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Posted By Cassie on 01/21/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


By the time I hit high school I had learned most of what I knew about sex from my brothers porno mags and porn videos. Whenever my parents would go out for a date night and my brother would go out with his friends I would sneak into his porn collection. Most of his porn was either solo masturbation or lesbian flicks. He had very little boy/girl porn and what he did have centered around blowjobs.

When I started sleeping with my girlfriends they were shocked by my sexual prowess. What can I say? I had learned to lick pussy from the masters!

So when I see an image like the one above I am thinking, “Damn, I’d love to lap that up!” But, I know some girls look at that and wonder what in the hell is going on?!?!

Since my earliest fantasies were mainly about other girls I find myself splitting my porn viewing time between lesbian sites like Lesbian Training and boy/girl sites like Pure 18 and 18 Years Old.

At Lesbian Training you will find only the hottest porn stars. It is almost a who’s who of lesbian porn. You get matchups of all of your favorites and occasionally they throw in an up-and-coming girl trying to make it big in porn.

Just about the only problem I have with the site is that it wasn’t around when I was getting started. Oh well, I am still a Lesbian in training and find lots of sexy techniques to try on my girlfriends at Lesbian Training!

Posted By Cassie on 01/05/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I have been a big fan of Eve Angel for years. I use to sneak into my brother’s room and sneak her tapes out of his closet and watch them on my TV/VCR combo. Silly parents… didn’t they know girls can be just as devious as the boys are?

Just like her I go between wanting a man and wanting a woman about as often as I change my underwear (which I do at least once a day mind you). Watching her videos let me know that I wasn’t the only one that felt this way. They also gave me some great techniques to try on my girlfriends!

At 27 years old Eve Angel still looks as young now as when she started her career in porn. I wish I had that kind of staying power. haha!

Eve updates her site several times a week. Everything is high class and shot in HD. Another reason I like chick porn. We don’t mess around! Eve adds both older (younger) content and brand new stuff. And, as a member you get to talk to Eve Angel!

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