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Thanks to 18vr.com you’ll be able to VR-fuck many hot babes from all over the world: exquisite blue-eyed blondes, stunning brunettes, ravishing redheads, exotic Asians… there’s a nice diversity of beautiful babes with delightful facial features and truly privileged figures on this website. On some scenes you just fuck one chick, on others you get to have a threesome with two of them, and there are also scenes on which you get to bang three hotties!

These chicks are sexy and provocative. They will captivate you with their unparalleled beauty, and then blow your mind with their jaw-dropping performances. Just in case you don’t know, Virtual Reality porn means a 3D experience in 4K Ultra HD, with binaural sound, and 180-degree view. In the case of 18vr.com, they also count with 5K videos! The site is compatible with all headsets, so get your Gear VR, your Oculus, or your Cardboard, and dig right into this awesome stuff.

You’ll get 81% off 18VR with our deal, but you have to get it before the offer expires. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy top-quality VR porn. Don’t miss out!

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Posted By Cassie on 09/21/09 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Back when I was young I used to go through my older brother’s things. I was always curious about other people’s things. Once when I was rummaging through his closet I found a box with some video tapes in it. They had names like “Lesbian First Sex Part IV”. Being curious I put them in the VCR and watched them…

That is where my fascination with other girls began. On the tape I just mentioned the plot was girls seducing other girls and as far as porn goes, these scenes actually looked real.

Suddenly I didn’t look at my female friends the same way anymore. When we would change our clothes in front of each other to go swimming I would try to catch glimpses of their private parts without looking like I was. While laying out for some sun I would put on some sunglasses and spy on my friends. I’d often have to excuse myself to the bathroom so I could rub my pussy and get rid of some sexual tension.

On one fateful day I invited a friend of mine named Marcy over to do what girls normally do when they are not having sex. I suggested we go through my brothers closet and purposefully made sure that video was the only one we would find. Once Marcy found it I suggested we should watch it and see what my brother is jacking off too.

Marcy was into my brother and had she not been and had I not mentioned he jacked off to this very video, I don’t think she would have obliged me. I put it in and said, “So this is what my brother likes huh?”

The opening scene had a girl letting another girl into her apartment. The neighbor had locked herself out of her apartment. She instantly noticed her host was feeling a bit blue and asked what was wrong.

Turns out the host girl had just lost her boyfriend. Seems he found someone prettier to screw. The neighbor offered to show her why he is wrong about her and started with her feet and a nice foot massage. As time went on she worked her way up her long, sexy legs to her pretty panties.

At this point I could feel the moistness of my juices on my panties. Marcy squirmed a little bit and I wondered if she was trying to quell her own aching clit.

In the video the neighbor wondered aloud if her host shaved her beaver. The host acted coy and tried to break free, but the neighbor was insistent on knowing. She told the host she shaved her beaver completely bare because her boyfriend liked it. As it turned out the host trimmed, but didn’t go completely bare.

Upon seeing the some what kept forest the neighbor whisked the host to her bathroom for a shave. She was a bit shy about a girl touching her pussy and again, protested. The neighbor asked her if she wanted her boyfriend back or not? If she did, she needed to make her pussy look barely legal again. This was the way to do it!

I looked out of the corner of my eye at Marcy and she looked like a deer in headlights. I hoped this meant she was just as interested in the content of this video as I was.

The neighbor got some shaving cream and spread it all over the hosts mound and pussy. She then produced a razor and got to work on the top. Once it was done she moved lower and the host squirmed telling her to be careful.

A few quick swipes and the host had a barely legal beaver again. The neighbor got a damp wash cloth and rubbed the remaining shaving cream off her friends pussy real slow. I saw Marcy squirm again. Was her pussy getting as wet as mine?

Just as the last bit of shaving cream was rinsed off of her pussy the host went to get up and her neighbor pushed her back down. She then produced a bottle of oil and told her she needed to rub some in or she would be a burn.

Next, the neighbor dripped some oil on the mound above her host’s pussy and then began to rub it in. She continued on the sides of her vagina and pulled it open a bit. Inside was already slick with the host’s juices and her clit was noticeably hard.

She brought up the fact that her host was turned on. The host denied it.

“Then why is it so wet right here?” she said as she plunged a finger into her wet pussy.

“I…” the neighbor tried to talk but her pussy felt too good.

“And why is this so hard?” the neighbor asked as she bent down to lick her host’s clit.

“Oh God!” she gasped.

To this Marcy moved again. Contorting her legs in an effort to stop her own clit from aching.

On screen the neighbor was running two fingers into her host’s pussy while licking her clit. A few minutes later she orgasmed. It was a big orgasm and she almost slid off the counter onto the floor. The girls locked into an embrace and kissed passionately. The screen faded to black.

I stopped the video and Marcy asked if we could watch that again. I said sure, but first lets shave each other’s pussies bare. She said OK and without looking at me, Marcy headed for the bathroom. From that point on we shared lots of embraces and passionate kisses.

The first porn magazine I had ever seen was Barely Legal. Again, I have my brother to thank for that. One of the things I hated about regular porn (especially back in the early nineties) was the “girls” were all 25+ years old. To see girls even remotely in the same ballpark as myself I had to wait for my brother to go to work so I could enjoy his Barely Legal magazines.

I especially liked the teen lesbian photo spreads. Marcy and I learned a lot of new techniques from these magazines. The only crappy part is you had to wait a month to get more. With BarelyLegal.com you don’t have to wait anymore. Now you get multiple scenes added every couple of days.

Plus, you get access to the entire catalog of Hustler sites. Everything from big tits to point of view style porn is covered. With all of the other sites included your updates come in multiple times a day.

Take the trial and see whether or not the Hustler network has you covered. If it doesn’t, you might need help!

Brand new – You can even talk to the Barely Legal Girls Live!

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Like most girls that grow up in right-wing-conservative Texas Lisa Tate was told to wait until she was married to have sex. Lisa was told masturbation as wrong and that only naughty girls did that sort of thing. Lisa decided she wasn’t going to adhere to that mode of thinking anymore. At 19 years old Lisa Tate is finally doing things her own way.

At LisaTate.com she is discovering herself. In 100% HD! Members are treated to uncensored views of this big tits teen from every angle. Not only does she have high resolution pics, she has high resolution videos too!

So what does she do on video? Lisa Tate masturbates and lets you into her secret fantasies. All of her pent-up sexuality comes out. Lisa has always been a bit of an exhibitionist. Now it is your turn to be her horny voyeur. To reciprocate what Lisa has begun.

It should be no surprise to anyone reading my blog that I love going down on girls. Just like the average Joe I enjoy a good looking pussy. Lisa Tate has one heck of a delicious looking pussy. Plus, her nipples practically bounce right off her big tits.

I could spend countless hours showering her in kisses!

Time for me to download some of her videos to my iPod so I can dream of her tongue on my clit. I like to run the bathwater over it while I watch her videos. I hope I don’t pass out and get my iPod wet!

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By far some of the most fun I have had is with edible paint. In this gallery GND Amy and a friend are sharing whipped cream kisses and chocolate syrup licks.

I once did something similar with some paints I had received for Christmas. I don’t think my aunt realized they were edible or maybe she thought that would be safer since they’d be non-toxic. Either way…

My friend came over and I suggested we dress up like Pocahontas type Indian girls. We put on short brown skirts and tied yellow bandanas around our chests to cover our boobs. Neither of us had much up top so the bandanas were plenty.

We did each others hair and used chop sticks to keep it up off of our shoulders so we could paint each other. She went first and I enjoyed the feeling of the cool soft brush running along my skin. She did my face first and then some bands around my arms and legs. I suggest a sun for my belly button and when she sat down in front of me to start I accidentally opened my legs.

She could see my shaved pussy pretty clearly as my window blinds were open so there was plenty of light. Light brown skirts don’t create much of a shadow.

She quipped, “You don’t have any panties on!”

I said, “I know. Indians didn’t have panties.”

She replied with an “oh” and got an embarrassed look on her face. I think it was because my pussy was shaved and she probably wasn’t used to that and she was looking at my pussy for an extended period of time. She was probably wondering if I thought she was a dyke or something like that.

I laid back and looked up at the ceiling like nothing had happened hoping I hadn’t grossed her out. She was still between my legs so I couldn’t close them. I felt her touch my belly with the cool yellow paint and I giggled closing my eyes.

First she drew a circle around my belly button and then I could feel the spokes of the suns rays next. I told her that feels good and didn’t hear a response. I didn’t feel anymore brush strokes either so I opened my eyes.

To my amazement she was looking at my pussy. I opened my legs more and she looked up at me with a shocked look. Like she’d been caught doing something bad. I suggested she paint some panties on me and before I could react I felt the brush on the mound above my slit.

That stroke was more of a place holder and she reloaded the brush with green edible paint. She spent some time painting some panties on my mound and then a little on either side of my pussy where my thigh met my labia.

She looked up at me and I closed my eyes again telling her, “That feels even better than my belly button and a lot less ticklish!”

With that she felt she had the go ahead to reload the brush to paint my clit. I opened my mouth and let out a low moan. The paint brush was getting hot from the heat of my pussy and the gooeyness of the paint made my pussy super wet. I started moving my pelvis up and down to concentrate the pressure on my clit.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her face. Her mouth was open and her tongue appeared to be making small flicking motions. Was she thinking about licking my clit?

“Green tastes like watermelon. It smells like watermelon too. Smell it!” I suggested to her.

She brought the brush to her nose and nodded confirming it smelled like watermelon. I asked her to taste it too and she slowly stuck her tongue out gagging whether or not I was serious. I lifted my foot to her elbow and pushed the brush onto her tongue. She wrapped her lips around the tip and pulled it out clean as a whistle.

“That tastes good!” she giggled.

I reached down and spread my lips apart exposing my green painted clit and suggested she taste some more. She rubbed the brush over my clit and brought it back to her tongue with an, “Mmmm.”

I grabbed the brush from her hand and told her to make me cum. Which she did!

GND Amy reminds me so much of my edible paint friend. They both have nice round butts and sexy pert boobs. Unfortunately GND Amy doesn’t have any videos, but her pics are a nice journey back in time before broadband.

Pay an extra $10 and you get GNDAmy.com, plus all of her friends. Eight solo sites and one multi-girl site in all. The other girls do have videos and most of the girls do webcam shows.

You can buy some edible paint with all of the money you will be saving!

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You could say that I have been with a lot of girls. Just like you I don’t always get the girl of my dreams. Unlike you I am treated to sights like the one above often.

Right now I share an apartment with another girl and she doesn’t enjoy the girl-girl thing. Too bad for me except that she does enjoy strutting her stuff around our apartment with nothing more than a tank top and panties on!

If I had a nickel for every time I have masturbated to a scene like the one above without her knowing I’d be rich. I’d still write my blog, but I could leave my day job.

FuckOverMyEx.com is one of my favorite sites. I am a big fan of real girls in real situations, candid photos and silly pics too. They have tons of pics I haven’t seen before and I scour these types of sites all day long. I even submitted some of the photos in the members area!

If you like variety you will love Fuck Over My Ex. Each update features pictures and videos of girls of all shapes and sizes. Girls posing, girls masturbating, girls kissing girls, girls giving head and more.

I know most girls don’t like these sites but that is because most girls aren’t like me. They aren’t uploading photos!

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Some girls try to kid themselves when it comes to knowing what a guy really wants. Working in the porn industry might have given me a unique perspective on the issue. I know exactly what guys like and I try to give it to them both in real life and here on my blog.

Today we will talk about My 18 Teens, a web site full of barely legal teens doing everything you ever wanted to watch them doing. Girls like Bianca masturbate their tight shaved pussies and Albina above enjoys skinny dipping with some friends at the lake.

My18Teens is not just about softcore. Things get heated up when girls like Zuzana show their friends how to have sex even if guys aren’t around. When there are guys around you can watch Pamela suck their cocks before she fucks them.

To be a model at My18Teens.com a girl must be 18 to 21 years old. There are daily updates and each video is shot exclusive. Anyone into real amateur teens must buy a membership to My 18 Teens at least once.

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Posted By Cassie on 01/13/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Amateur Upskirts

As you may already know I am a sucker for a girl with a cute bum. Growing up I didn’t mind hitting on my friends and had this girl been one of my friends, she would definitely have been hit upon. She is from Amateur Upskirts and she currently has one of my hands in my panties and the other one feverishly pecking at the keyboard.

My clit is so hard but I don’t want to orgasm and then lose this feeling before I have finished posting this. Damn I am soooo wet!

While I like guys, girls have always had a certain flare to me. I think it has something to do with us looking so pretty in our brightly colored clothes. We are taught that princesses are pretty and we all wear princess like clothing.

The Amateur Upskirts girls make good examples of what I am talking about. They all wear brightly colored panties. Soft ones like satin and comfortable ones made out of cotton. Their skin is soft and they often have colorful barrettes in their hair.

My girlfriends and I always did shows for each other. We would do little Victoria Secrets shows. Put on our skimpiest panties or pull them up into our butts and maybe even our pussies later on. Sometimes we would even go braless!

We would stand over each other and grind our hips so the panties got sucked up into our pussies. The girls at AmateurUpskirts.com have this down! Watching them is like a step back in time for me. Even if you didn’t get to have an experience like this, you can definitely get the same feeling watching these girls now.

AmateurUpskirts is teasing done right!

Find More

Amateur Upskirts

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Teen Dreams

Girls are universal. We all like other girls asses for some reason. I think I started liking them by accident and I am sure that is how most other girls developed a love for them too.

I fell in love with my first teen ass some time back in 7th grade. I started noticing a change in my own body so I started checking out other girls to kind of gauge my developement. Eventually this turned into an obsession with other girls bodies. By the time I started high school I was an ass-girl.

The guys at Teen Dreams are also ass-people. Today I am going to focus my ass obsession on their model Dora. Damn her ass is fine. Looking at her in her pink bathing suit reminds me of swimming class. Following other girls up the high dive ladder was awesome. No one suspects another girl of checking their ass out, so you can really get a good look!

When I get horny I go over to TeenDreams.com and check out the 5,600+ asses they have available. This also works for tits. With so many models there are hundreds of models with whatever your idea of a perfect set of tits is. How is that for amazing?

Teen Dreams has multiple updates on a daily basis. No more waiting for days or weeks for new girls to gawk at. That is why I LOVE this place. At $29.95 this site won’t break the bank. Pay double and you get 90 days of updates, plus over 1 million photos and 1 thousand videos in the archive. So many girls in so many spreads that it will take you years to view them all!

Find More

Teen Dreams

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Girl Masturbation

You are probably wondering what is up with this bitch?

How dare you call her a bitch, asshole!

Don’t give me that look! I am a bitch so I can call her a bitch, to you she is Ms. Bitch and don’t ever forget it.

Am I PMS’ing? Hell no… this time I actually have a point. I can just imagine the fireworks going off… Everyone take a look, this blonde chick has a point. This ought to be good!

My point is that Mel is masturbating because her asshole of a boyfriend ran out on her. No shit. How in the fuck does a guy leave a body like that? I wouldn’t and I am a girl! So her boyfriend left her and the next thing you know she decided to do porn. Not a bad trade off if you ask me, at least now she will get some decent sized cock in her.

But enough with the male bashing, Cassie! Enough with it because FuckYouPaul.com isn’t all about bashing males. In fact Mel loves you all even more now. You see, her boyfriend came back wanting to be a part of her life, asked her to stop doing porn and she said, "Fuck You Paul!" Next she made this website and now Mel doesn’t just want one guy, she wants all of you!

The Fuck You Paul videos are shot at 1920×1080 so they take up the entire screen. The pictures are 3000px and leave nothing to the imagination. This website is more than just a porn site, it is porn-art!

Find More Fuck You Paul

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Callista Model

Ohh WOW, what a fleshy ass!

I found Callista Model through the search feature here at Cassie’s Teens. One of you loyal readers searched for her numerous times and I regularely check the searches for new ideas on who to write about next. Keep the searches and the comments coming.

I had never heard of Callista before but I must say, it has been quite a treat for the eyes… For a white girl, Callista has one hell of a spankable behind. I should know, I have one too.

First lets talk about me for a bit. I love what this girl is wearing. Don’t you? I often put something similar to Callistas bustier on under my dress before I go out dancing. Matched with the perfect set of nylons and Cum Fuck Me High Heels it can be an exhilarating experience. I get so pent up with sexual desire that I will go to the bathroom and masturbate.

And now that I have flushed my cheeks red, back to our previously scheduled programming. CallistaModel.com updates with her teen pics twice a week and a red hot video once a week. The videos come in both PSP and IPOD formats in addition to the regular flavors. That means you can catch up with your favorite Callista Model episode anywhere in the world! Like even the airport bathroom…

The members area has almost 500 sets with over 40,000 pics. That is a ton of content. You’d think this girl photographs her entire life! In reality she only lets us see the sexy parts. Ohh, pity us, right?

In addition to the numerous picture sets she has over 150 video clips and 140 PSP/IPOD video clips to choose from. Add that to the 70+ wallpapers and the weekly live cam chat and you have basically booked yourself for the entire weekend. Time to call grandma and send the wife and kids away!

As always, happy masturbating and dream a little dream of me… and Callista… together! Ohh gawd… I gotta go to the bathroom.

Find More Callista Model!

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Debbie Teen - Natural Beauty

What an ass Debbie Teen has!

I would give a million dollars to have this girls body any day of the week. Debbie has all of the right phat in all the right places. Her chubby cheeks are so darn cute (the ones on her face, ya perv!). Her tits have the perfect amount of firmness, bounce and sag.

Then there is her butt. Truly a natural wonder of the world! Like, how in tarnations does that much chunk stay up tight like that?

DebbieTeen.com is like my home away from home. And Debbie is like the lesbian sorority sister that I never had. I have watched every one of her videos and I must say, I am a loyal fan!

Deborah began her debut with some pics her friend (and photographer) Natalie took of her. Nothing to racey and pretty amateur if you ask me. From those pictures she parlayed an obsession to get naked into her own piece of Internet stardom!

Members are treated to some very hot pics of her and her girlfriend Lizzy. These two blonde bisexually curious females make my nights brighter! Debbie also loves to masturbate in her videos. The one by the pool is simply amazing. Her pussy is as sexy as the rest of her is!

Take the tour and check out her sample video. But remember that she does everything in crystal clear HI-Def so don’t let the image quality in the "sample" video fool you. You will be amazed at what is in the members area.

And now for the best part – you get full access to Debbie Teen’s friends Lana, Danni and Amber as well. Not just a few photo shoots, we are talking about their own full websites. That is twelve updates a week. I guess I had better stock up on cocoa-butter.

PS – If you haven’t tried whacking your Whilly with cocoa-butter, you might want to try it. My clit loves the stuff!

Find More Debbie Teen!

Teen Cams