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Posted By Admin on 08/31/19 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

I used to always think that blowjobs were just something girls did out of obligation. Unlike the classic porno Deepthroat, we all know that a woman’s clitoris is never actually located in their throat. So what could they possibly get out of it?

I still don’t really know why some women like sucking cock, but I do know there are plenty who like it. In fact, the babes at fucking love it! It’s like they can’t wait to wrap their warm moist lips around the tip of a cock and start working their fucking magic! Many times multiple hot little sex kittens have their go at one member at the same time! You’ll see one going at it, slobbering up and down that rigid staff while the other sucks on his ball sack and not so patiently waits her turn.

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The first time I had sex, the girl and I were both virgins. To say it was awkward would be an understatement. We’d been going out for a few months and it seemed like all of our friends were already having sex, so we were determined to “do it” and not be losers.

We both had siblings who were always home, so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity. She did live in a house with woods behind it though, so one day we went out under the guise of having a picnic. We packed some sandwiches and it was the perfect excuse to take a blanket along with us. Her mother smiled and told us to watch out for snakes, completely clueless that I was about to put my dick into her virgin daughter.

Once we were in a spot that we thought was secluded enough, we put down the blanket and got naked. It was the first time she had seen my dick and it obviously made her nervous. She commented that it was a lot bigger than her tampons. I was both grossed out and flattered.

She didn’t hide her pain when I entered her. I felt bad about it but didn’t want to stop and she told me to keep going. It was over pretty quickly and I could tell she hadn’t enjoyed it at all. But we had a lot more picnic that summer and things got better. Still, I’m average size. I don’t think that bigger would have been better.

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I love parody porn and I’m actually not entirely sure why. If I had to field an answer I suspect it boils down to the fact that this brings the naughty fantasies to life that I, like most others, on occasion have about shows we watch on television or elsewhere.

I mean, when you think someone is really hot in a show like when I was very young there was a show called Who’s The Boss with Alyssa Milano. I don’t need to tell anyone how hot she is and if I said that I never wondered how she might looked naked I would lie. Luckily for me in her case she showed us a few times but an episode that actually turned into sex, now that would have been an entirely different show right.

Well that might be an example of a very old show but it’s all I had really because I don;t watch TV, haven’t in many years, but I bet you have your favourites and there’s a chance there’s a porn parody about it here.

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