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See Amy's profile here

So I have this friend and her name is Amy Martinez. She has been striking out left and right in her pursuit to find a quality man. I told her she should try online dating, but she swears she can’t even get that right. That is how I met my BF so I have no idea what this girl is doing wrong. She is so fed up that she asked me to do something truly crazy. She wants me to post her Google+ profile on my blog in hopes that one of my readers will be her Mr. Right. I don’t think she has any idea of just how many readers I have. LOL!

She is going to have to hire a fulltime publicist to hand all of the incoming requests! Haha!

Anyway, see her profile and decide if she is somebody you can swoop off of her feet. She is definitely easy on the eyes. Too bad she isn’t looking for a bisexual relationship. I’d so totally eat her!

OMG! Did I just put that on my blog?

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When it comes to feminism women can be very divided. Some will look at this beautiful blonde exposing herself on her webcam and think, "Oh, my God! She is totally messing things up for all women!" While others, like myself, look at her and think she is furthering the feminist movement. Not only that she is empowering girls that don’t fit into some media inspired image of what a girl should look like.

The reality of it all is that this young webcam model has a body that men enjoy even if mainstream media thinks she is a plus sized girl. If she is plus sized and we are all plus sized shouldn’t we be calling the skinny ones thinner girls and ourselves normal?

Have a girl next door fling with a girl from another country. When BlondyShaylla got into webcams it wasn’t for the money. She likes to watch men masturbate. She has been a little fiend for her obsession for years. ChatRandom just allows her to indulge in her fetish a lot more often and without any limits!

Share some fantasies and explore each other right now!

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This teen sex video from totally reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine. We used to makeout on my parents couch while they watched the TV in their room. Before I met him I used to wear jeans and shorts. He turned me into a skirts and dresses kind of girl. That way he could go right up my skirt and if my parents came down the hallway it was easy to look like nothing was going on.

As time went on we got more and more daring. One night he had me with my skirt up around my stomach and my shirt wide open with my tits out. God I loved those front clasping bras!

Anyway, he was fingering me real good and I was just about to cum when we heard a noise. It was my little sister. She was standing above of with a look of horror and shock on her face. She told me simply that I owed her big time and she went to her room. She shut her door hard enough to let me know she was serious and not hard enough to make my parents upset.

After that little encounter we went back to being a bit more careful. I wonder where my finger boy is now?

Enjoy the videos and make sure you bookmark their site.

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Little Caprice Anal Sex

I get asked all of the time if I am into anal sex. The answer is yes. My first time having anal sex worked out great because I was on a salad diet, I had just done my business and I found a fleet enema in the bathroom cabinet. We used some cocoa butter as lube and his cock slid right into my butt quicker than I expected.

It wasn’t until I had my orgasm with his cock buried deep inside me that I learned why girls rave about anal sex. While I do enjoy orgasms with a cock in my vagina, it felt "different" with him inside my rectum. More intense.

If you or your partner are looking to try anal I suggest you follow some simple preparations to make it the most pleasurable experience both of you will ever have.

  1. Eat a diet with a lot of roughage. Think salads. And don’t try anal until you are regular.
  2. Time it so you do your business an hour or two before you are going to have sex.
  3. Use an enema product to make sure you are clean.
  4. Use a lubricant! Porn movies don’t show you the lube. They pretend they just spit on that thing and go out at. Notice the editing cuts in the video. At some point she put some lube on/in there and so should you!

Girls: You will find that your orgasm is way more intense. It also often lasts a lot longer too!

Guys: The sphincter muscle is much tighter than the vaginal muscles are. Most guys that last a long time in the vagina end up a premature ejaculator during their first few times going anal.

Girls: Cut him a break and keep going until you go booooom!

Need some tips on positions? I highly suggest checking out this Little Caprice blog. It is filled with her galleries and soon to be filled with her videos as well. Many of which have her going anal and giving you good positions to try!

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I can’t imagine what would have happened if they had webcams around when I was in high school and college. My girlfriends and I got into enough trouble with a Polaroid camera and my parents VHS camcorder as it was. Being able to stream your slumber party live? Oh brother!

Now you can get in on the action with CamFuze teen cams. Girls put themselves up on their webcam and they get a picture on the index page. If you like what the girls are doing you can let them know by adding credits to their account. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I gave these girls the equivalent of $5 for allowing me to live vicariously though them. Haha! allows anybody to chat with the girls including guests. You will find that this place is not just a cam site. It is more of a community. There are lots of hot babes on there and quite a number of cute couples. I need to let you go so I can stop typing and start friggin.

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I was just reading my boyfriend’s post about spying on teen girls in the shower on one of his barely legal blogs and I had to chime in on my own experiences here on my own blog.

First I have to address his post. Wow! I had some idea of how perverted he is, but had no idea how perverted he was when he was younger. Not that I am mad. For a girl I was a class A super pervert.

While he was picking the lock on the bathroom door to spy on his sister’s friends in the shower I was simply using one of my compact makeup mirrors to see what was on the other side of the door. While I had plenty of friends that were bisexual, most were not. Those were the ones I really got wet for when I watched them shower without them knowing.

I have friends now that find out about my blog and tell me I am a sick and twisted individual. For one they say a good portion of the girls here look more like little girls than they are comfortable with. I hate that they put that kind of stigma on barely legal girls like Little Bailey. It isn’t her fault she looks so young and it isn’t like we all weren’t having sex in high school anyway!

Another problem my girlfriends in particular have with my blog is that they now know I was checking them out in the shower. Haha! Sorry, girls, but things happen when kids hit puberty and become curious. Just know that I love you all and would do anything to help out a friend of mind in need.

Go check out more pics and watch sexy videos at!

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