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Reality porn lovers are going to thoroughly enjoy watching hot young teens getting in a car to learn how to drive, only to find that perky tits, wet pussy, and hard throbbing cock is what really takes them for a ride — and you can cum along too! Right now you can get super cheap access to Fake Driving School with a discount that’s going to take 54% off full price! There’s 23 videos of about 20 student drivers getting fucked by their mentors in the car here, but that’s not all you’ll get with this deal.

Joining up here is going to get you completely free access to the entire Fake Hub Network of porn. You’re going to get the hottest reality porn sites all under one roof: Fake Agent and Female Agent are awesome casting sites. There’s a sultry medical site called Fake Hospital as well as some sexy pick-up porn on Fake Taxi. Don’t forget about the Fake Cop you’ll enjoy slutty whores doing some excellent role play with. Check things out and grab your deal today!

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Ever since I was a little girl I have always had this fascination with being naked in public. As a child I was that kid running around with no clothes on before and after a bath. Later on I was that mischievous girl masturbating outside because I loved the sun drenching me with warmth as I came and the idea of getting caught.

I am still that girl even to this day and that is why I love My Pickup Girls. This guy finds everything from fresh out of high school teenagers to smoking hot young MILF. The kind you find pushing a stroller around the beach.

Once a target is secured he makes his move and if successful, you get to see another episode. Each episode has high rez pics since paused video usually looks like shit. Of course you shouldn’t need to pause the videos, silly. Maybe you might have to rewind them a couple of times, but pausing is for wussies.

The same feller running My Pickup Girls also runs a ton of other public sex sites like Taxi Spy Video, Homemade Vids, Student Sex Parties and crazy shit like Wax Punishment. Why do I keep going back to that site? I am such a freeeeaaaaak!

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Lacey Pink Redhead

The answer is yes.

The question is, do I like redheads?

This readhead teen is Lacey Pink. You are going to love me because I worked out a deal with the webmaster of and you get her for only $9.95 a month!

You are probably thinking, sure, but the price will go up next month. Negative! The price will never change as long as you stay a member.

OK, so what is the catch? Nothing! This is a full website with all of her pics and videos. You get complete umlimited access.

Now for why I like Lacey. This girl is the queen of the camel toe. What? You mean girls like camel toes too? Of course we do you silly boy, we invented them!

You don’t think us girls play with our pussies? That we don’t wonder about what it would be like to pull our underwear into the lips and check it out in a mirror? We are just as curious as you guys are. Maybe even more!

Lacey Pink has some stimulating videos. Over five hours of this redhead rubbing her clit and masturbating with dildos. The videos come in both windows and machintosh formats.

Most of the videos revolve around themes. Like coming home from school and sitting infront of a mirror to check out her pussy. Eventually it gets so wet that she learns how to rub her clit. In another she awkwardly uses a dildo for the first time. Easy for me to get off on this site since I have experienced all of these scenarios firsthand.

At only $9.95 a month this is one deal you cannot pass up!

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The Good, The Bad and The Dawn Avril

Speaking of carwashes… (Carwash? Read the post below this one, Silly…)

I came across this set of Dawn Avril washing her boyfriends ride and just had to post something about her! is built around the concept that Dawn is a good girl gone bad. A naughty goth girl unaffraid of crossing the lines that lead to taboo. But, if a good girl can be bad, can a bad girl be good? I would love to find that out for myself.

Just think about the two of us dueling. I would be tieing her up with golden string and tickling her with feathers. Making this seriously gorgeous goth wither and laugh uncontrollably. Then I’d shave her pussy bare and rub warm oil into her skin.

Her turn… Ohh GOD! I can only imagine what she would do to me in her quest to bring me to the dark side of lust!

Would she begin by dripping hot candel wax on my boobs and nipples? Or maybe spanking my ample ass with a wooden paddle? Or maybe even both!

With five updates per week, Dawn Avril will have you masturbating to new content practically on a daily basis! There are three picture updates and two video ones. All of it downloadable to your own computer.

Members also get discounts on having Dawn do custom photo shoots. How steamy!

Find More Dawn Avril!

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Texas Twins - Tap That Ass

Ohh my! If this Texas Twins gallery doesn’t scream "tap that ass" then I don’t know what does!

One thing about teen girls washing cars has always struck me as being quite odd. When I was in high school my church would hold car washes in parking lots to make money for our youth groups. Myself and a few other well endowed girls were always asked to dress up in skimpy bikinis and lure guys that were driving by. How is that different than porn?

While I never did get to have sex with the other girls during the car washes, I can tell you that I sure did get turned on by them. Probably as much as the guys getting their cars washed were.

Seeing their soapy little butts and their hard nipples pressing up against their bathing suits was too much for me. I often excused myself to the restroom so I could rub my clit and release some of my sexual tension.

I did get it on with two girls at once before, but never with twins. So is one of my favorite finds right now. Two small chested blonde teens fascinated with my large ample boobs… wanting to suck on my nipples and stroke my inner thighs.

It is too much to handle!

You really have to see the trailer on the Texas Twins tour to get a sense of what this website has to offer. I can tell you there is lots and lots of sensual kissing between these two and their girlfriends. It is enough to turn even the studliest guy into a premature ejaculator!

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