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Paris Tale

Never heard of before? No problemo, dude! Neither have I and there is good reason for it. Paris Tale just opened last month and hasn’t officially opened, nor has it been promoted yet. So I am going to give you a little sneek peek.

Paris is obviously a blonde with some sweet, perfect boobs. Gosh her boobs obey! I wish mine did…

Princess Paris gets 100% nude and though she only has 6 videos and 39 photo albums thus far, she adds more every two to four days. Getting your membership now means you get to be there to see her go from a young lady to a young woman. A nice transition that I think you won’t want to miss.

Joining Paris Tale also gets you access to both Wild Tarts and Ariel Rebel. These are not those cheap, crappy bonus sites that have like 6 galleries of grainy footage. is a barely legal, bad-girl solo model and is where Paris got her start in porn.

With three members areas to explore I am sure this will be a great weekend!

Find More Paris Tale!

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Posted By Cassie on 02/14/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Michelle Lynn

I’m back!

Today I wanted to give you a Valentine’s Day treat and Michelle Lynn made an awesome gallery for just such an occasion.

Michelle is one of those girls who doesn’t age. I might be over-stepping my boundries and breaking your little heart here, but… Michelle is not 18 and hasn’t been 18 for a while. And, neither are another 98% of the teen solo models out there.

What? Am I jeleous? No, I am not jeleous… OK, just a lil’bit. How can I not be? I wish I had this girls body for life. But to finish what I started, her website opened 2 years ago and before that she was a model on Amateur Upskirts for atleast a year.

So why am I bursting your bubble? Because I think it is awesome when girls like Michelle and Emily 18 retain their barely legal looks for years. And I am jeleous! HAHA

Besides for fitting into clothing my little sister has outgrown, Michelle Lynn is also known for her camel toes. If you are brand new to my blog, I like to see other girls camel toes. Guilty as charged. updates every 3 to 4 days with videos and picture sets. Plus you get to see her on her live webcam twice a week fingering her shaved pussy.

With braces, small tits, a tight bum and lots of printed panties it is not to hard to figure out this websites demographic. But there is plenty for the rest of us. Michelle does lesbian sets, pantyhose sets and a few other niches. I personally enjoy the bubble gum ones. What can I say? I am a dork.

At $35 the membership seems expensive, but you also get access to the website that launched this girls career in porn, Amateur Upskirts. If you enjoy upskirts, panties and both bisexual fun and masturbation then you will enjoy And, if you have a thing for pantyhose like I do, you will also get free access to the pantyhose fetish site too!

Find More Michelle Lynn!

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Slippery Sara Bathtub Kiss

** I think I have the flu! So here is a repost from Virgin’s 19 to give you something to think about until I recover! **

xoxo – Cassie

Do chicks really take baths with eachother and explore their bisexuality in a storm of lesbian bliss? Fuck yeah they do… On the Internet!

Check out the gallery above and spend some time watching two hot and young girls fondling each others boobs. The only time these two want a break is to breathe once in a while. Otherwise, it’s lips locked and tongues entwined as these two bathtub lesbians set out to give each other mind blowing orgasms.

One of the nice things about finger fucking your lesbian girlfriend is you don’t steal her virginity away from her. Like wise, she leaves yours intact should you ever want to lose it to the right man. It is a wonder why parents don’t realize this lesbianation of the youth that is going on right in their own homes. isn’t just about lesbians, it is about the life of a nineteen year old Internet model who just happens to be a bad apple. Sweet for us that just about everything she does would be considered taboo in the Southern States. We get a once in a lifetime naked look inside a horny barely legal teenager.

Grab some lotion and slip into Slippery Sara right now!

Find More Slippery Sara!

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Lacey Pink Redhead

The answer is yes.

The question is, do I like redheads?

This readhead teen is Lacey Pink. You are going to love me because I worked out a deal with the webmaster of and you get her for only $9.95 a month!

You are probably thinking, sure, but the price will go up next month. Negative! The price will never change as long as you stay a member.

OK, so what is the catch? Nothing! This is a full website with all of her pics and videos. You get complete umlimited access.

Now for why I like Lacey. This girl is the queen of the camel toe. What? You mean girls like camel toes too? Of course we do you silly boy, we invented them!

You don’t think us girls play with our pussies? That we don’t wonder about what it would be like to pull our underwear into the lips and check it out in a mirror? We are just as curious as you guys are. Maybe even more!

Lacey Pink has some stimulating videos. Over five hours of this redhead rubbing her clit and masturbating with dildos. The videos come in both windows and machintosh formats.

Most of the videos revolve around themes. Like coming home from school and sitting infront of a mirror to check out her pussy. Eventually it gets so wet that she learns how to rub her clit. In another she awkwardly uses a dildo for the first time. Easy for me to get off on this site since I have experienced all of these scenarios firsthand.

At only $9.95 a month this is one deal you cannot pass up!

Find More Lacey Pink!

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She has amazing tan lines, a shaved pussy and juicy tits. Ohh and her friends enjoying lesbian open mouth kissing, pussy licking and nipple sucking… Not enough?

Read the entire review of Ann Angel here!

Read the Review of Ann Angel!

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Cassia Riley

Guys, this is Cassia Riley from She is having a bit of a problem containing her boobs, I am sure most of you will have no problem giving her a helping hand?

Real boobs or fake boobs, that is the question. Hold on – I know Cassia has fake boobs, the question is, are fake boobs a good thing or a bad thing? Leave me a comment at the bottom.

Personally, I don’t care either way. If a girl thinks she needs bigger boobs and has the cash then why not? I was lucky, or unlucky, enough to hit the D-Cup range. Perhaps that is why I feel for girls who are walking around with A’s and B’s and wanting more? Who am I to deny them?

But boobs are a big responsibility. No pun intended! I am being serious here. Do you have any idea how much crap I had to deal with in high school because of my boobs? They really make you a target. Plus when ever grandma would come over she would practically be calling me a slut if I wore a V-neck sweater! Back then I just wished I could get rid of them.

Now I don’t pay for anything and I can be as rude as I want to be at work and no one seems to mind. I get promoted faster than other women with smaller breasts. I like to think of it as karma…

Cassia’s boobs look so sexy on her. Some women get a fake set of tits and it is not only obvious but sometimes sad how fake they look. Not Cassia Riley though. Hers look so natural it is like taking a 10 and making her an 11! has over 1400 girls who rate an 11. With that many to choose from you are sure to find one to brighten your day. I have a hard time choosing between Cassia, Mindy and Anette.

They are all so beautiful. Lucky for me, I don’t have to choose and neither do you. All of the girls are yours for the taking!

Find More Twistys!

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