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Posted By Cassie on 06/26/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

sweet baylee skanky slut
Sure there are plenty of polished girls out there like Teen Katie out there but I have always looked for the skanks and sluts like Sweet Baylee.

Skank, slut; can girls talk like this? Sure, being a girl I can also say twat without raising eyebrows since I have one of my own. Membership has its privileges.

And that is why I always looked for girls like Sweet Baylee to hang out with in school. I always knew we would be getting it on at some point. Girls like Sweet Baylee don’t care what everyone else is saying. They just care about feeling good and believe me when I say getting your pussy licked by another girl is divine!

Sweet Baylee gets frisky with her friends and loves to masturbate. She is my kind of girl! Members get access to an entire network of porn too numerous to list here. You can read all of the sites on her join page.

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Posted By Cassie on 06/22/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Some girls get all weirded out when you watch them suck your cock. Other girls, like me, enjoy ourselves too much to worry about being self-conscious.

Meggan Powers is a lot like me. Not only can you watch her take a cum load, she will show it to you and look you in the eye while you are filling her mouth with your sperm. Meggan is a swallower. She makes sure to gobble up every last drop.

You could say that Meggan Powers is an exhibitionist. She counted down the days until she was 18 and did her first movie on her 18th birthday! That is what I call dedication.

I also call updating several times a week dedication. Meggan has pushed past many of her boundaries for her fans. You get to see her first swallow, anal, etc… Anything to make you, the fan, happy.

When it comes to hardcore teens with small tits nobody can hold a candle to this girl. Show her some love!

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Posted By Cassie on 06/05/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

I am often told that I am not like most women. Just like most guys I hate listening to women bitch about their man looking at other women. If you don’t like it, leave him or shut up, but I don’t want to hear it.

Once when I was in the gym with my boyfriend I had another girl friend of mine come up and inform me that my boyfriend was checking out some other chick’s ass. At our gym the people on the elliptical machines and the stair masters have a perfect view of the girls doing their aerobics class.

Personally I think it is healthy when my man checks out other girls. On this particular day he was checking out a hot brunette like Angelika above wearing a blue thong leotard and white tights. Her ass was amazing. My pussy got wet looking at her. How can I get mad at him for doing the same?

But… on this occasion the girl telling me about it wasn’t bisexual. So she wouldn’t understand where I was coming from. So I just told her thanks and I’d deal with it later.

And deal with it I did. When she was done working out I followed her into the ladies locker room. I quickly got naked and put on my bra with my shaved pussy in full view. I snuck a peek at her and sure enough she was admiring my shave job. Like a good little bisexual girl she non-chalantly showed me her shaved pussy too.

Later that night me and my boyfriend shared her shaved pussy for dinner. I let him fuck her from behind while she ate my pussy. Her tongue was amazing. Watching my boyfriend fuck her while she licked my pussy made me orgasm twice!

My boyfriend recently turned me on to a new site (for me) called Met Art. That is where Angelika is from. I have to say, this site rocks! There are over 1,300 models at I found so many girls I would love to share with my boyfriend and even a few I’d like to keep to myself!

Met Art updates four to seven times a day. We are only on the fifth day of June and already they have 22 updates from 22 different models. The only thing that scares me about Met Art is that I spend so much time there, I haven’t even been posting to my blog.

Welcome to my new fascination.

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