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Posted By Cassie on 12/18/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Do you get turned on by wet knickers? My boy does. He loves to lather me up, shave me smooth and then put me in a fresh pair of panties. Next it’s shower time. He gets off on my wet panties and how they cling to my lips down there. Why? I dunno!

What I do know is he likes it. And that is enough for me. Samantha Gauge knows you like looking at her wet panties and just like me, she doesn’t mind showing them off!

Now I know there are plenty of solo models that are hotter than Samantha Gauge is. The reason that isn’t an issue is Samantha lets you get closer to her than most solo models do. She develops relationships with her members. Not just by webcam either. She talks to you via her private Email address and this site is her sole source of income.

Why is that important, that it is her sole source of income?

Well, because that means she has to please her fans. She has to keep things updated (and she does). Samantha Gauge isn’t a site where the model is paid once, shoots some content and then is let go. This is her baby and your baby too. If you know what I mean.

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Posted By Cassie on 12/17/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I saw this picture of Bella Bellini and I was instantly reminded of a girlfriend of mine from back in school. We had played around a bit and we even kissed once, but on one special Christmas Eve we did a lot more than that!

My friend and I were getting older and waking up to presents with mom and dad seemed like more and more of a chore. What can I say? Blame it on teenage angst. We talked our parents into letting her spend the night and we got a little naughty with all of the excitement in the air.

After dinner we both went to my room upstairs and talked about the usual girl talk. Boys… boys… and more boys! With Xmas being just hours away I think we both felt a tingle in the air (among other places)!

I had to take my shower and left for the bathroom. As I was starting to undress I decided to switch things up and put on a red satin g-string. The only problem was that it was back in my room. I started back down the hallway and opened my door. There on my bed was my friend, naked rubbing a candy cane on her clit!

Even though we had fooled around a bit before she got super embarrassed by my intrusion (into my own room). She curled up and got a real pouty look on her face. Not wanting her to feel bad about herself I walked over to her and parted her legs.

“I wonder how good it tastes?” I wondered aloud.

She took in a deep breath and braced for what was coming next. Or should I say, cumming next. Once my tongue hit her hard clit she yelped and reflexively clamped her legs onto my head.

“Sorry!” She yelped.

I put my hands on the insides of her thighs and opened her legs back up again. I also took some time to take in the beautiful sight in front of me. Her pink folds looked like soft rose petals and tasted like candy. I dove back in for another taste.

It didn’t take long for her to cum. Her body got tense and sweaty with lustful heat. Her fingers intertwined with my hair and she pulled my face into her pussy mound. Luckily I took a big gulp of air, because she was pulling hard enough to smother my nose with her mons.

Once she was finished I got a crazy idea. How about we take a shower together? I pulled her up and adjusted her skirt incase my parents were in the downstairs hallway. We quietly and giggly tippy toed into the bathroom. Once the door was locked I turned on the shower to drown out our giggles.

We quickly undressed and I stepped into the shower with her. After some of the usual showering ritual it was time to rinse off. I grabbed the shower massager and set it to pulse before washing the suds off of her naked body. When it was her turn she spent a lot of time washing between my legs. I took this as a cue and stood with my feet wide apart.

The warm water felt amazing on my clit. I had used this little toy myself many times before, but this time it felt extra good. Having someone else at the controls meant I could relax and focus on the good feeling flowing through my body.

After a minute or so my legs started to give out. I had to sit down. Our shower had a little seat built into the wall so a girl can shave her legs (along with anything else she wanted to shave). This seat made a perfect perch for a girl about to have an orgasm!

Just as I was getting ready to cum my friend began sucking on my nipples. Alternating back and forth. Her tongue was soooo soft and her lips were nice and warm. It was enough to send me over the edge. I moaned aloud and hunched over, leaning on her. She looked at me sternly, but with a sense of compassion as if it say, “I love making you feel good, but you can’t feel that good. OK?!?!”

Once my orgasm subsided we embraced for what seemed like an eternity. We expressed out love for one another and our desire to be friends like this forever.

That is what that picture of Bella Bellini means to me. For you it might mean something a little different. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Bella can bring these feelings within us to light!

Bella Bellini updates weekly with a video and picture sets. She loves to dress up and she goes out of her way to make you feel special. Unlike some solo model sites, is owned and operated by Bella herself!

You won’t find this kind of dedication anywhere else!

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Posted By Cassie on 12/06/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I know that racial profiling is wrong and that I shouldn’t do it, but I have this theory. I believe you can tell a lot about someone just by looking at them. Don’t give me all of that never judge a book by its cover crap either. Like Charlie Manson was a really nice guy and nobody suspected a thing just by looking at him…

So what does my theory have to do with Alicia above? Well, just by looking at her I can tell I want to Play With Alicia. She has that look that says I am smarter then you. So smart I am going to play naughty!

While her parents always assumed her and her friends nodded off once the lights went out during sleepovers, Alicia knew the real truth. That was when the party really started!

I had plenty of those kinds of sleepovers throughout the years and I always wondered, did my mom know what was going on? How “normal” was this?

You can Play With Alicia too on her own site. She opened it along with some of her flat mates Young Jessica and Kayla Louise. They are trying to make some extra cash while they go to college. I know how hard it is to be a girl in college. Show these girls some love, after all, it’s Christmas!

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