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Posted By Cassie on 11/27/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Lesbian sexcam girls SquirtyTeens18!

As I am getting older I am really missing my high school and college days. In my last year of high school and all throughout college my classmates and I experimented often with lesbian sex. You could say that a passing curiosity blossomed into a full blown obsession by the time I had graduated. Still to this day I enjoy women just as much as I enjoy my boyfriend. Sometimes even more so!

Seeing this photo from Sex Cam Online .com I am brought back to a particular episode of lesbian sex I once had with a girlfriend of mine. She was a lot like the babe in the back with the purple satin gloves on from the lesbian cam couple SquirtyTeens18.

Anywho… She was telling me over and over again for weeks how she was going to ravish me during our special night. When we hit a month together I got prepared mentally, but nothing special happened. Then it got to three months… and still nothing. Finally she surprised me one might with candles, flower petals, a hot bath with bubbles, everything you would expect from a woman in love and lust with her partner.

When we finally got into bed she put on some satin gloves and pampered my skin in baby powder. Her gloves felt magical working across my skin. Then she asked me to masturbate for her. I had never masturbated for her before this or even discussed masturbation. But I was so horny by then it wasn’t hard to do. I came so hard! I knew it was because of her and it made it that much more special. I still masturbate to that night to this day!

But masturbation can still leave you wanting more. To get that extra pep in my step I have found that going online to watch hot lesbian sexcam girls on is just the ticket!

Posted By Cassie on 11/12/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


My boyfriend and I have a pretty open, understanding and nontraditional relationship. That last part is the important part I think. My friends can never understand that I would want to watch streaming porn clips of cock hungry sluts making "fools" of themselves. But I don’t think of it that way. I see an uninhibited girl willing to do anything to please her man. So long as you find yourself a man that will do the same for you the relationship between the two of you will grow.

For us the tube has opened up our sex life. I don’t hide my time watching porn there and neither does my boyfriend. We are open with what makes us horny and happy. There are times he is horny and I am not. Why would I get mad if he wants to watch a point of view video of a hot girl sucking a hard cock? I do the same thing when he isn’t ready for sex and I am hyper-ready for it.

If more couples would quit blaming each other for their hang ups and instead open their minds to what makes their partners happy we’d see a lot less broken marriages.

Time for me to go now. I am in need of some streaming teen porn clips from!

Posted By Cassie on 11/05/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

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My boyfriend and I have an open relationship. It all started back when we used to work for the same pizza parlor. We found each other mutually attractive and began dating almost as soon as we both started working there. While at the parlor one night a lesbian girl had just broken up with her boyfriend. She was devastated. So devastated that she wanted to try having straight sex again.

I offered up my boyfriends cock and she took us back to her place. She was a total kink. Her bedroom even had mirrors on the ceiling. We both got dressed up in some pretty sick lingerie before calling my boyfriend into the room. We gang banged his ass so hard he had blue balls from cumming too much!

Ever since then we have looked for other girls we could have sex with. Sometimes we use to find girls in our area. The site has a large swinger section with hundreds of girls from our state. One of the only problems we run into is the number of guys that want to join in. Haha. Sorry, guys!

On nights that we either strikeout looking for a swinging female or we just don’t feel like meeting somebody in person we do live sex chats with teen cam girls like the one above. The best part about doing live cam chats is that you can pick and choose through the profiles of girls and find the perfect one for whatever it is you are "hungry" for.

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