to pay back right now.

My house mates and I would often come back from parties horny and drunk with no boys to play with so we would improvise.

Before college I thought strapons were strange and really quite gross. After college I thought they were God’s gift to women. A way for us to role play and have a good time where nobody gets pregnant. HAHA

Those days are over, but I still feel like they are right here with me every time I dance with my new girlfriends via the Internet. Pattygerls from XXX Camz Club are too cute. I love them both. I think you will find them out of this world too!

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Posted By Cassie on 09/19/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Photos like this one from Watch My GF make me miss my days in college. This photo in particular reminds me of a night where three of my sorority sisters and I showed each other some of the stranger ways we used to masturbate.

One of the girls used to use the technique displayed in the photo. She would place a blanket over the edge of her bed and slide back and forth on it until her orgasm hit her. Then she would double over and pump her hips with her ass cheeks squeezing together tightly. It looked so hot.

Although I had used the methods each of the other three girls displayed I showed them how I used to fuck the bed post. My bed at home had tops that popped off so I could use it like a dildo, but on my dorm bed I had to straddle the thing like I was going reverse cowgirl on a guy or something.

Become a member of and enjoy thousands of naughty photos and videos showing you what really goes on behind closed sorority doors!

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I saw this pic and it reminded me of fond memories from back when my girlfriends and I would lay out by the pool. One day one of my GF’s wondered out loud about having less of a tan line. Intrigued I asked  how  to accomplish this and she pulled her bathing suit up her butt!

You could see we were Slutty GFs because we all followed suit and if you had been peeping through a hole in my fence you would have been treated to a display of some mighty fine teen ass – if I do say so myself!

Slutty GFs updates constantly and has tons of archived content. You can join for $1 and try it out. Categories make it easy to find what you are looking for and there is over 500 gigs of amateur content to explore!

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They say that life’s experiences are just a bunch of circles. History repeating itself. I have to agree when I see this picture. Most of you are probably thinking Grandma’s Panties, but you’d be wrong. Grandma didn’t have Strawberry Shortcake on her panties, silly boy!

No, these panties are what you wear before you know any better. The higher the waistband the more comfortable your mom is like it is some kind of chastity belt. Ironically, by the time you are wearing these, your mom is wearing Grandma panties so you feel like a “big girl” now. haha!

So about that circle of life… You grow up wearing these panties and then you grow old and come right back to them. I have a few sets of Grandma panties and after seeing Bridget Jones Diary by boyfriend is absolutely smitten with them!

These panties, and much skimpier ones, can be seen at Real Teenie GFs. They are the newest site on the net featuring self-shot and candid porn by America’s girls next door!

Grab a free Real Teenie GFs password and think of me and my Grandma panties!

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I can remember when I got my first cell phone with a camera like it was yesterday. One of the first things I did was send my boyfriend a pic of me topless. He one upped me by sending one back of his cock. Determined not to be outgunned I sent him a piping hot picture of my newly shaved vagina. Then I rubbed that newly shaved vagina while I looked at the pic he sent of his hard cock!

Once I was done I sent him a picture of my sexed pussy. It was very wet and red. He was at work and I knew he’d go wild since he wouldn’t be able to relieve himself until he got off later that day. haha!

Since then we have traded many cell phone camera pics and videos of ourselves. Luckily none of my pics have ended up on an ex-girlfriend site (yet!).

Even though my pics are on Obsessed With Myself, I have to admit, I seriously enjoy looking at all of the pics! Being bisexual I not only enjoy finding new ideas for sexting my boyfriend (and girlfriends), I also enjoy masturbating to all of the hot candid pics and homemade videos people submit!

There is literally something for everyone at Obsessed With Myself. I like to reminisce about the girls I slept with in high school, college and in my 20-something life. I can do that and more at They also have an Asian section, blowjobs, cumshots, party girls, girls kissing and just about everything else girls do while naked or nearly naked!

You can tour for free if you uncheck the prechecked stuff on the join form. It will be obvious what I am talking about once you get there. Take the Obsessed With Myself tour and see if once of your ex-GFs is on there!

Posted By Cassie on 11/12/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Dare Dorm

There are a lot of things I miss about college. There are also a lot of things I don’t miss about college. While I miss the fun and the sex, I don’t miss the course work or being flat broke all of the time. At Dare Dorm they bring you back to all of the fun, the high jinks and the sex!

I never used the dorm hallway floor as a slip and slide. Not sure how sanitary that is… But I have done plenty of unsanitary things when I was drunk so I can see how things like this happen. The drunker you get the less clothes mean something to you. Suddenly you find your tits have popped out and you don’t really give a damn!

Dare Dorm gives college friends a chance to make $10K by submitting their strange, sexy or just plane whacky videos. I wish Dare Dorm was around when I was in college so I wouldn’t have been broke all of the time!

This is a site like no other because the college kids do the filming. Nothing is staged. It is like Girls Gone Wild meets Jackass and they had little horny babies.

If you want to get back to college or experience college for the first time and see what you missed, I highly recommend!

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