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Posted By Cassie on 11/16/15 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Celebrities can be a fickle bunch, but one thing that they all have in common is that they love to be watched. Whether on television or going out to the club, they love to be seen and adored by the public at large, so what better way to feed their egos than to see them as naked as the day they came into the world? has tons of celeb material that you can peruse at your leisure. The site is free and can be host to any number of naughty celebrities misbehaving. Once there you will be treated to a plethora of high definition videos for iPads so you can watch them from wherever you find yourself with a sudden hankering for celeb skin!

Enjoy Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and more sexy slut celebs!

Posted By Cassie on 09/26/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


You might be more adept at this than I am, but I am pretty stoked right now. My boyfriend went on a trip and I am hornier than hell. I was thinking about a Latina friend of mine I invited to sleep with my boyfriend and I when it hit me – I wondered if there was a place I could watch live Latina webcams without paying a lot to watch them.

As it turns out there is a place you can watch live Latina’s webcam chats for free. One of the girls I found looked so much like my friend I was fantasizing about that I totally thought it was her. She was having sex with some dude that looked more like her little brother than an equal partner. Haha!

So if you are in the mood to watch free Latina cams you now have a place you can do it at. Toodles!

Posted By Cassie on 07/11/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Christina Model white halter top and red school skirt movie Christina Model white halter top and red school skirt movie

OMG! I cannot believe that I finally found this girl again. I had thought she had stopped creating new material a long, long time ago. She was one of the first girls I had ever seen online. Back then she was only sixteen, but she didn’t get naked. Back then I was only sixteen and I so wanted to be her. Since that wasn’t going to happen I so wanted to be her girlfriend. I cannot remember how many times I rubbed my pussy looking at her gorgeous body, but it must have been well into the thousands.

You can watch her video by clicking on a picture above. The video is from Red Tube. They are by far the largest tube site on the Internet. Their video library is larger than Christina Models tits!

As far as I can tell there is no place to enter a credit card, but you can join the site to get member functions for free. One of the functions is the ability to create collections of your favorite movies. I have been watching videos on the site now for about two hours and they haven’t kicked me off yet so I am pretty sure it must be free.

I can’t believe I found Christina! I need to let you all go so I can enjoy her all over again!

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Posted By Cassie on 04/19/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


When it comes to feminism women can be very divided. Some will look at this beautiful blonde exposing herself on her webcam and think, "Oh, my God! She is totally messing things up for all women!" While others, like myself, look at her and think she is furthering the feminist movement. Not only that she is empowering girls that don’t fit into some media inspired image of what a girl should look like.

The reality of it all is that this young webcam model has a body that men enjoy even if mainstream media thinks she is a plus sized girl. If she is plus sized and we are all plus sized shouldn’t we be calling the skinny ones thinner girls and ourselves normal?

Have a girl next door fling with a girl from another country. When BlondyShaylla got into webcams it wasn’t for the money. She likes to watch men masturbate. She has been a little fiend for her obsession for years. ChatRandom just allows her to indulge in her fetish a lot more often and without any limits!

Share some fantasies and explore each other right now!

Posted By Cassie on 03/26/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Have you ever seen an old photo of one of your friend’s mothers and thought, "Damn, I’d so fucking hit that shit," because she was that hot? I bet some of you boys have done that with either a girlfriend’s mom or your wife’s mom! Haha

I once found a naughty pin up picture my friend’s mom had taken, most likely, for her husband. I had already had lesbian sex with her daughter and now I saw myself wanting to have it with her as well. It took everything inside me to leave the picture where I had found it and not take it home with me to masturbate with.

Supposedly girls aren’t visual when it comes to sex, but I am not so sure about that one. Girls like porn just as much as guys do. It is just that most guys are used to hiding their porn stash from their mommies and do the same into adulthood with their wives.

My boyfriend and I like to chat with live teen camsex girls. We are both in our early thirties, but we both prefer girls that are in college. From time to time we have tried swinging, but now we are just so afraid of diseases. By going online we don’t transmit anything other than our streaming video!

There are hundreds of models representing dozens of niches online all of the time. Check it out, I am scanning the available models on the front page right now and here is what I am seeing, barely legal coed, pin up style, schoolgirl, thick booty Latina, ebony teen, huge tits coed in a tight shirt, bubble butt Asian girl, beautiful big tits MILF, the list goes on…

Have a live private camsex chat right now!

Posted By Cassie on 09/13/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


It is inevitable. There is always going to be one girl that stands out in the crowd and is good enough to fly solo… well, sort of fly solo!

My BF got me into FTV Girls years ago and it didn’t take me long to find out that there were two girls there that keep my ship afloat. One is Alison. She is the flagship girl the brand was built upon. A foundation that set the bar high for those that came after her! The second is Danielle. She grabbed the baton from Alison and ran with it!

Danielle FTV is filled with the FTV lesbian videos featuring this big boobs goddess and more. Danielle updates her site weekly with new videos and very high resolution pics. She goes solo masturbating, she brings girls along for some lesbian action and bring men along for some kinky stuff too.

I know it sounds cliché, but Danielle FTV does it all!

Posted By Cassie on 05/21/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Have you ever been to a bar where a girl that isn’t all that and a bag of chips is getting more attention than the girls that are? What is different about her? If you are going to say that she is a slut I am going to kick you in the balls, Mr!

No, it isn’t because she is a slut. It is because she is the slut guys hope to marry! She doesn’t care if her boobs are big enough. She cares about making her man happy on a daily basis!

If that means she needs to bring another girl home – so be it! If that means she has to suck your cock while your buddy pounds her ass – she is game!

That girl is Faith 69. You have undoubtedly joined sites filled with porn stars or contract models. Yippee for you! Now it is time to join a site where the girl is real. Where this is her lifestyle!

Or… You can continue on with the same old dry dog food.

Posted By Cassie on 09/06/11 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Would it surprise you to know that girls check out other girls? I have had a thing for other girls ever since my mom introduced me to Girl Scouts. What? You thought you were the only one that dreamed of finding out what color panties a girl had on under her skirt? Pleeeeaaase?!?!


Posted By Cassie on 08/17/11 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Growing up I was always somewhat self-conscious about how my g-string panties bit into my hips. Then I saw a 60 Minutes episode where they were candidly talking to a fashion designer and he said he actually preferred that to skinny girls… I was so happy!

The truth of the matter is this… You guys will stick your cocks into anything. Seriously! Raise your hand (or your cock) if you have ever done one of the following:

  • Fucked a warm jelly donut or an éclair.
  • Fucked a banana peel.
  • Rubbed a girls satin panties on your cock.
  • Fucked an apple pie.
  • Fucked a water jet in a hot tub.
  • Fucked the space between a pillow and a mattress.
  • Dry humped the couch.

I could go on, but you all have your cocks up already!

So if you guys will do all of that to get laid it is pretty obvious that us ladies try way to damn hard to "display" ourselves for you. Perhaps that is why sites like Figure Baby are doing so well.

Figure Baby started with just five models and a dream. Now there are dozens of models and all of them are basically girl next door types. They say that beauty is a subjective thing. Some of you will find a certain girl hot and others will think she is ugly… But wait! That happens in Playboy too… So maybe this guy has a good idea of what porn should be!

The site doesn’t use professional models so they keep the costs very low. You can become a member for as low as $9 a month! For just $24 you can become a member for 90 days without worrying about rebills!

Posted By Cassie on 04/20/11 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Guys today don’t know what a real woman is. I grew up checking out my older brother’s Playboys, Club Magazine and other men’s entertainment publications featuring full figured, or just natural, women. I grew up on believing a big breasted woman should also have a wide enough rib cage to hold them without them separating. Having a big top meant having a bigger bottom!

Kerie Lane is one of the few real girls in the industry. She wasn’t sure if guys and gals would warm up to her, but then how could you turn down cuddling with those bosoms? Turns out she is quite popular!

Her site updates twice a week with a new video and photo set. She shoots in higher resolutions to showcase her full figure. Kerie Lane was already a successful mainstream model before deciding to open her site. I guess she grew up reading her brother’s Playboys too!

Posted By Cassie on 12/04/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Here is a treat! These beautiful girls are Sweet Yurizan and Mai Ly. While I do enjoy looking at female volleyball players just as much as the next bi-sexual girl, I really have a thing for girls more my size. Looking at my picture above it should be obvious that my hips don’t fit into a size two pair of jeans!

This is a win-win for you though. Hippy women make for better lovers. Hey, we try harder!

Yurizan Beltran is my favorite Latina. I would eat this girl up any day, any time! My fantasy would include lots of baby oil, a shower curtain and then lots of slipping and sliding!

Mai Ly is another of my favorites. My boyfriend turned me on to her when he wrote about Mai Ly on his blog Rhino’s Girls. That isn’t his original post, but it is the one I like the most! Oh, and I did chastise him for calling her a bitch! haha! Mai is not a "bitch," she is a "Sexy Bitch!"

Sweet Yurizan has lots of galleries featuring her with other curvy girls. At nineteen years old this girl has it all! Boobs, hips, curves, DSL (which also translate into PSL)… It isn’t hard to imagine why both guys and girls fall in love with her at first sight!

Oh… and did I mention that you get unlimited access to all of Sweet Yurizan‘s friends with your membership? You really have to take the tour because there are a "good" ton of them!

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