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Posted By Cassie on 01/31/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Raven Riley

Tell me if this isn’t the strangest thing you have ever heard.

I don’t like to masturbate with vibrators, but I get off on watching other girls do it!

Yeah, I think it is bananers too! The sensations I get are too intense and I feel like I am gonna pee. A friend told me that is normal for some girls but I stopped peeing my bed at an early age and I am not about to start doing it again.

Watching Raven Riley tease herself with a vibrator on her little clit is like watching a conductor with an orchestra. It reminds me of a friend I have that lets me rub her nub with a vibrator too. It makes me feel like I am a mad scientist and she is my willing subject, doing anything I ask her to do.

OK, I am wandering…

I have to give some big props to this girl. is so well known that my brothers know who she is. If you knew my brothers, it’d be a big shock to you too.

Raven’s video pics were too small to use here so I borrowed one from her Super Bowl gallery. Her body is so enjoyable, I could literally eat it up! This is my favorite pic right here. There is something precious about being one second and a millimeter away from another girls pussy. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. is my kind of site. This girl goes both ways and then some. How often does a girl get to see a pussy licking in POV fashion? Not often enough! It is like you guys shoot porn just for yourselves and leave us girls high and dry. Not fair!

Raven gives me everything I want and then some. With updates every two to three days and two years behind her now, Raven has everything a guy needs and everything this little girl wants!

Find More Raven Riley!

Posted By Cassie on 01/27/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Debbie Teen - Natural Beauty

What an ass Debbie Teen has!

I would give a million dollars to have this girls body any day of the week. Debbie has all of the right phat in all the right places. Her chubby cheeks are so darn cute (the ones on her face, ya perv!). Her tits have the perfect amount of firmness, bounce and sag.

Then there is her butt. Truly a natural wonder of the world! Like, how in tarnations does that much chunk stay up tight like that? is like my home away from home. And Debbie is like the lesbian sorority sister that I never had. I have watched every one of her videos and I must say, I am a loyal fan!

Deborah began her debut with some pics her friend (and photographer) Natalie took of her. Nothing to racey and pretty amateur if you ask me. From those pictures she parlayed an obsession to get naked into her own piece of Internet stardom!

Members are treated to some very hot pics of her and her girlfriend Lizzy. These two blonde bisexually curious females make my nights brighter! Debbie also loves to masturbate in her videos. The one by the pool is simply amazing. Her pussy is as sexy as the rest of her is!

Take the tour and check out her sample video. But remember that she does everything in crystal clear HI-Def so don’t let the image quality in the "sample" video fool you. You will be amazed at what is in the members area.

And now for the best part – you get full access to Debbie Teen’s friends Lana, Danni and Amber as well. Not just a few photo shoots, we are talking about their own full websites. That is twelve updates a week. I guess I had better stock up on cocoa-butter.

PS – If you haven’t tried whacking your Whilly with cocoa-butter, you might want to try it. My clit loves the stuff!

Find More Debbie Teen!

Posted By Cassie on 01/27/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
The Good, The Bad and The Dawn Avril

Speaking of carwashes… (Carwash? Read the post below this one, Silly…)

I came across this set of Dawn Avril washing her boyfriends ride and just had to post something about her! is built around the concept that Dawn is a good girl gone bad. A naughty goth girl unaffraid of crossing the lines that lead to taboo. But, if a good girl can be bad, can a bad girl be good? I would love to find that out for myself.

Just think about the two of us dueling. I would be tieing her up with golden string and tickling her with feathers. Making this seriously gorgeous goth wither and laugh uncontrollably. Then I’d shave her pussy bare and rub warm oil into her skin.

Her turn… Ohh GOD! I can only imagine what she would do to me in her quest to bring me to the dark side of lust!

Would she begin by dripping hot candel wax on my boobs and nipples? Or maybe spanking my ample ass with a wooden paddle? Or maybe even both!

With five updates per week, Dawn Avril will have you masturbating to new content practically on a daily basis! There are three picture updates and two video ones. All of it downloadable to your own computer.

Members also get discounts on having Dawn do custom photo shoots. How steamy!

Find More Dawn Avril!

Posted By Cassie on 01/26/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Texas Twins - Tap That Ass

Ohh my! If this Texas Twins gallery doesn’t scream "tap that ass" then I don’t know what does!

One thing about teen girls washing cars has always struck me as being quite odd. When I was in high school my church would hold car washes in parking lots to make money for our youth groups. Myself and a few other well endowed girls were always asked to dress up in skimpy bikinis and lure guys that were driving by. How is that different than porn?

While I never did get to have sex with the other girls during the car washes, I can tell you that I sure did get turned on by them. Probably as much as the guys getting their cars washed were.

Seeing their soapy little butts and their hard nipples pressing up against their bathing suits was too much for me. I often excused myself to the restroom so I could rub my clit and release some of my sexual tension.

I did get it on with two girls at once before, but never with twins. So is one of my favorite finds right now. Two small chested blonde teens fascinated with my large ample boobs… wanting to suck on my nipples and stroke my inner thighs.

It is too much to handle!

You really have to see the trailer on the Texas Twins tour to get a sense of what this website has to offer. I can tell you there is lots and lots of sensual kissing between these two and their girlfriends. It is enough to turn even the studliest guy into a premature ejaculator!

Find More Texas Twins!

Posted By Cassie on 01/26/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Trixie Teen - Little Cutie Pie

Well, guys, believe it or not, us girls aren’t much different from you! Sure, I do sympathize with my mother and the changes child birth brings but when I go looking for something to fantasize about on the Internet you can find me at the coed websites. Hey, I am not against the whole MILF thing, I just prefer girls my age or less. Just like a typical guy does.

I have been reading in the news that Oprah and other female media moguls are talking down about sites like How sad. Just because she can’t handle her own weight issues she has to tear into Trixie because she is the picture perfect girl nextdoor.

Sure, I will admit that Trixie Teen probably doesn’t need teen braces and probably has a perfect smile. And I will admit they dress her in some pretty ridiculous outfits that no college age girl would ever wear. But, have you ever heard of Barbies?

You know the plastic dolls I still have sitting in my closet. The ones I refuse to throw away no matter how much grief a boyfriend gives me about them. Trixie is like my Internet barbie. A throw back to a different period in my life when I first found out that I liked other girls as much as I liked boys. Maybe even more!

I often lose myself on Trixie’s website for hours before I realize how much time has flown by. I can only imagine her appeal to you guys. Especially the older ones looking for a barely legal cutie pie. I bet you pretend to be her sugar daddy. I bet you would introduce her as your niece. haha!

Hey, I am not knocking you! I love her too!

Find More Trixie Teen!

Posted By Cassie on 01/25/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Mia Ciara College Luv

Welcome to my blog. My name is Cassie and that is me at the top of the blog. I hope you like my pictures!

The hottie above is Mia Ciara. I like this picture of her because I am in college and doing a lot of studying – and Mia would make a great study partner. Only I am not sure if we would actually get any studying done!

Latina girls are a real turn on for me. I am so pale during the winter so I guess it is just opposites attracting?

Mia’s ass is so darn tight it is amazing. I wish mine was that firm but we gotta do with what God gave us and… by the way, my nickname is "Bombshell," so it ain’t all bad.

This girl gets pretty down and dirty when compared to most of the other teen sites I have seen. But she also leaves a little to the imagination (do you still remember what that is?). I like sites like that. I am such a tease, so it is nice to get a little of my own medicine once in a while. has weekly updates and her pictures are like artwork. Perfect because, personally, I am not into that throw it in your face porn. Along with her videos you also get her webcam sessions. Lucky members get a private one-on-one with her too!

Find More Mia Ciara!

Posted By Cassie on 01/24/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Robin Ricci Cute Brunette

Occasionally I spend the weekend at the clubs in Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area. When I go to clubs I want to see a certain type of girl there. That girl above in the free Robin Ricci gallery is exactly what I am looking for in a cute brunette club hopping girl!

Her hair, that skin, those tits, her lips, they smile… I’d better just stop now before I start getting into poetry. The last thing my teen blog needs is fucking poetry.

Robin is the solo model of and has been on the scene for a relatively short amount of time. But that also means she is fresh and excited about working in porn. And that is exactly what you want when you buy a membership to a teen site. Fresh and lively teen faces!

Robin Ricci’s best attribute is her ability to look hot no matter what she is wearing. I am not saying the website dresses her up gaudy, in fact her wardrobe is far from gaudy, I am just saying she could look good wearing a potato sack. Shit, she might even start a fad!

For an 18yo with a flavorful body, she has some awesomely large boobs. I’d like to figure out what her parents were feeding her and dump it into the water table.

As if Robin isn’t enough of a reason to pull out your credit card and sign up, check this out – not only do you get, you also get access to one of the largest single girl solo model site networks ever created. The sites include –, Kelli Young, Haley Summers, Shelby Sweet, Action Allie, Brandys Bubble, Candy Carmichael, Honeys Buns, Gogo Gidget, Melody Melons, Susie Tease, Panty Rave, College Pantys, Melissa Monroe, Jodi Cassidy, Taylor Mathews, Beef Jerkers, Jerky Girls Video, The Nutbusters, Teen Denim, Missy Monroe 18, Bubblebutt Jeans, Daphne DDD, Holy Coed, Sock Sorority, Busty Bri, Amber Andrews, Christine Conners, Badgirl Butts, Kiss Amber’s Ass, Bad Girl Vids, Soft Cotton Panties, Sugar Panties, Sugar Thongs, Teenage Asia, Teen Asss, Gina Milano, Liz Ashley Nude, Horny Hailey, Rachel Ricci, Pixies Pillows, Mandy Michaels, Paige Hilton, Busty Barbi and Bailey Boobies!

Find More Robin Ricci!

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Posted By Cassie on 01/24/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
Katie Fey Voyeur Masturbation Spy

Can a girl get some fucking privacy up in here?

Pretty much… Hell no! This is the stuff fantasies are made of, people!

Katie Fey is hot. But watching her masturbate is even hotter. I used to have a girlfriend with about the same shape and hair color and this free Katie Fey gallery helps me relive the moments I had with her. I once came into her room to retrieve my clothes after I had started the shower and caught her on the bed in just about the same position – masturbating… only without the blanket.

You wanna talk about massive throbbing hardons? I immediately moved back into the bathroom and spied on her through the crack in between the door and the door frame. I thought I had died and went to heaven. I think I will charish that mastabatory moment until the day I die. A big thanks to Katie Fey for helping me relive the moment in crisp detail! updates twice a week and currently has 80 videos and over 319 picture sets! Katie also takes member requests and gets nude now!

Make this a win-win for both you are Katie Fey by joining her site today!

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