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Posted By Cassie on 08/24/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Girl Masturbation

You are probably wondering what is up with this bitch?

How dare you call her a bitch, asshole!

Don’t give me that look! I am a bitch so I can call her a bitch, to you she is Ms. Bitch and don’t ever forget it.

Am I PMS’ing? Hell no… this time I actually have a point. I can just imagine the fireworks going off… Everyone take a look, this blonde chick has a point. This ought to be good!

My point is that Mel is masturbating because her asshole of a boyfriend ran out on her. No shit. How in the fuck does a guy leave a body like that? I wouldn’t and I am a girl! So her boyfriend left her and the next thing you know she decided to do porn. Not a bad trade off if you ask me, at least now she will get some decent sized cock in her.

But enough with the male bashing, Cassie! Enough with it because isn’t all about bashing males. In fact Mel loves you all even more now. You see, her boyfriend came back wanting to be a part of her life, asked her to stop doing porn and she said, "Fuck You Paul!" Next she made this website and now Mel doesn’t just want one guy, she wants all of you!

The Fuck You Paul videos are shot at 1920×1080 so they take up the entire screen. The pictures are 3000px and leave nothing to the imagination. This website is more than just a porn site, it is porn-art!

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