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Posted By Cassie on 03/25/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Debbie Teen

Lets start from the top and work our way down shall we?

Those sweet melons belong to Debbie Teen. Click on them and check out her gallery. Holy shit do they have a perfect size and shape or what? Just enough sag to create a defining line at the bottom and yet so full and pert they hold themselves up. I would trade tits with this girl any day of the week!

Now lets take a look at her mons veneris. That is the mound above her clit where girls naturally grow hair. Debbie likes to shave her hair off. So do I. When I was growing up shaving it meant you were a lesbian. Now it just means you don’t want to look like a sasquatch. I remember this poor, poor girl who forgot to do a bikini shave before swim class. Let’s just say that her nickname was Chewbacca from that point on. How sad! (and NO it wasn’t me!)

And now back to her mons. Hmm.. no… lets do her stomach. It doesn’t even stick out as far as her mons does! Debbie has one nice and tight tummy!

And finally we get to Debbie’s natural camel toe. That is another thing that used to be taboo when I was in high school. Now it is actually cool!

With her pronounced mons and the fact that she shaves, having a camel toe is pretty much unavoidable once she gets her bottoms wet. I tried to crop this photo enough that you can still zoom in and check out her clit. It is just barely protruding out far enough that you can get a pretty good idea of what she has in store without removing her bikini.

Ohh, and don’t forget about that Copper Tone tanline she has. Debbi’s tan is so old school – I love it! She wears a full bottom when she tans. You have to check her gallery out and see how it makes her ass look so darn cheeky! is a 100% nude site so don’t worry, Debbie doesn’t stop at teasing. You get three new updates a week and many include her friend Lizzy. Two hot blondes per set makes those issues doubly good!

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Posted By Cassie on 03/22/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Play With Paris

Who among us wouldn’t tap that?

Hey, I am a woman and I’d love to hit it!

You can hit it too when you sign up to Play With Paris; one of the hottest and spunkiest blondes on the planet!

Paris likes both boys and girls and even talks to them on her message board. Sometimes she gives the juicy details of all of the drama in her life when you read her private journal. Personally I like her wallpapers the best. It is hard to choose a favorite with 40 to choose from. updates with new videos and pictures two to three times a week. There is no telling what this silly blonde is going to do next!

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Posted By Cassie on 03/14/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Lili Jensen

You have probably heard of the Ass-Man, but have you ever heard of the Ass-WoMan? I am one of them!

Fact: Did you know that the reason guys like big tits is because cleavage reminds them off an ass? It is true. I just learned that in college where I am taking a class on sex. So many interesting things to learn in there (in the class, not in the ass).

That wonderful ass above belongs to Lili Jensen. Lili reminds me of a friend I went to high school with. A friend I never got a chance to kiss although I wanted to.

Girls are always checking out other girls asses so it is no wonder that I would find Lili’s ass so appealing. I guess it is kinda like dogs. Haha.. Only we don’t sniff them (unless we are 69’ing).

Along with her ass Lili has some amazing green eyes. Lili really knows how to wear lip gloss too. If you aren’t wearing 8 coats of lip gloss, why even wear it?

Just clicking through the tour here on is making my clit tingle. I am actually finding myself rubbing it subconsciously. I pull my hand up… get to looking around a little bit more… and the next thing I know it is on my pussy again!

The members area is full of Lili’s videos and huge 1200×800 pictures. You can count the hair follicles on her ass (or just masturbate to it). As a member of LiliJensen you get two updates a week.

What better way is there to enjoy her perfect tits?

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