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While mom and dad are away, the kids might play — with their genitals, that is. Brothers are hooking up with step-sisters by the pool and who knew baby girl’s step-brother could have such a huge dick? She didn’t know, but now she’ll never leave it alone. Daughters are fucking step-daddies and step-mothers are fucking around with her husband and step-children for some hot three-way action too. There’s lots of sneaky rendezvous happening here with only the best going on behind the backs of others, quite literally right under their noses at times.

It’s hot shit and if you’re into it, here’s where you can get your 80% off discount to That’s not a five dollar discount, that’s all that you pay for 150 videos! You’re getting an 80% discount off the full price. Updates are coming in regularly on a weekly basis as well, so this site is always growing with fresh new content and hot taboo sex. Have a look around, I think you’ll like what you see, I know I do!

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neighbors daughter masturbating by the pool

So my new neighbor and his wife work days and their coed daughter spends the entire day lounging around the house. Their backyard is in full view of our second story window. Sometimes she comes into the backyard and forgets people might be able to see her, or she is testing me. I am not sure which one yet. Usually when girls are testing me they look up at my window at least once. This girl never does. It is like she is in her own little world touching herself while laying on her raft in the middle of the pool.

Once I caught my boyfriend shooting some cell phone video of her. I was shocked. Not because he was doing it. We both are open minded about the other having sex with other girls. What shocked me was how clear the video and the photos he took of this teen masturbating her pussy were. I had no idea cell phones had progressed that far.

Watch teens masturbating in long videos on and keep your money in your wallet while letting your dick out of your pants. my fellow ladies will enjoy the massive softcore section!

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Busty teen girl next door

Call me a slut, but I think girls with big tits are more beautiful when their tits are real. It seems I am not the only one that shares with view. showcases hundreds of teen models with naturally big boobs, perky small boobs and so many girl next door teens you will feel as if you have died and gone to heaven once you are inside their members area.

For just $20 a month you can enjoy daily updates. Cosmid shoots many of its models in situations that parallel your boyhood fantasies. Girls getting slutty as a tutor in a schoolgirl uniform. A girl in white panties taking a swim before spreading her legs so you can see her pussy through the transparent material. If you’ve dreamed it up, they have shot it multiple times with multiple girls.

Try their brand of teen porn on for size. I bet it will fit that fat cock of yours like a glove!

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lesbian_assault licking_pussy_lesbian
sleeping_lesbian_sex girls_licking_pussy

Life is full of double standards. Lets say a fifteen year old boy sleeps with his super hot thirty year old teacher. Most men will give that boy a high five and think nothing of it. Of course women would be appalled by this kind of behavior.

Now lets look at assaulting a girl sexual while she is sleeping. If a guy does this to a girl she gets mad and feels… well… assaulted! But if a girl like me comes along and does this it is okay. Double standards are an odd issue aren’t they?

Lesbian Assault delves into the secrets girls share with each other. I have both assaulted other girls and have been assaulted myself. In today’s post I will tell you about the time I was the sleeping girl. That way you can get a sense of what I was thinking about while my friend was licking my pussy as I slept.

The girl that assaulted me was a good friend I had known for a few years. We met the first day of high school and just hit it off. We fooled around once when we got into my parents liquor cabinet, but that was just seeing what each other had. We compared boobs basically. No kissing, no petting.

I could tell she was super in to me, but I wanted her to make the move. Previously I had been making all of the moves on other girls, it was my turn, you know?

On the fateful morning that she "took advantage of me" she slept over and we shared my bed. I slept in a pair of super sheer and flimsy panties and a bra with no underwire. This particular bra shifted a lot and let my boobies fall out.

Throughout the night I could tell she was having a hard time sleeping. So I pretended to sleep like a baby. Occasionally I would roll over towards her and put my hand on her boob or something. I could tell it was driving her pussy crazy!

After two or so hours of this torture I rolled away from her and I could feel the bed wobbling. She was masturbating… Going to town from what I could tell! Suddenly the wobbling stopped and she went rigid. She let out a little yelp as her orgasm rushed over her and I could feel the heat coming off of her body. Not long after that she was sleeping like a baby.

My room was pretty warm so I kicked off my covers and spread my legs before going to sleep myself.

In the morning I felt something tickling my nipple. Then it stopped tickling and started feeling awesome. My friend had found my exposed boob and put it into her mouth! I pretended to stay asleep and let her have her way with me.

As she sucked on my nipple she traced her finger around my panties. Back then I kept a landing strip and shaved the bottom of my pussy so I was sure my panties were up my crack. Her finger felt wonderful as it traced the creases of my panties. When she brushed my hard clit it took everything in me not to jump her bones right there!

She released my nipple and I sensed she was moving down the bed towards my crotch. I let out a little moan and, still keeping my eyes closed, I shifted and stretched leaving my legs spread eagle for my attacker!

Haha, she must have thought she’d died and went to heaven. By now her finger was rubbing circles around my clit and I could feel my sweet juices flowing into my panties. I thought to myself how she must have felt making me so wet and seeing my panty crotch get moist. How empowering!

I knew she wanted to taste my cunny so bad. She had been so gentle in her Lesbian Assault that I was going to let her have her way with me.

My panties were the kind that tie at the waist and I felt the knots tug before releasing. Next, she pulled back my panties and took in the sight of my bare naked pussy for a bit before running her tongue from my vagina to my clit and back again. Did she like the taste?

She must have because she started sucking on my lips and my clit. Alternating her attention all around. This drove me wild as I wanted more than anything in the world to feel her tonguing my clit to orgasm. Now she was in charge!

I couldn’t pretend to be asleep anymore and put my hands on the back of her head directing her tongue to my clit. This move let her know I was interested and gave her all of the confidence she needed. I immediately felt her finger slide into my wet pussy as she rolled it around testing my tightness.

It took only minutes before my orgasm hit. I had a hard time keeping myself from moaning out loud. My orgasm lasted for almost a full minute and left me completely spent when it ended. My friend scooted up to embrace me and we held each other for what seemed like hours…

Now if she had been a boy… Well, boys aren’t supposed to assault girls while they are sleeping! But girls? Yeah, we like to pretend we are asleep, wearing our flimsiest panties… that just happen to be wet in the crotch!

When you join Lesbian Assault you get access to some very naughty sites. There are eight sites in all and my boyfriends personal favorite is Night Invasion. Take the tour and get an Unlimited Access Pass to hundreds of girls waiting for you!

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Now here is a girl with some guts! If there is one thing I wish I had done it is pose nude when I was 18 years old like Tegan Brady. Why? Because every woman does! Well, except for bible-thumpers maybe. The rest of us would love to have our youth captured on film!

Tegan Brady went in and had her first photo shoot and video on her eighteenth birthday. She had been looking forward to exposing her 30GG boobs for a while and she looks like a natural for somebody so young. Natural at modeling… and well I guess her boobs too!

She wasn’t totally alone though. She quickly hit it off with some of the other models and convinced them to include her site in their network. So instead of just getting one girl’s big boobs, you get several. Her friends include the always popular Emily’s Dream, the rocker Dors Feline, the soft touch Ellie Jay, the BBT Dream of Ashley and the multi-girl site Big Boob Teenies!

If you like big boobs and you like them natural, I can’t think of a better way to get them!

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I saw this pic and it reminded me of fond memories from back when my girlfriends and I would lay out by the pool. One day one of my GF’s wondered out loud about having less of a tan line. Intrigued I asked  how  to accomplish this and she pulled her bathing suit up her butt!

You could see we were Slutty GFs because we all followed suit and if you had been peeping through a hole in my fence you would have been treated to a display of some mighty fine teen ass – if I do say so myself!

Slutty GFs updates constantly and has tons of archived content. You can join for $1 and try it out. Categories make it easy to find what you are looking for and there is over 500 gigs of amateur content to explore!

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I would imagine you think this kind of behavior between girls is a bit odd, but I can assure you, it happens all of the time. My girlfriends and I got together once to try wrapping ourselves in Saran Wrap to see if we could lose weight for the Prom. Before long our creativity sparked and we turned our wraps into bikinis. The kind our mothers would never let us wear with a thong back.

Both Brooke Marks and Misty Gates look great in their Saran Wrap bikinis. Way better than we ever did! In fact, I’m getting moist just looking at them!

Time for me to hit the members area. You can join in the fun on Brooke Marks personal message board and maybe even drop me a line there. Look forward to hearing from you!

xoxo ~ Cassie

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So I recently reconnected with a friend of mine from high school. It turns out her boyfriend was on my site and commented that it would be funny if I was the Cassie writing the blog posts. She called me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink. I accepted. After all, I had some of my best lesbian sex with her!

Of course I didn’t know she had seen my site when I had accepted the offer. When I got to the bar she was giving me the cold shoulder. I was kind of surprised. But like I said, I didn’t know this wasn’t exactly an out of the blue call.

She asks me if I am indeed the Cassie from Cassie’s Teens and I answer her honestly and she gets all upset. How can you post some of the things we did for everyone to see? How can you have pictures that degrade women? (wait until she sees this post!)

I explained to her that all of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and she gives me an evil laugh. Tells me that anyone that knew us would know who was who. So I ask her if she still hangs out with anyone from high school she hasn’t had sex with? No… I thought so… So why do we still care about high school?!?!

She switches to the degrading women tact.

Please… degrading women? The site is about fantasy. It isn’t like I have chicks getting raped! Even using an ass as a cup holder like the picture above isn’t degrading because… it does happen. During Spring Break things get wild. That is the point. A step out of the old shoe. is filled with candid Springbreak pics. Ass shots, tit shots, chicks making out (my personal fav), wet t-shirt contests and more. Along with a boatload of pics you get a shipload of videos. Members also get access to their sister sites Drunk Wild Girls, Club Cherries and Mardi Gras Fantasy.

The U.S. might be raining and snowy for the most part in real life but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the Internet to indulge your own Springbreak Fantasy!

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My boyfriend gives Blue Eyed Cass the, “I’d hit it, 2x’s!” seal of approval. I have to admit that I’d hit it two times as well!

Lucky for me I have hit girls like Blue Eyed Cass not only two times, but a few dozen with some of them. In this set Cass reminds me of a girl I used to love to sun bathe with.

Girls can get pretty kinky with each other and my friend and I were masters of kink. Once she tied me up with our bikini top strings and stuffed her moist bikini crotch in my mouth as she rubbed oil into my tits. Not too big a deal in a private area, but we were at a public pool in her apartment complex!

I don’t know why, but getting tied up always makes me really wet. Especially if I am tied up in a place where I can get caught. This was one of those places.

None of the apartments over looked the pool, probably to keep weirdos from taking pictures of girls or some shit like that. But if someone decided to go swimming just about the only thing we could do, or she could do, was throw a towel over me making sure to cover my tied wrists. Then she would have to wrap one around herself as well.

After about a minute or so she got tired of rubbing my excited nipples and moved down to my shaved pussy. Since the Summer was coming to an end my skin had a nice, rare tan. I lifted my head to get a good look at her fingers disappearing behind the horizon of my mons. My clit ached for attention!

When her finger reached my button it was like flipping a switch. My already hot, sun drenched body got even hotter. I began to sweat and moan a bit. She really seemed to enjoy making an impression on me and bent down to get a taste of my pussy.

Her soft tongue was actually a bit cooler than my own skin and was a nice surprise. I had a hard time keeping my legs parted so she could get in there because it felt almost too good.

I turned my head to the side and to my horror I saw a man in the distance walking towards us. He was carrying some pool cleaning supplies. I tried to alert my friend, but with her panties in my mouth she just thought I was moaning. I snapped my legs shut and pulled them up towards me.

She looked at me and must have noticed the scared look on my face and she pulled her panties out of my mouth with one hand and threw my towel over me with the other. Lucky for us he was the type that looks down when he walks. She barely got a towel around herself before he entered the pool area.

Unlucky for us he appeared to be in his sixties. He had that conservative look. Like, maybe, bisexual girls were an abomination and not a turn on.

My friend laid down in her chair next to me and we pretended to just be laying out. He took his own sweet time cleaning the pool and with the sun beating down on us we fell asleep.

I woke up to him standing over me asking me if I was alright. I wondered why he was asking until I noticed a breeze must have kicked my towel over and I could feel the hot sun beating down on my naked pussy. I went to pull it down and alas, my hands were still tied. My friend hadn’t thrown anything over them and that was actually what was concerning him.

He said something about getting the manager and headed off towards the office. My friend had just awaken and quickly untied me so we could collect our bathing suits and get out of there.

A day later her manager served her with a notice to vacate. Oh well. She ended up moving in with me anyway and we continued our fun times until she got serious with a guy and moved away.

Blue Eyed Cass has those curves you want to rub your oiled hands all over. She has just enough chunk to soften her figure and plenty of muscles to trace with your fingers. She has a great set of tits and a thick bottom.

When it comes to alluring softcore with lots of teasing it doesn’t get any better than She updates each week with new photos and a video, plus you get two live cam shows a week.

This girl is no stranger to getting it done in public and there are plenty of sets and videos of her baring it all. Sometimes she even gets caught! In addition to the professional content you also get her candid pics too. Some of those sets feature her getting frisky in public with her friends!

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When my friends and I put on our bikinis and layout by the pool all kinds of hi-jinks and spontaneity ensues. I have this one friend that likes to pull her bikini bottoms up her ass cheeks like Amber above. When ever she does this we all spank her and part of me wonders if she does it because she likes the spanking?

Kiss Ambers Ass is home to a pair of sweet ass cheeks. Amber used to be a gymnast so her ass is firm and fleshy at the same time. All grown up and going to college, Amber is finding new ways to exploit her natural physical gifts.

Guys and Girls into bottoms will enjoy more so now because now it is part of a larger network. The BadGirl network is made up of mostly large breasted and big bottom girls. Some of the sites are entirely devoted to thick, juicy ass!

Become a Bad Girl VIP and start enjoying all of the teen booty your hard drive can handle!

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I am often told that I am not like most women. Just like most guys I hate listening to women bitch about their man looking at other women. If you don’t like it, leave him or shut up, but I don’t want to hear it.

Once when I was in the gym with my boyfriend I had another girl friend of mine come up and inform me that my boyfriend was checking out some other chick’s ass. At our gym the people on the elliptical machines and the stair masters have a perfect view of the girls doing their aerobics class.

Personally I think it is healthy when my man checks out other girls. On this particular day he was checking out a hot brunette like Angelika above wearing a blue thong leotard and white tights. Her ass was amazing. My pussy got wet looking at her. How can I get mad at him for doing the same?

But… on this occasion the girl telling me about it wasn’t bisexual. So she wouldn’t understand where I was coming from. So I just told her thanks and I’d deal with it later.

And deal with it I did. When she was done working out I followed her into the ladies locker room. I quickly got naked and put on my bra with my shaved pussy in full view. I snuck a peek at her and sure enough she was admiring my shave job. Like a good little bisexual girl she non-chalantly showed me her shaved pussy too.

Later that night me and my boyfriend shared her shaved pussy for dinner. I let him fuck her from behind while she ate my pussy. Her tongue was amazing. Watching my boyfriend fuck her while she licked my pussy made me orgasm twice!

My boyfriend recently turned me on to a new site (for me) called Met Art. That is where Angelika is from. I have to say, this site rocks! There are over 1,300 models at I found so many girls I would love to share with my boyfriend and even a few I’d like to keep to myself!

Met Art updates four to seven times a day. We are only on the fifth day of June and already they have 22 updates from 22 different models. The only thing that scares me about Met Art is that I spend so much time there, I haven’t even been posting to my blog.

Welcome to my new fascination.

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Tattoos and Red Hair = Hot!

Listen up parents. I am going to let you in on what seems to be a little bit of a secret. If your daughter has red hair she is much more likely to be a naughty girl than girls with other hair colors. Nothing scientific here, I have just eaten more redhead pussy than any other hair color out there. And, girls named Zoe with red hair are 99.8% more likely to be naughty than any other name. So there you have it. Do with it what you will.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing against Zoe Fire except for maybe my tongue and a finger or two… I love redheads just as much as guys do. I really enjoy how spunky and frisky they can get. One of my readhead girlfriends almost got me to get my clit pierced. But I was too wimpy and pussed out at the last minute.

Zoe has some great tattoo work done. Though, it is scarey to be sucking on those pierced nipples of hers with that evil looking skull staring back at you. Definately a turn the lights down moment. hehe

I love Zoe’s boobs. It could be because they remind me of some of the first boobs I ever squeezed (besides for my own). Firm looking and soft feeling. I wonder what it would be like to get my nipples pierced like Zoe’s. Do you get a two for one deal?

This girl also has a nice curvy ass. And if you read my blog you should know I am an ass woman. I just want to crack that ass of hers so damn hard! Judging from the body art I am sure Zoe Fire would let me too!!! updates on a weekly basis. You can already see that her photography is amazing and the free gallery above isn’t even the regular sized photos. The ones in the members area don’t block out her sexy pussy and they are much bigger in size. Zoe has some great videos and this girl gets kinky. Try reading some of my old posts and you will get the idea.

If you are ready to leave nice behind, naughty is ready for you!

Find More

Zoe Fire

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Teen Dreams

Girls are universal. We all like other girls asses for some reason. I think I started liking them by accident and I am sure that is how most other girls developed a love for them too.

I fell in love with my first teen ass some time back in 7th grade. I started noticing a change in my own body so I started checking out other girls to kind of gauge my developement. Eventually this turned into an obsession with other girls bodies. By the time I started high school I was an ass-girl.

The guys at Teen Dreams are also ass-people. Today I am going to focus my ass obsession on their model Dora. Damn her ass is fine. Looking at her in her pink bathing suit reminds me of swimming class. Following other girls up the high dive ladder was awesome. No one suspects another girl of checking their ass out, so you can really get a good look!

When I get horny I go over to and check out the 5,600+ asses they have available. This also works for tits. With so many models there are hundreds of models with whatever your idea of a perfect set of tits is. How is that for amazing?

Teen Dreams has multiple updates on a daily basis. No more waiting for days or weeks for new girls to gawk at. That is why I LOVE this place. At $29.95 this site won’t break the bank. Pay double and you get 90 days of updates, plus over 1 million photos and 1 thousand videos in the archive. So many girls in so many spreads that it will take you years to view them all!

Find More

Teen Dreams

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