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Posted By Cassie on 01/19/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Ah, this gallery from Lez Cuties reminds me of my first experience with a vibrator. My friend Connie was all giddy during classes and I thought for sure she had hooked up with a boy she had been telling me about. She wouldn’t give up anything and said she would tell me all about it when we got home. I couldn’t wait to hear the juicy details.

Once we got home she told me to lay down on my bed. I knew what this meant. Usually when we told each other about our sexual adventures with the opposite sex the one doing the talking would masturbate the one doing the listening. Acting out what was happening in the story. Rubbing clits, licking, finger fucking along with the story, etc…

I lay down and spread my legs so that my pleated skirt opened up and fell down my thighs to rest on my stomach. She reached down and pulled off my panties to expose my bare pussy. I had shaved it that morning before school so she was getting a pretty good view of me.

Connie dipped her finger into my vaginal opening to get some moisture and brought it up to my clit. I was soaking wet with anticipation. I wondered aloud if it was the boy I thought it was and she giggled telling me I had gotten it all wrong. She told me she had a little surprise.

My face took on a look of bewilderment and Connie reached into her purse pulling something out that I couldn’t see. She told me to close my eyes and not to close my legs no matter what.

Once I closed my eyes I felt something cold inserted into my vagina. It wasn’t much bigger than Connie’s index finger, but I knew it definitely wasn’t her finger on account of how cold it was. Then it turned on. I felt a shock of vibration in my pussy that I had never felt before and it startled me. Connie instructed me to open my legs back up because I had clamped them shut.

I slowly did as Connie instructed and my pussy warmed up to this new feeling. I could feel my juices flowing as Connie brought it slowly up to my clit. I had to fight closing my legs again because the feeling was more intense than anything I had ever felt before.

When Connie went to bring it back down to my vaginal opening I reached down and brought it back up to my clit. She let go and  watched as I pushed my own buttons. I opened my eyes and giggled uncontrollably when our eyes met. She smiled a smile of approval and I closed my eyes again.

It only took about 2 minutes for me to achieve orgasm. The best part? My new little friend was a present. I could use this little sucker anytime I wished!

When I want to relive memories of my past I frequent The lesbian girls do everything from fingering pussy to anal fingering. They even do fisting and strange objects too! I can still remember the first time Connie stuck her entire hand into my pussy. I never imagined it could stretch that big!!!

After enjoying the free lesbian vibrator masturbation gallery above take the Lez Cuties tour. Scroll down the page and watch how kinky these girls get. Not only are they kinky, but they are hot too!

Each video is between 20 and 30 minutes long and is accompanied by about 120 to 220 pictures. Because the girls are hot they shoot everything in high definition.

As a member of Lez Cuties you also get access to 46 other sites. That gives you 7 updates a day! There are many different niches to keep things interesting. Give a try for only $1.95. There is no digital rights management so anything you download you can keep even if you cancel!

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