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Posted By Cassie on 04/26/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

There is something raw and lovely about European women. Lovely Tera above is no exception. Only a Brit could get away with wearing such a ridiculous (and sexy) undergarment.

Lovely Tera has beautiful full breasts and a spanky-thick booty. I love the combination. Her auburn hair is simply adoring! As soon as I saw the picture above I couldn’t wait to join and see whether or not it is her natural color! Turns out, she trims it so short it is hard to tell.

Seeing Lovely Tera in that outfit brings me back to a time when I played dress up with me moms clothes. On this particular occasion I skipped the closet and went straight to her drawers. I found a body suit like Tera’s and put it on. My pussy instantly got creamy!

When I looked at myself in the mirror I couldn’t believe my eyes. My boobs were visible. My pussy was very visible. I detest pussy hair (it gets in your mouth, yuck!) so I have always kept my pussy clean as a whistle. Without my pussy hair I could see my wetness through the thin material. updates two times a week and Tera directs her own shoots. She also picks out the costumes. You can chat with Tera on her message board and request special sets too. Members get access to four of her friends sites. All of them are just as cute as Tera is!

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Are you a panty boy? Did you have fun digging through your girlfriends knickers? Ever take any home with you as a trophy?

Did you know that girls succumb to the panty fetish too? Why do you think we switch to G-strings the moment we can get our hands on them? Well, OK, part of it is comfort. Picking your panties out of your arse is a bitch. However, we enjoy the way a thong accents a nice ass too.

Pretty much the only difference between you panty boys and us panty girls is that we can wear them without someone looking at us like we are weird.

Have I ever masturbated because I liked a particular pair of panties or a bathing suit I tried on? Hell yeah I have! My first see-thru pair, like the one Jessica has on, had me masturbating to two orgasms back-to-back. Then when I saw my boyfriend later that night I flashed him many times in the club. We fucked like rabbits all night because of those panties.

So yeah, we have a panty fetish just like you!

Amateur Upskirts has been around for nine years. They update twice a week. Do the math on that. Hint, there are 52 weeks in a year.

The majority of Amateur Upskirts videos are shot as though you are sitting or lying on the floor looking up at the girl. She bumps and grinds. Her panties get eaten up by her shaved pussy lips. Girls wear everything from lace to soft satin. Styles range from granny panties to micro bikinis and everything in between.

The owners describe as the ultimate, totally authentic panty fetish site. I have to say they got this one right. When girls are masturbating to other girls in panties, you know it is good!

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Posted By Cassie on 04/03/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

This picture of Tabatha Sweet and friend brings me back! It reminds me of a time I went to the beach with a girl friend of mind. Notice those are two words, girl and friend, not a conjunction. That is because when we first arrived at the beach we were NOT an item…

It was time to go and we were all sandy and covered in suntan oil. I suggested that we should sneak into the camping area to use their shower stalls so that we didn’t get oil on her car seats. She had just bought her car so she was all for it.

As luck would have it, there was only one stall so I jumped in and invited her to join me. To my delight she did! Things started off normal until I asked her if she would like me to soap her backside. She OK’d me to go for it and you know how things get when things get soapy!

My hands wandered to her front side and she wiggled around. My sudsy hands went right up under her top and over her ample boobies. The shower only had lukewarm water so her nipples were hard. She laughed and then got quiet as I started stroking her hardened nipples.

She spun around and gave me that look. You know that look. The look a girl gets when she wants to kiss you. We started kissing and before you know it we were having sex in that shower stall! Bummer though, we got interrupted by the line that was developing outside and decided to take our passion home with us.

Tabatha Sweet reminds me a lot of myself at eighteen. Flirty and sometimes silly, but always cute. Tabatha likes to play around with her friends too, just like me! adds new pics and videos weekly and even encodes them in a variety of formats. My boyfriend just bought me a knew T-Mobile Sidekick so I think I will be enjoying the 3GP. That way I can masturbate to Tabatha’s videos no matter where I am! I just have to remember to turn the sound down before I watch them… but that is another post!

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