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love these kinds of videos from xnxx

I love these coming of age videos. Haha! They totally remind me of the guys I used to date back in high school and how fun sex can be when it is all brand new to you.

One guy in particular used to get off checking out my panty drawer. Every time I left him alone in my room I would come back and find my panty drawer a mess. Once I found some in my hamper in the bathroom that were all crusty with his cum. If he had been there in front of me I would have acted like it was gross, but I did taste it before I washed them!

When my parents informed me that they would be gone for the night I invited him over and brought up how messy my usually tidy panty drawer was. He acted like he had no idea why. I took out each pair and folded it in front of him. I could tell by how he was squirming in his seat that he was getting turned on seeing my panties. So I offered to model some for him and he accepted. But there was one condition. He had to show me what he was doing with them.

At first he relented, but then I took off the ones I already had on and he saw how wet the gusset was. I knew he wanted to lick them. Taste them like I tasted his. I also knew he would never do it in front of me. Unless… I did it in front of him!

XNXX porn is perfect for those times when you want to get back to the way things were before. They have a huge collection of hardcore and softcore videos in thousands of niches. There must be a million videos there!

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Girls playing with themselves on naked cams

Are you a little freak that likes to watch girls playing with themselves on their webcams? Well, don’t get all bent out of shape. I like watching girls touching themselves too. While I was in college I used to masturbate over the Internet with a girl I left back home. We had fooled around all throughout high school and I missed having her to play with while I was so far away.

Now that I am a twenty-something woman I am finding myself not only missing her, but also missing what she used to look like back in those days. More and more often I am hitting up girls on naked cams with the same killer body and perky boobs. It is so fun to relive those days and nights!

You have your fantasies and I bet some of them are pretty kinky. Finding somebody to play them out with you in real life can be very difficult. Online you can schedule times to meet the girls of your dreams. Many girls have outfits to fit any fantasy you might have. Even bondage fantasies.

Do your night right with girls on naked cams willing to do just about anything you can think of. They are just as horny as you are so don’t hesitate to ask.

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When it comes to feminism women can be very divided. Some will look at this beautiful blonde exposing herself on her webcam and think, "Oh, my God! She is totally messing things up for all women!" While others, like myself, look at her and think she is furthering the feminist movement. Not only that she is empowering girls that don’t fit into some media inspired image of what a girl should look like.

The reality of it all is that this young webcam model has a body that men enjoy even if mainstream media thinks she is a plus sized girl. If she is plus sized and we are all plus sized shouldn’t we be calling the skinny ones thinner girls and ourselves normal?

Have a girl next door fling with a girl from another country. When BlondyShaylla got into webcams it wasn’t for the money. She likes to watch men masturbate. She has been a little fiend for her obsession for years. ChatRandom just allows her to indulge in her fetish a lot more often and without any limits!

Share some fantasies and explore each other right now!

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I had to write about this gallery of two girls comparing their pussies from Ivana Fukalot because it totally reminded me of what it is like to be a bisexual girl. Most guys, my boyfriend included, think bisexual girls are just in it for the sex. Wrong! Girls are from Venus, silly! We aren’t in it for the sex. We did the things we do for love. To both give it and receive it fully!

Boys penises all look the same to girls. Unless it isn’t circumcised of course, and even then it kind of looks the same to us. You have a shaft, a head and possibly a scar from the circumcision. Girls are different. We have puffy pussies, pastrami sandwiches, dark lips, pink lips, big clits, small tits, the list goes on.

The first time I looked at one of my older brother’s porn magazines (boy did he ever have a LOT of them!) I noticed the "oddity" straight away. All of the girls had very different looking pussies. I had always assumed they all looked like mine. At that point I wanted to know what all of my friends pussies looked like!

Some girls didn’t mind spilling the beans and others were very private about their private parts. After comparing pussies it was only natural to watch each other pee. Oh the crazy things we did! explores the real aspects of teen sexuality. From the benign to the nasty and devious things girls pull like dressing their boy toys up in girls clothes before fucking them. You haven’t seen a site like this before. Ladies like me will enjoy a return to some of the best moments in our lives.

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Back when I was in college the girls and I used to have some of the sleaziest sleepovers ever. My first three-way-lesbian-kiss was at one of those sleepovers. We never made a video back then, but I’ve always wished we had. This lesbian kissing video is a good stand in though.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time, maybe too much time(?), on a site called It started with guys sending in the videos they received as a perk of their relationships with various girls. Now the girls are sending in videos and photos for you to enjoy.

So start enjoying. I have to go touch myself. Bye!

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Would it shock you to know that girls like looking at other girls pussies just as much as guys do? I know mass media has given most people the impression that girls aren’t visual when it comes to sex like guys are, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most people assume that girls don’t like looking at pussy because girls don’t keep porno magazines around like boys do. But think about it, if we already have pussies, why would we need magazines to see them?

My friends and I began comparing pussies right around puberty. As we got older we were very interested in each others changes from the size and shape of our boobies to the differences in our pussy lips. While down there we often took some time out to explore each others pleasure spots with our tongues.

Once my boyfriend caught me looking at teens in porn videos and he was kind of shocked. He always assumed I didn’t like porn. Funny how guys often fail to communicate with their partners and instead base their sexual habits and secrets on misinformation!

He also thought it odd that I liked to look at girls younger than I was at the time. Again, why would he think I was any different then him? Just like guys, us gals enjoy looking at girls that remind us of past flings we had in school. So it should come as no shock that we would spend time on real teens porn photos and video sites.

The next time you want to watch a threesome between two hot teens like Presley Hart from Nubiles invite your partner and you just might be surprised that she is just as interested in the girls too!

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Photos like this one from Watch My GF make me miss my days in college. This photo in particular reminds me of a night where three of my sorority sisters and I showed each other some of the stranger ways we used to masturbate.

One of the girls used to use the technique displayed in the photo. She would place a blanket over the edge of her bed and slide back and forth on it until her orgasm hit her. Then she would double over and pump her hips with her ass cheeks squeezing together tightly. It looked so hot.

Although I had used the methods each of the other three girls displayed I showed them how I used to fuck the bed post. My bed at home had tops that popped off so I could use it like a dildo, but on my dorm bed I had to straddle the thing like I was going reverse cowgirl on a guy or something.

Become a member of and enjoy thousands of naughty photos and videos showing you what really goes on behind closed sorority doors!

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I just caught my boyfriend jacking his cock off to this gallery of Emily 18 and, being the good girlfriend that I am, I blew him off and asked him to tell me what he was thinking about before I popped in and popped his cock into my mouth!

He told me about a girl he once spied on that was checking out her private parts in a mirror. She was trying to figure out her pussy and, in the process, taught him a lot about how everything was supposed to… come together! LOL

Anyway… After he exploded his jism into my mouth I swallowed it down and called out, "switch!" It was my turn to get some tongue work!

Like the good boyfriend he is, he instantly dropped and gave me twenty… flicks of his tongue. Then he asked me what I was thinking about…

I recanted my own curiosity about how my pussy worked and went into some details about sticking things inside it… You know… Scientifically… Just to see how deep it went, how wide it could get… that sort of thing!

His tongue wasn’t doing enough for me so I pulled him over to the bed and found his cock to be not too big, and not too small… It was just right! Hmm… Kind of makes those old nursery rhymes seem a little bit perverted?

Find more perverted fantasies played out by Emily 18 on her site. She updates three times a week and is so kinky even girls like me can’t get enough of her!

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casting_couch_teens pic005

Being a girl has its ups and its downs. The downside is making less for the same work. The upside is making more for work guys can’t do!

When I was in college I received cash each month from home to pay for stuff my tuition didn’t cover… like food. Unfortunately I didn’t receive anything for beer, wine or spirits so I had to improvise!

One day a friend and I answered an ad in the paper for bikini models with no prior experience needed. We both looked rather ravishing in our polka dot bikinis so we decided to give it a whirl!

Once we arrived on location we were asked to don some bikinis and meet the photographer out by the pool. It turned out this shoot was for a local tool reseller and their annual swimsuit calendar. They used local girls from the colleges and gave it out to their customers. Nothing keeps a man loyal to your service like half-naked bikini girls!

Once the photographer got his shots he asked if we could get in closer and pretty soon he wanted us to do stuff like cup each others boobs. We asked what was going on and he asked if we needed an extra $500? Of course we did, so we kept going!

Soon we were kissing and sucking on each others nipples! Not long after I found myself naked with her eating my pussy. I had never ever been as wet as I was and I think it was all because I knew guys would be wanking off to me and my friend!

So yeah… We have a much higher earnings potential if we use what God gave us. I have no idea what happened to that roll of pics, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it on a web site some day!

Until then, there is Casting Couch Teens. They invite girls in for calendar shoots and by the time the cameras are rolling things get switched up and these little hotties are hungry for some hot cock!

With one password you can access the entire All Reality Pass network. Sites include the ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club, Coeds Need Cash and Big Cock Teen Addiction. I know, I know… You can only handle so much teen pussy… So, they throw in access to sites like MILFs In Heat, XXX Proposal and Please Bang My Wife. Then pepper it with Mr Chews Asian Beaver, Barefoot Maniacs and dozens more!

One pass, thousands of ways to cum!

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If there is one thing my man loves it is a good pantyjob. This is his favorite time of year because I often get new satin panties from Santa and I have a fun time using them on his hard cock!

The first time I ever used my panties on him was right after I caught him going through my panty drawer. I was supposed to be in the shower, but forgot to bring a razor for shaving my you-know-what and was a bit surprised to see him standing in front of my panty drawer with a pair of my knickers wrapped around his cock!

I didn’t let him know I was watching and just let him work his magic thinking he was still alone in my room. I could tell he was enjoying himself because when he finally released his sperm into my panties his knees almost buckled! Once he was done I crept back into the bathroom not wanting to embarrass him.

The next day I came to bed wearing a pair of my satin panties and I straddled his hips while burying his face into my boobs. His dick didn’t take much time at all to get hard as I rubbed my panty covered pussy all over it!

Over time I pulled the side of my panties over and let his cock inside. Then I pulled on the panties hard so his cock was smashed between my wet slit and the soft material. Finally, I rode him like this until he was about to release!

"Not so fast panty boy!" I teased him!


I turned around and put his hands on either side of my rump and rode him some more. Between the two of us, my panties were completely soaked in the crotch!

He was getting close to cumming so I pulled my panties down a bit and let him put his cock into my butt. I love masturbating my clit from this position and I really love cumming with his cock throbbing inside my ass. I don’t know why exactly… It just feels like heaven when I orgasm like this!

Sometimes I ride him while facing him and then pull the front of my panties down far enough for him to barely make it inside me. Once we both cum I slide back and he pops out and the panties keep the cum from getting all over the bed! If we are really horny I will start rubbing on him again and his sperm makes everything much more slippery! Then we repeat the process all over again! shoots their pantyjob videos POV style so you can enjoy the action as if you were really there. Grab a pair of your girlfriends knickers and take "being there" to a whole new level!

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I must be some kind of nut. While most girls look at this photo of Peggy from Club Seventeen and think, "what in the fuck is this doing on my boyfriends computer," I think, "This gives me some great ideas for teasing him tonight!"

My man loves it when I wear panties that give a hint of what is underneath. They can be see-thru panties like the ones Peggy is wearing or just clingy and go up my pussy crack a little. He also loves it when I wear soft socks and tickle his wee-wee when we are on the couch. Sometimes I tickle him long enough to cum right in his pants!

Club Seventeen opened back in 1976 with a magazine filled with babes from Holland. The site itself opened in 1996 and was one of the first porn sites on the web! With twice daily updates you can imagine just how huge their archives are!

All of the videos and picture sets are downloadable. There is no DRM so you can watch the videos even after you cancel. Plus, your membership is good at their other teen sites!

Take the Club Seventeen tour and see what it is like to be treated to the youngest girls from the oldest teen magazine in print!

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I was the girl you wanted next door when I was growing up. I loved to wear dresses and skirts and I always forgot to cross my legs properly. Even when I began to notice boys looking at my knickers I didn’t let it bother me. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it!

Those knickers of mine got me into a good college on account of my teachers enjoying them enough to give me straight A’s. In college it was more of the same, only this time, even the female professors got in on the act!

Only Tease is filled up upskirts, panty shots, pantyhose, nylons and all of the things you expect to see when a girl doesn’t cover herself properly. The panties come in every color of the rainbow, in all styles imaginable and of every fabric known to mankind. If you like looking up a girls skirt, this site definitely has you covered… or make that uncovered!

With an Only All Sites pass you get more than just teased. The pass includes every site and on most of them the girls get completely naked at some point during the shoot. Some even do more than just get naked!

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Abby Winters
Real porn for real girls

When it comes to porn girls would like there isn’t much to speak of out there. Most girls don’t want to masturbate to gagging-on-cock kind of stuff or double anal. We want something more sensual and softcore. Abby Winters covers about 85% of all girls Christmas lists when it comes to real girl porn!

Abby Winters started almost a decade ago with girls from off the street or from the outback. There were, and still are, no porn actresses at Abby Winters. Just pure amateur girls sharing themselves with you!

One of my favorite sections at Abby Winters is called Intimate Moments. They take two or three girls and pair them up for the first time. No touching and often no kissing, just the girls masturbating in front of one another. Watching these videos totally reminds me of some great times with my girlfriends of the past!

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They say that life’s experiences are just a bunch of circles. History repeating itself. I have to agree when I see this picture. Most of you are probably thinking Grandma’s Panties, but you’d be wrong. Grandma didn’t have Strawberry Shortcake on her panties, silly boy!

No, these panties are what you wear before you know any better. The higher the waistband the more comfortable your mom is like it is some kind of chastity belt. Ironically, by the time you are wearing these, your mom is wearing Grandma panties so you feel like a “big girl” now. haha!

So about that circle of life… You grow up wearing these panties and then you grow old and come right back to them. I have a few sets of Grandma panties and after seeing Bridget Jones Diary by boyfriend is absolutely smitten with them!

These panties, and much skimpier ones, can be seen at Real Teenie GFs. They are the newest site on the net featuring self-shot and candid porn by America’s girls next door!

Grab a free Real Teenie GFs password and think of me and my Grandma panties!

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Do you get turned on by wet knickers? My boy does. He loves to lather me up, shave me smooth and then put me in a fresh pair of panties. Next it’s shower time. He gets off on my wet panties and how they cling to my lips down there. Why? I dunno!

What I do know is he likes it. And that is enough for me. Samantha Gauge knows you like looking at her wet panties and just like me, she doesn’t mind showing them off!

Now I know there are plenty of solo models that are hotter than Samantha Gauge is. The reason that isn’t an issue is Samantha lets you get closer to her than most solo models do. She develops relationships with her members. Not just by webcam either. She talks to you via her private Email address and this site is her sole source of income.

Why is that important, that it is her sole source of income?

Well, because that means she has to please her fans. She has to keep things updated (and she does). Samantha Gauge isn’t a site where the model is paid once, shoots some content and then is let go. This is her baby and your baby too. If you know what I mean.

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