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Posted By Cassie on 05/03/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

futuristic lesbo sluts

Wow. I just found this futuristic lesbo video on and already I am hooked. Not so much because this video is so out of this world I just had to watch it, but because of the kinky porn parody videos on this site. Actually, this particular video caught my eye because it reminded me of a porno I had watched back when I wasn’t supposed to be watching porn. It was on one of those channels that scrambles itself when you don’t have the proper code to view it. I had that code.

The code unlocked a video about lesbian women that were taking over the Earth one cock at a time. They recharged their super human abilities by having lesbian sex and lost their abilities by fucking men or by using their abilities which included shooting lasers from their clits!

As you can imagine I was blown away watching such a corny movie. I would frig myself dreaming of shooting my pussy laser at the boys in my neighborhood and making them by bitch. Haha!

Get your HDV Pass for more hardcore porn with a twist!

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shyla jennings eating pussy with mandy on we live together and tiny porn

Growing up I had a view like this one many times. Most girls I ate out closed their eyes and seemed to go to some far off place. Not me. I enjoyed the show. Watching a girl eat my pussy is the ultimate turn on for me. Sadly many girls that have performed this for me don’t like an audience. Even if the audience is the one they are eating out!

Watch the entire Shyla Jennings eating a tiny pussy video here.

If you have a thing for petite girls doing porn I have the sweet hookup for you. The video blog is power packed with kinky teen sex videos. Each movie is several minutes long with all of the good parts shown in high definition.

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Chat live with sexy teen cam girls!

My boyfriend and I have an open relationship. It all started back when we used to work for the same pizza parlor. We found each other mutually attractive and began dating almost as soon as we both started working there. While at the parlor one night a lesbian girl had just broken up with her boyfriend. She was devastated. So devastated that she wanted to try having straight sex again.

I offered up my boyfriends cock and she took us back to her place. She was a total kink. Her bedroom even had mirrors on the ceiling. We both got dressed up in some pretty sick lingerie before calling my boyfriend into the room. We gang banged his ass so hard he had blue balls from cumming too much!

Ever since then we have looked for other girls we could have sex with. Sometimes we use to find girls in our area. The site has a large swinger section with hundreds of girls from our state. One of the only problems we run into is the number of guys that want to join in. Haha. Sorry, guys!

On nights that we either strikeout looking for a swinging female or we just don’t feel like meeting somebody in person we do live sex chats with teen cam girls like the one above. The best part about doing live cam chats is that you can pick and choose through the profiles of girls and find the perfect one for whatever it is you are "hungry" for.

Talk live to slutty teens on hardcore live sex cams at right now!

Posted By Cassie on 07/31/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Redhead Tries Fisting Sex For Her 1st Time Don’t be shy, girl! You look beautiful! You guys probably have no idea about what us girls do in order to experiment with our pussies. Fisting sex as a masturbation technique is far more common than you would ever believe. Just about every girl I have ever had sex with has tried fisting herself at some point. All of them have had my fist up their pussy and all of them have put their fists into my own. While you boys try stuff like fucking a banana peel us girls try fucking the actual banana. When it breaks off in there it is even better. That is when we start experimenting with eating fruits out of each other’s pussies. Grapes, strawberries, cherries, all sorts of things go up and pop out into our mouths. Haha! Seeing this shy redhead trying fisting sex for the first time really made my pussy wet. Now I am looking around my office desk for something I can stick inside my pussy. My BF’s Maglite flashlight is starting to look promising. It is one of those huge D-cell battery kinds. My only issue is that the steal on that sucker is super cold. So I am going to sit on it and get it all nice and warm. Then I am going to spit on the tip and see how deep I can get it to go. He is going to be so surprised when he reads this post! Find more Fisting Porn updates and maybe learn a thing or two.

Posted By Cassie on 12/16/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
01 07 09 14

Wow. Seeing that first little photo in this set really brought me back to an earlier encounter I had with a girl. She was the younger sister of a good friend of mine and I noticed she always had her eye on me. She tried stealing more glimpses of my boobs than the boys at school did. I began to wonder if she had a thing for me.

One day we all went swimming and her sister had to leave abruptly to meet a boy. Their parents were in Vegas so we had the house to ourselves. I invited her into the guest room keeping her locked in conversation. While we talked I began to change out of my bathing suit and into my regular clothes.

Once my boobs popped out of my top she couldn’t keep her eyes off of them. I tested her by leaning into her as I reached for my bra behind her. Instead of ducking away she sat there transfixed as if she were waiting to dock her mouth with my nipple. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face into my breasts.

Instead of recoiling away my best friends sister began sucking away. After I was sure I had hooked my fish I pulled her head up to kiss her. Again she responded how I had hoped she would. Soon I had her virgin pussy right in front of me. I hadn’t seen one in years having long since broken my own hymen.

I flicked at her young flesh and felt her body tense up in anticipation. Then I locked my lips around her hard clit and rolled my soft tongue over it in slow circles. She grabbed my head with her hands and clamped her thighs over my ears as if she were afraid I would pull away. I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

As our relationship grew she asked me to break her hymen and show her what it would feel like to fuck a boy. Besides for my own I had never broken a girls cherry before. I felt a excited and scared at the same time. What if it hurt her enough she stopped liking me? What if she was labeled a slut by boys at her school? Technically she would still be a virgin…

Let your mind wander at They update weekly with two new models and have thousands of videos for you to catch up on. Once you experience porn the FTV Girls way you won’t want to go back.

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My boyfriend and I really enjoy certain sites like Club Seventeen because they depict teen girls doing what teen girls will do naturally. One of the things my friends and I always got a kick out of was comparing pussies. I did this with girls throughout my life from grade school to college. Of course, in college I played dumb so the other girls would feel like we were both naive.

Sometimes I think certain college courses are created to get you to open up sexually. Take Human Sexuality 101. Of course girls are going to get curious about each other and wonder why their pussy doesn’t look exactly like the one in the book…. and then they are going to compare pussies… It is only natural!

Before long they will be asking each other about their previous sexual experience and if they are daring, about how they masturbate…. and then they want to show each other…. and then they want to try tribbing. (rubbing their pussies on each other, a.k.a. scissoring)

As if that wasn’t enough… They might get super curious about the other senses as well… Like taste! Oh, and don’t get me started about study groups with more than one girl in them. My first trip on a lesbian train occurred in college. Now I am always on the look out for a group of girls that can trust in one another enough to form one!

Hey… These things are addicting!

When I don’t have the time or the where with all to go out and find girls to form a train with I spend my time at Club Seventeen. Me and my boyfriend have opened up so many conversations centered around sex by surfing the members area there!

Open your mind with a membership to Club Seventeen!

Posted By Cassie on 08/01/11 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
lesbian_assault licking_pussy_lesbian
sleeping_lesbian_sex girls_licking_pussy

Life is full of double standards. Lets say a fifteen year old boy sleeps with his super hot thirty year old teacher. Most men will give that boy a high five and think nothing of it. Of course women would be appalled by this kind of behavior.

Now lets look at assaulting a girl sexual while she is sleeping. If a guy does this to a girl she gets mad and feels… well… assaulted! But if a girl like me comes along and does this it is okay. Double standards are an odd issue aren’t they?

Lesbian Assault delves into the secrets girls share with each other. I have both assaulted other girls and have been assaulted myself. In today’s post I will tell you about the time I was the sleeping girl. That way you can get a sense of what I was thinking about while my friend was licking my pussy as I slept.

The girl that assaulted me was a good friend I had known for a few years. We met the first day of high school and just hit it off. We fooled around once when we got into my parents liquor cabinet, but that was just seeing what each other had. We compared boobs basically. No kissing, no petting.

I could tell she was super in to me, but I wanted her to make the move. Previously I had been making all of the moves on other girls, it was my turn, you know?

On the fateful morning that she "took advantage of me" she slept over and we shared my bed. I slept in a pair of super sheer and flimsy panties and a bra with no underwire. This particular bra shifted a lot and let my boobies fall out.

Throughout the night I could tell she was having a hard time sleeping. So I pretended to sleep like a baby. Occasionally I would roll over towards her and put my hand on her boob or something. I could tell it was driving her pussy crazy!

After two or so hours of this torture I rolled away from her and I could feel the bed wobbling. She was masturbating… Going to town from what I could tell! Suddenly the wobbling stopped and she went rigid. She let out a little yelp as her orgasm rushed over her and I could feel the heat coming off of her body. Not long after that she was sleeping like a baby.

My room was pretty warm so I kicked off my covers and spread my legs before going to sleep myself.

In the morning I felt something tickling my nipple. Then it stopped tickling and started feeling awesome. My friend had found my exposed boob and put it into her mouth! I pretended to stay asleep and let her have her way with me.

As she sucked on my nipple she traced her finger around my panties. Back then I kept a landing strip and shaved the bottom of my pussy so I was sure my panties were up my crack. Her finger felt wonderful as it traced the creases of my panties. When she brushed my hard clit it took everything in me not to jump her bones right there!

She released my nipple and I sensed she was moving down the bed towards my crotch. I let out a little moan and, still keeping my eyes closed, I shifted and stretched leaving my legs spread eagle for my attacker!

Haha, she must have thought she’d died and went to heaven. By now her finger was rubbing circles around my clit and I could feel my sweet juices flowing into my panties. I thought to myself how she must have felt making me so wet and seeing my panty crotch get moist. How empowering!

I knew she wanted to taste my cunny so bad. She had been so gentle in her Lesbian Assault that I was going to let her have her way with me.

My panties were the kind that tie at the waist and I felt the knots tug before releasing. Next, she pulled back my panties and took in the sight of my bare naked pussy for a bit before running her tongue from my vagina to my clit and back again. Did she like the taste?

She must have because she started sucking on my lips and my clit. Alternating her attention all around. This drove me wild as I wanted more than anything in the world to feel her tonguing my clit to orgasm. Now she was in charge!

I couldn’t pretend to be asleep anymore and put my hands on the back of her head directing her tongue to my clit. This move let her know I was interested and gave her all of the confidence she needed. I immediately felt her finger slide into my wet pussy as she rolled it around testing my tightness.

It took only minutes before my orgasm hit. I had a hard time keeping myself from moaning out loud. My orgasm lasted for almost a full minute and left me completely spent when it ended. My friend scooted up to embrace me and we held each other for what seemed like hours…

Now if she had been a boy… Well, boys aren’t supposed to assault girls while they are sleeping! But girls? Yeah, we like to pretend we are asleep, wearing our flimsiest panties… that just happen to be wet in the crotch!

When you join Lesbian Assault you get access to some very naughty sites. There are eight sites in all and my boyfriends personal favorite is Night Invasion. Take the tour and get an Unlimited Access Pass to hundreds of girls waiting for you!

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I am not going to lie to you, membership definitely has it’s privileges. When I went off to college I enjoyed toying with the guys by toying with the girls. Me and my friends used to get really, really cozy in the back of the bar. Nibbling on each others ears. Kissing here and there. Giving the guys an occasional, "What are you looking at?" look…

Oh, we had our fun!

Teen Deja and Ava Knight are definitely the types of girls I had my eye on back then. Fit, not too cute and certainly not ugly. The girl next door. I always thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt was much hotter before she became a big star, and Joe on The Facts of Life was a big time crush for me!


Posted By Cassie on 03/09/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

juicy-jill (2)

They claim that blondes have more fun. I can’t dispute that claim. We do have more fun, but we have the most fun with a redhead in the mix!

Juicy Jill lives up to the redhead hype. She is tempting and sensual. Her pink nipples and cute freckles make me want to just cuddle up with this fiery redhead on a rainy day and let her keep me warm.

You can watch Juicy Jill keeping herself warm on her web site. She also includes access to several multi-girl sites like Barely Legal, Beaver Hunt and more.

Start beating the winter chill with Juicy Jill right now!

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Posted By Cassie on 02/17/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


So I recently reconnected with a friend of mine from high school. It turns out her boyfriend was on my site and commented that it would be funny if I was the Cassie writing the blog posts. She called me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink. I accepted. After all, I had some of my best lesbian sex with her!

Of course I didn’t know she had seen my site when I had accepted the offer. When I got to the bar she was giving me the cold shoulder. I was kind of surprised. But like I said, I didn’t know this wasn’t exactly an out of the blue call.

She asks me if I am indeed the Cassie from Cassie’s Teens and I answer her honestly and she gets all upset. How can you post some of the things we did for everyone to see? How can you have pictures that degrade women? (wait until she sees this post!)

I explained to her that all of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and she gives me an evil laugh. Tells me that anyone that knew us would know who was who. So I ask her if she still hangs out with anyone from high school she hasn’t had sex with? No… I thought so… So why do we still care about high school?!?!

She switches to the degrading women tact.

Please… degrading women? The site is about fantasy. It isn’t like I have chicks getting raped! Even using an ass as a cup holder like the picture above isn’t degrading because… it does happen. During Spring Break things get wild. That is the point. A step out of the old shoe. is filled with candid Springbreak pics. Ass shots, tit shots, chicks making out (my personal fav), wet t-shirt contests and more. Along with a boatload of pics you get a shipload of videos. Members also get access to their sister sites Drunk Wild Girls, Club Cherries and Mardi Gras Fantasy.

The U.S. might be raining and snowy for the most part in real life but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the Internet to indulge your own Springbreak Fantasy!

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There is something raw and lovely about European women. Lovely Tera above is no exception. Only a Brit could get away with wearing such a ridiculous (and sexy) undergarment.

Lovely Tera has beautiful full breasts and a spanky-thick booty. I love the combination. Her auburn hair is simply adoring! As soon as I saw the picture above I couldn’t wait to join and see whether or not it is her natural color! Turns out, she trims it so short it is hard to tell.

Seeing Lovely Tera in that outfit brings me back to a time when I played dress up with me moms clothes. On this particular occasion I skipped the closet and went straight to her drawers. I found a body suit like Tera’s and put it on. My pussy instantly got creamy!

When I looked at myself in the mirror I couldn’t believe my eyes. My boobs were visible. My pussy was very visible. I detest pussy hair (it gets in your mouth, yuck!) so I have always kept my pussy clean as a whistle. Without my pussy hair I could see my wetness through the thin material. updates two times a week and Tera directs her own shoots. She also picks out the costumes. You can chat with Tera on her message board and request special sets too. Members get access to four of her friends sites. All of them are just as cute as Tera is!

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Blondes have nothing on redheads. When it comes to sex and it comes to fun, no one can match redheads.

Juicy Jill is the kind of redhead both guys and gals yearn for. She has a killer body and a lot of attitude. Put together they can get a girl into all sorts of trouble. But, more often then not though, it is the guys that need to watch themselves. is home to the kind of drama that breaks hearts but feels, ohhhh so good. I say, "Bring it on!"

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Posted By Cassie on 02/09/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Lacey Pink Redhead

The answer is yes.

The question is, do I like redheads?

This readhead teen is Lacey Pink. You are going to love me because I worked out a deal with the webmaster of and you get her for only $9.95 a month!

You are probably thinking, sure, but the price will go up next month. Negative! The price will never change as long as you stay a member.

OK, so what is the catch? Nothing! This is a full website with all of her pics and videos. You get complete umlimited access.

Now for why I like Lacey. This girl is the queen of the camel toe. What? You mean girls like camel toes too? Of course we do you silly boy, we invented them!

You don’t think us girls play with our pussies? That we don’t wonder about what it would be like to pull our underwear into the lips and check it out in a mirror? We are just as curious as you guys are. Maybe even more!

Lacey Pink has some stimulating videos. Over five hours of this redhead rubbing her clit and masturbating with dildos. The videos come in both windows and machintosh formats.

Most of the videos revolve around themes. Like coming home from school and sitting infront of a mirror to check out her pussy. Eventually it gets so wet that she learns how to rub her clit. In another she awkwardly uses a dildo for the first time. Easy for me to get off on this site since I have experienced all of these scenarios firsthand.

At only $9.95 a month this is one deal you cannot pass up!

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