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Posted By Cassie on 08/23/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


These is a problem with this picture… Can you spot it?

No… It isn’t the flash… though she could have turned that off for sure!

No… It isn’t the shitty color settings on her camera either…

The problem with this picture is that you don’t have someone sending you pics of her boobs! But, that doesn’t have to be a problem since the guys at Teens Self Shot are willing to let you in on all of the pics their girls are sending them!

This is kissing and telling on steroids! Literally thousands of girls to choose from and many girls even send in their own pics. No upset ex-boyfriend needed!

Members of Teens Self Shot rebill month after month because this place updates constantly. The community is growing daily, the gigs of content are growing daily and that leaves you with a boner… you guess it! That is growing daily!!!

Posted By Cassie on 08/12/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Abby Winters
Real porn for real girls

When it comes to porn girls would like there isn’t much to speak of out there. Most girls don’t want to masturbate to gagging-on-cock kind of stuff or double anal. We want something more sensual and softcore. Abby Winters covers about 85% of all girls Christmas lists when it comes to real girl porn!

Abby Winters started almost a decade ago with girls from off the street or from the outback. There were, and still are, no porn actresses at Abby Winters. Just pure amateur girls sharing themselves with you!

One of my favorite sections at Abby Winters is called Intimate Moments. They take two or three girls and pair them up for the first time. No touching and often no kissing, just the girls masturbating in front of one another. Watching these videos totally reminds me of some great times with my girlfriends of the past!

Posted By Cassie on 08/02/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Here is a little piece of sexual trivia for you! When guys touch themselves it is called masturbation. When girls touch themselves it is spelled slightly different, but sounds the same, masterbation. You learn something new here every day!

Before the Internet existed in its present form you could login to BBS’s and download pixilated GIFs of scanned magazine photos. The quality was very poor and get this, just to download an entire gallery of perhaps 15 images it took about 2 to 4 hours!

Back then I used to use my dad’s computer to trade porn. Yes, girls are just as interested in porn as boys are! Believe it or not I was more into porn than my boyfriends were! So anyways… I would tell my parents I had a big paper to write and be up all night long downloading porn or reading stories (back then stories took minutes to load instead of a flash!). I would keep all of my porn on 3.5 inch floppy disks. Being a girl has its privileges, nobody ever popped one of my disks in to see what was on it. Nobody cared to know. Now if I were a boy? That’d be a different story altogether!

Club Seventeen was around before there was an Internet. Back in 1976 they started publishing their magazine in the UK. It got its name from the fact that in the UK you can pose topless at 16 years old. They went online back in 1996. Since then they have been updating twice a day and amassing a huge cache of porn.

There are thousands of girls at Club Seventeen and most do more than one set or video. They have both softcore and hardcore and mountains of each. Call me a weirdo, but my absolute favorite sets are of the girls!

Take the tour and check out the live cams. I like to treat myself to an hour a week on them!

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