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Posted By Cassie on 06/23/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I masturbated a lot while I was growing up. I still do. For a time there I thought I must be some kind of freak because I masturbated so much. My full masturbation schedule wasn’t the only reason I thought I must be a freak though… I also thought I must be some kind of freak because I often thought about my female friends when I masturbated!

Often there would be days where I woke up and masturbated about my best friend Jenny. Then I masturbated some time before dinner about her brother Tommy. THEN before I went to bed (usually in the shower) I masturbated about Jenny AND Tommy!

Eventually all three of us got into a heated game of truth or dare and the truth slowly but surely came out. We all ended up daring each other to masturbate for increasingly longer time frames until we all just said, “Screw it,” and started masturbating together!

Then I knew I wasn’t some kind of freak. Everyone else was masturbating just as much as me. At least I was masturbating about my own siblings though…

Shyla Jennings looks so much like my friend Jenny. I always thought she was so cute she didn’t have to masturbate. When she wanted to have sex she could have gotten any guy (or girl). Later I found out that masturbation isn’t about how much sex you are having. Or even how good that sex it. When I have really good sex I masturbate more thinking about how great it was!

Watching Shyla Jennings touch herself in masturbation videos is one of my favorite things to do. Mainly because I am pretending she is Jenny. Her body is so perfect. God, I wish I had her body. Lucky for my boyfriend the only jealous feelings I have are the competitive kind. Like, if you are getting inside her panties you’d better believe I am going to be right there along side you. Maybe even in the lead!

I hate it when a hot girl starts a web site and then leaves or is just a contract girl to be fired. That won’t happen with Shyla. Shyla Jennings is a true porn star. This is her career and she isn’t going anywhere.

She updates her site several times a week with new pics and videos. Everything is crystal clear. Like I said. She is a porn star! Along with Shyla Jennings you also get access to her girlfriends sites. No licensed crap content here. Each girl is hawt and all of the content is 100% exclusive.

If you want to save some cash you can buy a three month membership for the price of two. Perfect for these recessionary times!

Posted By Cassie on 06/03/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had this fascination with being naked in public. As a child I was that kid running around with no clothes on before and after a bath. Later on I was that mischievous girl masturbating outside because I loved the sun drenching me with warmth as I came and the idea of getting caught.

I am still that girl even to this day and that is why I love My Pickup Girls. This guy finds everything from fresh out of high school teenagers to smoking hot young MILF. The kind you find pushing a stroller around the beach.

Once a target is secured he makes his move and if successful, you get to see another episode. Each episode has high rez pics since paused video usually looks like shit. Of course you shouldn’t need to pause the videos, silly. Maybe you might have to rewind them a couple of times, but pausing is for wussies.

The same feller running My Pickup Girls also runs a ton of other public sex sites like Taxi Spy Video, Homemade Vids, Student Sex Parties and crazy shit like Wax Punishment. Why do I keep going back to that site? I am such a freeeeaaaaak!

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