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Posted By Cassie on 12/18/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


If there is one thing my man loves it is a good pantyjob. This is his favorite time of year because I often get new satin panties from Santa and I have a fun time using them on his hard cock!

The first time I ever used my panties on him was right after I caught him going through my panty drawer. I was supposed to be in the shower, but forgot to bring a razor for shaving my you-know-what and was a bit surprised to see him standing in front of my panty drawer with a pair of my knickers wrapped around his cock!

I didn’t let him know I was watching and just let him work his magic thinking he was still alone in my room. I could tell he was enjoying himself because when he finally released his sperm into my panties his knees almost buckled! Once he was done I crept back into the bathroom not wanting to embarrass him.

The next day I came to bed wearing a pair of my satin panties and I straddled his hips while burying his face into my boobs. His dick didn’t take much time at all to get hard as I rubbed my panty covered pussy all over it!

Over time I pulled the side of my panties over and let his cock inside. Then I pulled on the panties hard so his cock was smashed between my wet slit and the soft material. Finally, I rode him like this until he was about to release!

"Not so fast panty boy!" I teased him!


I turned around and put his hands on either side of my rump and rode him some more. Between the two of us, my panties were completely soaked in the crotch!

He was getting close to cumming so I pulled my panties down a bit and let him put his cock into my butt. I love masturbating my clit from this position and I really love cumming with his cock throbbing inside my ass. I don’t know why exactly… It just feels like heaven when I orgasm like this!

Sometimes I ride him while facing him and then pull the front of my panties down far enough for him to barely make it inside me. Once we both cum I slide back and he pops out and the panties keep the cum from getting all over the bed! If we are really horny I will start rubbing on him again and his sperm makes everything much more slippery! Then we repeat the process all over again! shoots their pantyjob videos POV style so you can enjoy the action as if you were really there. Grab a pair of your girlfriends knickers and take "being there" to a whole new level!

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I must be some kind of nut. While most girls look at this photo of Peggy from Club Seventeen and think, "what in the fuck is this doing on my boyfriends computer," I think, "This gives me some great ideas for teasing him tonight!"

My man loves it when I wear panties that give a hint of what is underneath. They can be see-thru panties like the ones Peggy is wearing or just clingy and go up my pussy crack a little. He also loves it when I wear soft socks and tickle his wee-wee when we are on the couch. Sometimes I tickle him long enough to cum right in his pants!

Club Seventeen opened back in 1976 with a magazine filled with babes from Holland. The site itself opened in 1996 and was one of the first porn sites on the web! With twice daily updates you can imagine just how huge their archives are!

All of the videos and picture sets are downloadable. There is no DRM so you can watch the videos even after you cancel. Plus, your membership is good at their other teen sites!

Take the Club Seventeen tour and see what it is like to be treated to the youngest girls from the oldest teen magazine in print!

Posted By Cassie on 12/04/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Here is a treat! These beautiful girls are Sweet Yurizan and Mai Ly. While I do enjoy looking at female volleyball players just as much as the next bi-sexual girl, I really have a thing for girls more my size. Looking at my picture above it should be obvious that my hips don’t fit into a size two pair of jeans!

This is a win-win for you though. Hippy women make for better lovers. Hey, we try harder!

Yurizan Beltran is my favorite Latina. I would eat this girl up any day, any time! My fantasy would include lots of baby oil, a shower curtain and then lots of slipping and sliding!

Mai Ly is another of my favorites. My boyfriend turned me on to her when he wrote about Mai Ly on his blog Rhino’s Girls. That isn’t his original post, but it is the one I like the most! Oh, and I did chastise him for calling her a bitch! haha! Mai is not a "bitch," she is a "Sexy Bitch!"

Sweet Yurizan has lots of galleries featuring her with other curvy girls. At nineteen years old this girl has it all! Boobs, hips, curves, DSL (which also translate into PSL)… It isn’t hard to imagine why both guys and girls fall in love with her at first sight!

Oh… and did I mention that you get unlimited access to all of Sweet Yurizan‘s friends with your membership? You really have to take the tour because there are a "good" ton of them!

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