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Posted By Cassie on 11/30/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


One look at this gallery from Nikky Cassidy and my pussy was wetter than an otter’s pocket. A what? Forget about it…

When I was living in a college dorm a girlfriend of mine and I played this little game. First it started off all innocent and sweet, but soon it progressed into something wicked and quite sexy!

Our game was to see if he could tell what certain food was with a blindfold on. Things started out pretty tame with the questionable objects being candy or pieces of fruit. Then I dared her to guess what my next object was and it was a cucumber.

Watching her mouth swallow a few inches of that cucumber gave me a powerful feeling. Like I was dominating my new sex slave or something. It was really weird.

My next object was a marsh mellow. I had flattened it out and put a crease down the center of it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what I was imagining her tongue was licking. Just before her time was up I think she got the idea of what I was imagining and she kind of put on a show by running her tongue all over the fold instead of just tasting it.

I had never tested my roommate to see if she was bi-sexual but now I was pretty sure I had been missing out on some pretty good lesbian sex for the entire time we were shacked up together.

When it was her turn she had me taste the marsh mellow too! My pussy got so wet I almost unconsciously reached down and started rubbing it in front of her!

My turn!

I grabbed the marsh mellow out of her hand and once her blindfold was securely in place I silently pulled up my nighty and pulled down my panties. I rubbed that now wet marsh mellow all over the top of my pussy crease and my clit. Then I leaned into her and pulled her head forward. Her tongue found its mark and she locked her lips on her pussy, sucking and flicking her tongue on my clit.

God, I loved dorm roommates! You could come home after getting dumped by your boyfriend and still have hot passionate sex!

Nikki Cassidy reminds me of that girl for more reasons than just being blonde and sucking on a phallic symbol while wearing a blindfold. My old roommate was also French Canadian. They say the French invented love making and I believe them!

Like most French Canadians, Nikki Cassidy likes to fuck. Unlike most French Canadians, Nikki likes to videotape her fuck-scapades and put them on the Internet. All of her movies are full-length and you can find exactly what you are looking for with her search features. Everything on her site is fully categorized.

Now for the best part. is part of the Porn Mega Pass network so you also get access to her friends. Some of my personal favs are Candid Beach Chicks, Lesby Friends and Tissue Queens. There are quite a few more than that so check the join page!

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Posted By Cassie on 11/09/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


My boyfriend has this joke about helping a goat over a gate and for some reason when I saw this gallery it reminded me of his joke.

My boyfriend and I are pretty open minded and I know there are a lot of women out there that are not. Perhaps you have a girlfriend or a wife that isn’t as open minding as I am. I feel for you. Yes, your respective others have a point. Women don’t usually wear chainmail panties and nylons with high heels. But, sometimes we do! Or, at least… I do!

MET-Art is not meant to be taken literally. It is a fantasy site and if your women can’t see that then they need to get their self-conscious feelings in check. I might be biased because I have been masturbating to my older brother’s porno mags since… well, let’s keep that my dirty little secret.

So enough about me and you… How about MET-Art?

It isn’t hard to see why my boyfriend loves this site. Hot chicks from all over the world captured in ways that define the term artistic-nudes. MET-Art has multiple updates everyday. Up to six times a day!

The pictures are up to 5000 pixels across. That is a little too close for my own personal comfort, but these girls don’t seem to mind and neither does my boyfriend. Two to three new high-def videos are added weekly.

There are over a thousand models at and their search function makes it easy to find the ones that turn you on most. I have a thing from blondes with big tits and I found over 200 hundred of them.

Get your own MET-Art membership and tell that girl to get off your ass!

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