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Posted By Admin on 10/14/18 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Smoking hot in the sexy transparent dress, her curly blonde hair falling over her shoulders Delilah G naked at StasyQ is in a very naughty and kinky mood. Russian goddess smiles and walks around the room on the fingertips lifting up her dress and flashing her fluorescent orange panties.

As her clothes drop down her huge and perfectly shaped boobs are on the center stage, she strokes and touches them in a very hot and sexy way. Once she gets nude, she wants to present to the camera how amazing her tight athletic body is, by bending it into various burning hot poses.

She gently gets in the bathtub and lays down with her legs high above her head, baring on a moments her perfectly shaved pussy. Her moist body looks fantastic and that makes her horny too, she is eager to share her sexiness with you.

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Posted By Cassie on 01/23/15 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

masturbating in the shower

I said the female perspective, but I guess this is the guys perspective on what he sees when a girl is masturbating with a shower massager. I said it how I did because this is about my first time using a shower massager to do something other than wash dirt off of my body. On this occasion I used it to make me even dirtier!

Previous to this occasion I had used a massager before on my clit. Now I wanted to try it out on my asshole. But how would I do it? I ended up resting it in the little cup made to hold it and then suctioned that to the side of the tub where it has the divider between the tub and the rest of the bathroom. While it did squirt water all over the floor (which I mopped up later with some towels) it also allowed me to rub her pussy on the soft tub while the massager shot a jet of water between my parted butt cheeks. The stream tickled my sensitive asshole.

As I rubbed back and forth the stream oscillated until I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I moaned loudly and fell into the tub with a loud commotion. My mom came knocking on the door asking if everything was okay and I quickly told her I was fine. I had just slipped on the soap. Silly mistake. She would have freaked if she saw all of the water on the floor.

Watch videos and view pics of real female masturbation!

Posted By Cassie on 10/12/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I wish guys didn’t get jealous of two girls having fun with each other in the bathtub. I have yet to find a guy that, if allowed to, will sit still and watch instead of trying to join in. Sometimes girls want to share a special moment without a cock getting in the way. Is that so bad?

This here is Busty Alli and her blonde friend. My, oh my, would I ever love to be in her position. I love getting all soaped up with a girlfriend so we can slip and slide on each other. I’d grab those fleshy cheeks of hers while I wrap my lips around her nipple and slowly roll my tongue over the tip. I can already feel her responding by rubbing her soft pussy on my soapy thigh. I think I can even feel her hard clit as she grinds on me!

You see, us girls aren’t that much different than you guys are. If you have a bi-curious girlfriend or wife I suggest you invite another girl over, but then let her have first dibs. Sit back and enjoy the show. The longer you hold out the more likely they are to continue the show at later dates!

Posted By Cassie on 08/03/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


So my boyfriend, who also writes for blogs, leaves his computer unlocked after I sent him on an errand to the store. It is rare that he doesn’t lock his computer and curiosity got the better of me.

I hit the shift key to turn the screen back on without a program picking up a printable character that I might miss and this is what a see. A girl in the bathtub having some fun with bath water masturbation. It is from a site called Watch My GF. Sweet! It looks like my boy-toy has signed us up for another porn site!

No seriously. I actually am happy about this one. I am bisexual so I enjoy watching girls just as much as you do.

While I looking at the pics this girl has sent in my mind wanders for a bit. Back when I was in college cell phones couldn’t take pics like this. They were like 180 pixels across! (This one is 620 above and 890 if you click on it and go to the gallery!)

I have lost count of how many times I have used this masturbation technique in the past. Out of all of those times I never once took a picture of myself. Not that I didn’t want to do it. Back then I would have had to use my dad’s $700 camera and the last thing I would ever do with that thing is get it near water. Especially when I am lapsing in and out of consciousness having an orgasm. Hey, this technique works extremely well!

These days it is so easy for a girl to get herself into a bit of trouble. And sites like Watch My GF are proof that this isn’t just some kind of passing fancy. Self shot pics are here to stay!

Posted By Cassie on 03/01/12 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Women are nurturers and just like any other talent it is best to make sure you are secure before trying to help others. To take care of ourselves there is the Calgon bath. A time to forget about everything else in your life and focus on your own needs!

I love my man and I love having sex with him, but he doesn’t know those intimate spots I can be tickled the same way I do. While I’ve spent countless hours training him, sometimes it is best to take care of those itches on my own.

One of my favorite ways is to start a sudsy bath with some Calgon to make everything feel soft and smooth. Yes, a girl really can turn herself on! LOL

Once the water is a few inches high I like to stuff up the drain with a wash cloth just enough to keep the water at its current level with the water running. I have to keep that water running because it does know how to hit those intimate spots on my pussy!

How freaky is that? A molecule known my body better than my boyfriend does!

Anyway… I have been masturbating with the bath water faucet since before I had pubes! I don’t know how I found it, or how it found me, but once I had my first orgasm without having to touch myself I was in heaven!

So… Do you want to see the movie that got me to write this post? In order to do that you are going to have to join I Bang Porn Stars. Then you can see all of the Carly Parker videos!

Until then, here is another sample!



Posted By Cassie on 11/17/11 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I can still remember the first time I shaved my pussy bald like it was yesterday. It was weird the first time because it felt so different, but it shouldn’t have because I started rubbing my pussy a long time before hair started growing down there. I guess it took so long for me to build up the courage to shave it bare that I had forgotten what a bald pussy felt like!

It was prom night and I wanted to share something special with my boyfriend. I had caught him watching porn once where the girls all shaved their pussies bald so I figured maybe he liked that in a special way. I wanted him to like me in a special way too!


I was a little bit afraid of cutting myself so I went real slow. When I got to my clit I pulled it one way and then the other to get the folds of skin on either side. I could feel my pulse pounding through my clit. I dipped a finger inside the hole to see if I was wet and then realized I was in the tub! Of course I was wet! LOL


At first I thought I would just trim it up into a landing strip, but then it just seemed to get sexier the more I shaved it. Like I could tell it looked okay, but what if I trimmed another centimeter off? I guess you could say it was mildly addicting!


Pretty soon my pussy was as bare as the day I was born. My body went numb because there was no turning back. My boyfriend was either going to love it or hate it and I was going to have to deal with it either way!

That’s when I started getting really excited!


I figured I would take my newly shaved pussy for a spin. Test it out. See if it was true that you get more stimulated without the hair.

As it turns out, the rumor was true! I could feel every nook and cranny of my vagina and everything around it. I teased the outer lips and then the inner ones. I ran all of my fingers down and up through my pussy crack instead of just one or two of them. It was fucking amazing!

When my best friend came over to get ready with me I could tell something was different about her too. She seemed to be super excited and giddy. I asked her what was up while we were in our panties and bras. She pulled her panties over to show me her bald pussy!

Oh my God! She had shaved her pussy too!!!

I so badly wanted to reach out and touch her soft lips, but I didn’t want to offend her so I showed her mine. She ginned big and her eyes opened wide at the site of my peach flesh. She moved towards me, I took the hint and moved in too. Soon we were touching and exploring each other!

Our poor boyfriends! As it would turn out they were NOT the first ones to play with our bare pussies. In fact, they didn’t even get sloppy seconds! LOL… We saved that for each other!

Carlotta Champagne does all sorts of naughty stuff on her site. Watching her bath time pussy shaving video is just the tip of the iceberg!

Posted By Cassie on 07/08/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


If there is one thing I pride myself on it is not being a prude. I hate girls that think they are better than everyone else because they don’t have an open mind and somehow that is supposed to make them special!

At FTV Girls they find the girls that think being a little bit dangerous is sexy and I think that is awesome. In the gallery above FTV Girls Marissa decides to break off from the tour group and do a little show and tell of her own. I have done this many time with my boyfriend and he loves it. We usually end up having sex and I often masturbate while dreaming about those times together!

As a member of FTV Girls you are treated to what is probably the largest collection of masturbation porn of this quality ever created. The videos are into the hundreds of megabytes. You can download them or stream them to your browser. They come in a variety of formats and can be played on just about any device.

I personally like to stream one with Windows Media Player and then select the others from the same girl, or girls, to download while the one I am watching is streaming. Once it’s finished I use WMP to save it and then start streaming another and the process continues.

There are literally hundreds of videos. Enough to fill entire hard drives! There are also hundreds of models. Each does several videos and photo shoots. Everything is shot in HD, plus they have lower bandwidth versions available too.

If you have never been a member of FTV Girls I highly recommend you give them a try. Watch this little taste of Marissa in the shower and you can get a feel for why I love this site so much. I will leave you with a little tip. If you cancel your membership after signing up they will give you a reduced price offer. Take it and pay less to keep your membership going!

Posted By Cassie on 12/18/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Do you get turned on by wet knickers? My boy does. He loves to lather me up, shave me smooth and then put me in a fresh pair of panties. Next it’s shower time. He gets off on my wet panties and how they cling to my lips down there. Why? I dunno!

What I do know is he likes it. And that is enough for me. Samantha Gauge knows you like looking at her wet panties and just like me, she doesn’t mind showing them off!

Now I know there are plenty of solo models that are hotter than Samantha Gauge is. The reason that isn’t an issue is Samantha lets you get closer to her than most solo models do. She develops relationships with her members. Not just by webcam either. She talks to you via her private Email address and this site is her sole source of income.

Why is that important, that it is her sole source of income?

Well, because that means she has to please her fans. She has to keep things updated (and she does). Samantha Gauge isn’t a site where the model is paid once, shoots some content and then is let go. This is her baby and your baby too. If you know what I mean.

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Posted By Cassie on 03/24/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


The picture of Natalie Sparks above reminds me of my first fling with another girl in college. I had only been there for about a month and this brunette with nice boobs comes out of the bathroom holding her bathing suit top. She was plenty drunk and asked me to help her put it on.

Innocently I followed her into her dorm room and walked up behind her ready to help. She spun around and fell into my arms planting a big kiss right on my kisser. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and I didn’t know what to do. Sure she was hot, but was she in her right mind? I wouldn’t want someone taking advantage of me if I were drunk.

Natalie assured me that she wanted me drunk or not. I could either wait until tomorrow or take her right now. I had my eye on this girl since I had gotten there. I decided to take the plunge.

As it turned out, Natalie put some kind of flavorful lotion on her pussy before attacking me. It made her clit taste like a strawberry. I sucked on it until her legs pressed together around my ears. Which is a sure sign a girl is having a hell of a good time!

You can catch Natalie Sparks doing her webcam shows twice a week or watch her weekly members area video updates instead. Each update comes with high rez pics. As a member you can also catch her in her forum and make requests.

My favorite Natalie Sparks video? It is a toss up. Either the bath water over her clit or the shower massager masturbation!

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Posted By Cassie on 10/22/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Boy, oh boy, does this pic ever take me back. It reminds me of the first time I ever took a shower with another girl when we both had boobs. Sure, there were plenty of times I took innocent showers with plenty of other girls before I had boobs, but this time was very different!

The two girls above are Shelly and Giovanni from Sweet Apples. The girl I was with will remain anonymous to protect her from weirdos. For the sake of the story we will just call her Shelly.

So, Shelly and I were swimming and I had spent the entire time ogling my friends body. Her boobs weren’t huge, but they weren’t small neither. They were capped off by some cold-water-hard nipples. I could tell she shaved her pussy like me because her wet bathing suit kept sliding up into her bald pussy crack. She seemed embarrassed by this and kept pulling it out, which kept bumming me out.

After we were done swimming I suggested that we wash off the chlorine in my shower. She said OK and we proceeded up stairs to my bathroom. When I entered the bathroom with her and removed my top she seemed puzzled.

She asked me if I had meant we would both be in the shower together? I replied that it was no big deal. We had showered after Volleyball games at school all the time. The only difference is the location.

I tried my hardest not to linger too long with my eyes on her shaved pussy. It looked so soft. All I could think about was running my tongue over her hard clit and watching Shelly move and moan uncontrollably.

Once inside the shower I went first with washing my hair and while I was rinsing out the conditioner I caught Shelly gazing at my bald pussy. I  had hoped she liked what she saw. When it was her turn do wash her hair I took my turn enjoying the sight of her bald pussy. She quickly opened her eyes to catch me and instead of acting embarrassed I asked her how long she had been shaving her pussy for.

My question must have sent her for a loop because she developed a thousand yard stare for a minute then came back with it being ever since it started growing thick. I told her it was the same for me. I didn’t like the feel of it when I masturbated. She developed that stare again.

Once her hair was done I told her to turn around so that I could soap up her back. She didn’t move on her own so I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. Once my hands were soapy enough to wash an entire 747 I rubbed them on my tits first and then on her back.

Shelly seemed to enjoy what I was doing so I moved lower to her buttocks and made big circles around her cheeks. I purposely pushed her a bit on the down stroke and she grabbed the wall in front of her. Now my pussy got really hot. I was like her dominatrix and she was my slave.

I got on my knees to continue washing further down and use both hands to do each leg individually. Once her legs were finished it was time for the front.

Grabbing her hips I spun my little sex slave around and told her it was time to do the other side. She obeyed and I started on her feet. Moving up to her calves and the backs of her knees and finally to the insides of her thighs, I pushed Shelly back and she leaned against the shower wall.

While rubbing those tight thighs of hers I commented on how soft her skin was. She said thanks as though she was in a trance. I then pulled each leg out about three inches giving me a bird’s eye view of her swollen pussy. There was a bit of dew on her inner labia and I had to know if it was water or her juice. I stuck out a finger and touched only the droplet. Shelly flinched a bit not knowing if it was casual contact or deliberate.

Once I had my droplet on my index finger I touched it to my thumb and then slowly pulled away. Shelly looked down to see what I was doing and seemed a bit embarrassed when she saw the droplet turn into a strand of oil. She was getting turned on!

I brought it to my mouth for a taste and it tasted just like Sweet Apples. Shelly let out a surprised sigh because she knew she had been caught and that I was going to act on my newly found information.

Before she could react I grabbed my sex slaves butt and pulled her pussy towards my face. When my tongue met her clit her knees almost gave out completely. Shelly straightened back up like a sailor on the deck of a rolling ship. She re-braced herself on the shower wall and let out a long moan.

It didn’t take long to make my little slave orgasm. At first she doubled over and used my head for support. Then her legs went rigged and she lay back against the shower wall. When she put her hands on my head to stop me from sucking on her swollen pussy I stood up and open mouth kissed her. Shelly didn’t seem to mind that her spunk was all over my lips and tongue. She eagerly kissed me back.

OK, now that my pussy is so wet, my panties are soaked, it is time for my to go masturbate in the members are of You can join me and enjoy the daily updates of webcam photos and videos sent in by girls from around the world.

Sweet Apples has the largest collection of amateur webcam content and candid photos in the world. There are over 1,000,000 web cam pictures and most are in sets. Everything is categorized so you can find what you want in a jiffy.

If a girl like me can find what she wants at Sweet Apples, surely a guy like you can find something to get rid of that hardon?

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Alison Angel

Question: What does a hot bodacious blonde with huge tits and a rocking body do when she is alone?

Answer: Duh, play with her pussy, you silly boy! is one of my favorite websites on the Internet. Why? Because she is a real person. By that I mean you get to see what girls actually do when they are alone. Did you think guys were the only perverted ones? Hell No!

Alison Angel is like my perverted home away from home. Everything you see there is all true. Just like Alison I have stuffed my panties into my pussy. A boyfriend asked me why I did it, I said, "Because I could!" Haha! The same reason a dog licks his balls… because he can!

Seriously though, I wanted to see if I could do it. I don’t know why. But my panties were just the start. Light bulbs, hair brush, shampoo bottle, magic marker, you name it, I stuffed it.

Alison’s gallery above reminds me of the first time I got into a jacuzzi alone. I was at a party my parents brought me to. All of the adults went inside to play poker and I was alone. I kept stuffing my toes inside the jets and thinking about how good that felt. It didn’t take long for me to imagine what it’d be like to try it on my clit.

I propped both legs over the side and hung my pussy over the jet and let’er’rip. Wow! Exhilarating doesn’t even come close to describing the sensation! Right after I came, one of my moms friends came outside to smoke a cigarette. I quickly dropped my legs and swiveled around to get out. She looked at me with a shocking look probably because of all of the commotion. I was so embarrassed. Did she know what I had done?

When I got out a bunch of water shot out of my pussy. I almost buckled at the knees because the warm fuzzy feeling it gave my swollen clit and pussy lips. I looked up at my moms friend and she just smiled like she knew what I did, but wasn’t upset by it. Did she do it too?

Come to find out, a lot of girls have done it. More have done it than have not done it. And that is why I like Alison Angel so much. Not only does Alison make me feel like I am not some kind of freak, she also gives me new ideas or just a new perspective. Now I know why my boyfriend likes to watch me stuff my panties into my pussy. It is hot!

Find More Alison Angel!

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Slippery Sara Bathtub Kiss

** I think I have the flu! So here is a repost from Virgin’s 19 to give you something to think about until I recover! **

xoxo – Cassie

Do chicks really take baths with eachother and explore their bisexuality in a storm of lesbian bliss? Fuck yeah they do… On the Internet!

Check out the gallery above and spend some time watching two hot and young girls fondling each others boobs. The only time these two want a break is to breathe once in a while. Otherwise, it’s lips locked and tongues entwined as these two bathtub lesbians set out to give each other mind blowing orgasms.

One of the nice things about finger fucking your lesbian girlfriend is you don’t steal her virginity away from her. Like wise, she leaves yours intact should you ever want to lose it to the right man. It is a wonder why parents don’t realize this lesbianation of the youth that is going on right in their own homes. isn’t just about lesbians, it is about the life of a nineteen year old Internet model who just happens to be a bad apple. Sweet for us that just about everything she does would be considered taboo in the Southern States. We get a once in a lifetime naked look inside a horny barely legal teenager.

Grab some lotion and slip into Slippery Sara right now!

Find More Slippery Sara!

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