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Posted By Cassie on 10/14/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Guys, if you want to do this with your honey, golden-haired or not, you have to remember one simple rule. The massage comes first!

So often in my life I have had boyfriends offer me a full body massage and then it turned out all they wanted was sex. If you want to have a rocking sex session give her a full body massage first. Don’t be surprised if she falls asleep. Don’t be timid about masturbating and cuming to the sight of her nude, sexy body. Especially if that means you will be able to hold off longer later when she awakens horny and ready to fuck.

I love watching GirlsAvenue.com porn videos because they are good for couples. My boyfriend and I watch them together and get lots of kinky ideas for our own sex life. This video is one of our favorites:


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Posted By Cassie on 10/09/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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passion-hd porn for women

Every guy would like to watch porn with his wife. The problem is that not every wife enjoys watching her husband’s idea of what high quality porn should be. While surfing the web I found a site that is trying to bridge that gap. You can read all about it on BestPayPornsite.com as they clue the world in to the fact that porn for women does indeed exist!

There is no set formula for what makes women get wet while watching porn. From past experiences I can tell you what makes a woman’s vagina dry as a desert and about as appealing as sandpaper. We do not like watching women gag on cocks. We do not enjoy watching men shoot their spunk all over a woman’s face. But don’t let that stop you from inviting your wife into the room when you are watching porn.

Passion-HD is a site that has a lot of give and take when it comes to porn. As a woman I get to see death defying stunts like the one above. As a man you get to see facials and some sexy teen babes. I get big cocks and you get tight twats. Did I just say that?

See! This site is working its magic already!

Posted By Cassie on 10/08/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Aquasilks Waterproof Vibrating Bullet Blue

Guys, I know Halloween isn’t tradi-tionally a romantic holiday unless you are a Goth couple, but I am just going to throw this out there.

Last Friday night my BF surprised me with a new gift and it is now my new favorite toy. Whenever I use it I think of my BF and how much I love him! If you are in the dog house this is a great way to get out of it, or to let her know you think of her needs in a, so often overlooked, romantic way.

My boyfriend knows I like to run the bathwater over my clit after I shave my legs and bikini area. A little tidbit: I learned to do this for the ultimate hands free orgasm by accident! I was just trying to clean off the shaving cream and found the warm water to be very soothing in all of the right spots while being exciting in the naughty ones!

So my smart boyfriend figured he would get me a waterproof sex toy I could use in the bathtub after the shaving is all done. There are multiple speed settings on the remote and sometimes I invite him in to adjust them for me.

If you are looking for something fun you can give your wife or your girlfriend for Halloween this it! Buy the Aquasilks Waterproof Vibrating Bullet Blue vibrator online from www.getsextoys.co.nz for the low price of NZ$24.00!

She just might pay you back with a blowjob!

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Posted By Cassie on 10/06/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Triple penetration video of a coed girl fucking three guys at once!

Believe it or not this is exactly what your girlfriend, or wife, is thinking about when she meets several of your friends at a party. While she might not act on it and she will most likely deny it if you were to ask her point blank about it, don’t fool yourself. She wants the attention of three guys and to feel their cocks in all three of her holes at the same time!

How do I know this? Because I was one of those girls when I first started college. It was my time to shine. I was finally out from under my parents wing and I wanted to do the naughty things that were running through my head. Being rich I had my own dorm room all to myself and I used it to throw some pretty wild sex parties.

My first triple penetration experience was with three hot guys I had met on my first day of orientation. They played on the lacrosse team. We went back to my place and they gave me some beers thinking they needed to loosen me up. Little did they know it was I who was the aggressor here! Haha

Things started out slow, but then they ratcheted up fast. Soon we were all naked and they were probing my holes with their cocks. The guy in my pussy slid in with no problem at all. I was sooo wet! The guy trying to fuck my anus was having some trouble so the nice guy in my pussy pulled out so he could pick up some of my juices. Needless to say he slid in to the hilt with no problem on his next try in my ass!

The only thing I didn’t think through was how I was going to breath. Getting fucked hard by one guy is a struggle. Getting fucked by two guys with another one trying to shove his cock down my throat left me dazed and confused! I passed out at some point and they each to turns fucking my pussy and bum until they all came. When I came to I was a hot mess and I still hadn’t cum yet so we did it all over again!

We didn’t have cell phones with cameras back then, but you can find plenty more amateur double penetration tube videos on Double Porn Tube. It is where I go whenever I am horny and dreaming of what it used to be like when I could attract men like bees to honey!

Posted By Cassie on 09/30/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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hot amateur threesome tube porn

My boyfriend and I love to watch videos that remind us of our early sexual exploits with kinky subjects like threesomes. Our friends all think we are fucked up in the head because I like seeing teen girls having sex and competing for a guys cock. I figure they are jealous of seeing younger girls in porn with their perfect bodies. For me I don’t care either way. Since I was one of these girls at one time I guess I feel an allegiance to them. To me they aren’t competition. We are all one in the same.

amateur girl sucking cock while her friend watches

We have tried going to traditional porn sites to find videos like these, but they are so full of bullshit. We hate cookie-cutter porn. Real people don’t moan and scream like banshees when having sex. I have eaten some girls out who were loud before, but nothing like the ladies in porn. We actually find it distracting!

Our secret spot to find true amateur porn is Amateur-Porn.TV. This tube has lots of homemade porn movies. All of the movies are encoded to play on just about any device. You can watch them on a computer or on a mobile device. We watch on our HDTV!

Posted By Cassie on 09/24/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Guys, I am not going to sit here and lie to you or bullshit you into believing that there is such a thing as live nude cams you can watch for free. I don’t have to because girls like MarishaArimova will do it for me. Only they aren’t bullshitting you. They are telling it like it is. Their live cam network doesn’t cost you a dime to join and you don’t have to pay to watch the girls get naked and masturbate. You don’t even have to pay to watch couples have sex. You CAN tip if you want to. But there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

Joining has benefits that I will list here:

  • The ability to open multiple windows and tabs with nude chat!
  • Watch unlimited nude chat as much and often as you want!
  • Go big and make the chat window take up the whole screen!
  • Watch live NUDE chat!

No other site has this many nude chat girls that work on tips only. Enjoy free online sex cams from Online-Sex-Shows.com!

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Posted By Cassie on 09/16/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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live lesbian cams

If only they had webcams like these back when I was in college. Then again, I am a horny girl as it is. The last thing I needed was to flunk out of school because I was addicted to webcams!

I watch a lesbian sex webcam or two at the ItsLive.com network because it allows me to relive my past experiences with my college dorm roommates. I was the kind of girl that liked trying anything one and had sex with girls of all sizes and races. My favorite girls to have sex with when I was feeling blue was the Latin girls. They have a way of making your day warmer. Seeing this photo of a girl putting her hand into her friends panties as if to show her how good an orgasm feels the first time around has my pussy dripping!

I have to go now because their show is about to start. You can find this lesbian duo sexing under the moniker Juanitas. Right now they are doing a live show for only $5 and seriously, I really have to go.

Posted By Cassie on 09/15/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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You would think with the amount of time my boyfriend and I spend in London that I would understand how the city is made up. In my head I was thinking of London more like a small US city of its own makeup. Little did I know it was more like Los Angeles where the county and the city are almost interchangeable. Why bring this up? Well, my boyfriend and I spent some time in Watford and I had no idea we were still considered to be in London. So I had the hardest time figuring out how to get us an escort. As it turns out there is a Watford girls page on LonBabes that clued me into where I was and how to get an escort sent to our hotel room.

After sorting everything out we had Naomi over and boy were we both surprised at how beautiful she was. Her big boobs were perkier than my small ones! No fair!!!

Naomi was a lot of fun and we ended up being able to keep her for a few more hours to accompany us to the adult trade show we were in London for in the first place. While there she ended up getting a gig for a party the next day. I love it when everyone wins!

Posted By Cassie on 09/04/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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web young 5 dollar discount offer

I love my boyfriend just as much as any girl should. But I also like to play with the girls. I always have. My fascination for them started when I was a young girl looking through my older brother’s Playboy magazines. At first nothing stirred within my loins. I just liked seeing how pretty they were. Then he bought a magazine with girls having sex with each other. The thought had never occurred to me because reading this magazine. I went from thinking of my private spot as a pee-hole to a love making machine. My clit got hard seeing the girls licking each other. I licked my finger and imagined what it must feel like to have my clit licked by another girl. It was long before I conscripted a friend of mine into my army of girls who weren’t afraid to try anything at least once.

My favorite position of all time is to be the girl on the bottom. Licking a girl to the point of orgasm while I too am getting licked to a massive orgasm. I imagine the girl I am licking is getting off harder hearing me moan and gasp for air as I try my hardest to keep my mouth on her clit as my own orgasm is coursing through my body.

Web Young is an excellent resource for girls like me. It is also very cheap as far as porn site prices are concerned. But now it is made even cheaper with this Porn Deal. Get unlimited access to past updates and future updates with a $5 Web Young password.

I am not sure how the deal makes any sense, but I am not going to complain either!

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While in college I was introduced to my inner geek. I didn’t even know she existed. Suddenly going to a convention dressed as a Trekkie seemed pretty darn cool. One of the costumes I have always enjoyed wearing is that of Xena Warrior Princess. I used to watch that show with my brothers all of the time. They would always wonder aloud if the warrior princes was fucking her comrade-in-arms Gabrielle. Being that I was bisexual I didn’t have to wonder. I knew they were fucking each other!

Explore your inner geek with fetish sex cams. It is the safest way to go on an adventure without losing yourself in the quest. There are plenty of real life warrior princesses to go around on the LiveX Cams network. They have dozens on the weekends.

Do something out of your comfort zone this hump day. Check out hot sex cams on Livex-cams.com!

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Posted By Cassie on 07/30/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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real lesbian encounters in the uk

As most of you know my BF and I bring girls into our bedroom from time to time. We also have been known to practice this while in Europe when we go to adult webmaster shows. Sometimes we use escorts services, or have them comp’d to us by various adult businesses. Our favorite thing to do, though, is to use www.shagaholic.com to find real girls that want to have sex in the UK.

This dating site is a bit on the unique side because of its name. Girls who join from England, Scotland and Ireland know full well what shagging means. So there are no surprises when you ask a girl if she wants to have a fuck date.

Members are sorted by their sexual inspirations so you can find girls looking to be the third arc in a love triangle. With thousands of guys and girls joining every single day it is one of the UK’s largest dating sites. Join and see if you can’t get laid by sunup tomorrow!

Posted By Cassie on 07/25/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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While watching some porn videos with coeds having sex I came across this one and it totally reminded me of something kinky my friends and I used to do. We would get together and meld various games into one and then add some other childhood twists. This video reminded me of playing spin the bottle, but instead of uncomfortable closets we would build those forts out of couch cushions and sheets. As you can imagine things got pretty hot and heavy in those things.

With LubeTube you don’t have to worry about monthly bills or somebody jacking your credit card for $79.95 in hidden charges. Their business model is to give porn away for free in return for advertising. It is the same model that has been working well for television for decades. Now you can take full advantage of it on your computer!

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