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Posted By Trendy on 02/10/19 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

While I love getting myself off, it’s definitely nowhere near as hot as watching a hot babe playing with her own pussy. Women’s bodies are already works of art, so getting the opportunity to see them pleasure themselves sends me right over the top. I’m getting hard just typing about it.

Lucky me, I just found a brand new site that features this very thing. Baberotica.com has the most gorgeous sluts you’ll ever see, and they’re excited about showing off their self-pleasuring skills with all their favorite toys, dildos, or maybe just a set of fingers. All of the content is 100% exclusive, so you won’t be finding it anywhere else. They even shoot all their videos in 4K Ultra Definition so every orgasm is even more satisfying to watch. You even get a photo gallery with each scene to capture those glorious moments.

I know you’re dying to see these goddesses get off but first click here to score 50% off Baberotica with this discount link. Their videos keeping on coming, and so will you!


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Posted By Karlie on 10/17/18 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Finding girls that want to be in the porn industry is like finding a sack of gold. A lot of these girls are nice enough girls. Not sluts or anything like that. They just want to be in front of the camera. Some of them do it for attention. Some do it for money. Either way I love watching when they first start out. Before they’ve gotten used to it and become numb to everything. I want to watch and see their first reactions. See the look on their face the first time a guy shoots his load all over her. The pain in her eyes the first time she takes a huge cock up the ass.

That’s what I like about this site. They have all the youngest girls that are still tight and fresh. Eager to get started in the industry. They typically start out just playing with themselves, just to get them used to being in front of the camera and that’s just fine with me. Get this Abby Winters coupon for 32% off per month.

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Posted By Admin on 03/16/18 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Whenever I’m doing a porn search I always seem to end up finding stuff that I didn’t want or need. Those times have finally gone for me now though as all I’m getting is relevant results that by myself and my cock have been going crazy for. I’ve always said that if you believe in something hard enough sooner or later its going to come true and these xxx videos with Elsa Jean are living proof.

This young, sassy, and very fucking hot blonde girl is a total stunner. She sure doesn’t shy away from the camera or taking cock after cock in front of it. I recently seen her taking a big black cock for the first time and well… it was really something else. Her moist and very tight pussy was stretched to the limit but like a good slut she kept herself in control and took every inch.

I even managed to find some new porn videos of Elsa Jean going for it on camera. I know you’re going to be as keen as a pig in mud to check them out. Take your time though as you’ve got a nice looking list of movies to explore, not to mention that fine looking babe that is Elsa Jean!

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Posted By Admin on 11/10/17 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Holy damn freaking twat-waffles I love chicks with short funky hair. But that is besides the point.

Here we are yet again with a step-siblings site with the emphasis on somewhat more focused on the step sisters being mischievously raunchy. And do we mind another site? Fuck no, as long as it’s a good one with crisp quality and sexy scenes, you will hear no complaints from me.

This genre is just so hot right now that it reminds me of a hand full of years ago when every third new game featured zombies and that got pretty stale. I don’t predict it for step-sibling porn though and it makes it even more tempting when they throw a deal for Bratty Sis that gets you 44% in savings in your face. I guess it’s fap-o’clock again.

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Posted By Admin on 11/13/16 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


If you’re one of those guys that likes to watch what I would call Wow Porn, I’ve got quite the offer for you. These days I find myself and my cock just getting bored with the same old porn, we both needed something different and I think the Wow Porn discount pass is just what I’ve been looking for. Inside this wicked looking site you’ll find totally gorgeous euro babes doing what they do best. These smooth bodied and usually clean shaven hotties suck and fuck cock like nothing else.

The quality of the xxx scenes is nothing short of mind-blowing guys, the threesome scenes will have you blowing your load multiple times and when the girls take turns milking a cock dry you know your onto a good thing. They have over 2,170 teen sex scenes online and loads of quality image sets as well. I think you guys owe it to your cock to provide it with material that’s actually worth jerking off over! Become part of Wow Discount Club now for instant access!

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Posted By Admin on 10/21/16 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I love seeing new girls doing porn, it’s watching these fresh faced cuties that gets me totally turned on. Shes New has fast become my go to site for seeing first time amateur girls in xxx action. The team Skeet network has done it again with this site, not only are the girls 100% amateurs but they’re also totally fucking hot. I really can’t tell you guys just how hot it is to see new and real teen girls, these babes are totally keen to let you guys watch them as they get down and dirty on camera. You guys can have a really good weekend when you use this ShesNew.com discount pass for instant access.

You guys will have a spring in your step when you’re watching those 210 great quality teen sex videos. The image sets do an awesome job of capturing these teen girls at their finest. Members can download or stream the videos and the images come with zip files. Shes New is one of those rare sites that really does it’s job of making sure your cock is always hard. You also get access to the Team Skeet network and I know you’ll love looking through the 1000’s of videos within the network. When I can get cheap porn and deals to webcam sites you know for sure that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

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Posted By Admin on 06/15/16 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I never thought I’d say it but watching real lesbian teens kissing is actually quite the turn on. Well it’s a little wrong to say all these girls do is kiss each other, there’s actually a good amount of hot lesbian sex to enjoy as well. Real Teens Kissing is part of a network of 90 or so sites, that’s great news for anyone using this Real Teens Kissing discount as it will give you access to all the content in the network.

The lesbian scenes get updated every week or so, but with 6,000+ scenes, 900,000 pictures I’m sure you won’t run out of content to watch. I down to watch any and all of that hot action, I might start out watching two teen girls sharing some lesbian sex, and end it with a full blown fuck fest of an orgy! There’s no reason why you guys can enjoy the action as well, use that hot deal I showed you before and get your slice of the pie!

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Posted By Cassie on 06/29/15 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Amai Lui working brothers cock

When I was in school I used to dream of being with two guys at the same time. It made me very creamy to think about sucking on a guys hard cock while another guy is working my pussy good. It was on the minds of every one of my girlfriends. We would trade stories constantly about which guys would be the ultimate threesome fantasy. Still to this day I dream about all of the guys I fucked in this way.

All of those dreams gets me horny and I am a bit of a visual girl so I prefer to watch porn videos that depict my favorite fantasies. One girl I really enjoy watching is Amai Liu. She has tiny tits, a petite frame and she is spunky on screen. The first time my boyfriend caught me watching a video with her in it he didn’t think too much about it. Then he found me doing it again and again and he came to realize I wasn’t hooked on the guys in the videos – I was hooked on Amai, and still am!

Get hooked on teen sex movies with me at Dirty Stain. They have hundreds of Amai’s best stuff!

Posted By Cassie on 10/14/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Guys, if you want to do this with your honey, golden-haired or not, you have to remember one simple rule. The massage comes first!

So often in my life I have had boyfriends offer me a full body massage and then it turned out all they wanted was sex. If you want to have a rocking sex session give her a full body massage first. Don’t be surprised if she falls asleep. Don’t be timid about masturbating and cuming to the sight of her nude, sexy body. Especially if that means you will be able to hold off longer later when she awakens horny and ready to fuck.

I love watching GirlsAvenue.com porn videos because they are good for couples. My boyfriend and I watch them together and get lots of kinky ideas for our own sex life. This video is one of our favorites.

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Posted By Cassie on 02/03/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Check out this teens porn video site I found. It has some true gems like the video of Izzy above finding her sexuality with a big cock neighbor from down the street. Watching it I am totally reminded of my first time having sex with one of my own neighbors. I was just beginning to get big boobs and I wasted no time showing them off to the men on my street looking for their approval.

One guy in particular paid me a lot of attention. I met him at his house while he was working on his car in the garage. He was on one of those rolling sled things and I stood above him in my yellow summer dress with no panties on. I knew he has a full view of my pussy. At that time I hadn’t started shaving it yet because it barely grew some hairs on top.

After a while of standing over him I noticed his overalls were growing a bulge so I picked up his garage door clicker from his tool tray and shut the door. Once it was half way down I pulled him out from under his car so I could bury his face in my pussy.

He gave me the most wonderful pussy licking I have ever had. Even to this day. He wouldn’t pop my cherry that day, but he did let me suck on his fat cock. After a few more sessions like this one we did fuck and his cock felt like it was going to tear me in two. At the same time it also felt like it was going to send me to heaven!

Watch more videos for free on PornHD!

Posted By Cassie on 07/01/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Tiny pornstar Maddie O’Reilly gets fucked by Peter North in his POV porn video. Maddie is just 18 years old in this porntube.com sex video but she sure knows how to take a big cock! Filming this sex video POV makes it feels like you are really fucking her. With her tiny legs spread you get to see her tight bald pussy taking the whole of his cock nice and deep and in true pornstar tradition she finishes the scene with a nice warm wad of Peter North jizz all across her face and she enjoys licking it up. You have to have big respect for Peter North, he has managed to become one of the biggest male pornstars on the planet and gets to fuck the hottest pornstars on a daily basis, kudos to him! Lucky fucker 🙂

Posted By Cassie on 04/12/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


This teen sex video from www.FapLot.com totally reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine. We used to makeout on my parents couch while they watched the TV in their room. Before I met him I used to wear jeans and shorts. He turned me into a skirts and dresses kind of girl. That way he could go right up my skirt and if my parents came down the hallway it was easy to look like nothing was going on.

As time went on we got more and more daring. One night he had me with my skirt up around my stomach and my shirt wide open with my tits out. God I loved those front clasping bras!

Anyway, he was fingering me real good and I was just about to cum when we heard a noise. It was my little sister. She was standing above of with a look of horror and shock on her face. She told me simply that I owed her big time and she went to her room. She shut her door hard enough to let me know she was serious and not hard enough to make my parents upset.

After that little encounter we went back to being a bit more careful. I wonder where my finger boy is now?

Enjoy the videos and make sure you bookmark their site.

Posted By Cassie on 04/08/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Little Caprice Anal Sex

I get asked all of the time if I am into anal sex. The answer is yes. My first time having anal sex worked out great because I was on a salad diet, I had just done my business and I found a fleet enema in the bathroom cabinet. We used some cocoa butter as lube and his cock slid right into my butt quicker than I expected.

It wasn’t until I had my orgasm with his cock buried deep inside me that I learned why girls rave about anal sex. While I do enjoy orgasms with a cock in my vagina, it felt "different" with him inside my rectum. More intense.

If you or your partner are looking to try anal I suggest you follow some simple preparations to make it the most pleasurable experience both of you will ever have.

  1. Eat a diet with a lot of roughage. Think salads. And don’t try anal until you are regular.
  2. Time it so you do your business an hour or two before you are going to have sex.
  3. Use an enema product to make sure you are clean.
  4. Use a lubricant! Porn movies don’t show you the lube. They pretend they just spit on that thing and go out at. Notice the editing cuts in the video. At some point she put some lube on/in there and so should you!

Girls: You will find that your orgasm is way more intense. It also often lasts a lot longer too!

Guys: The sphincter muscle is much tighter than the vaginal muscles are. Most guys that last a long time in the vagina end up a premature ejaculator during their first few times going anal.

Girls: Cut him a break and keep going until you go booooom!

Need some tips on positions? I highly suggest checking out this Little Caprice blog. It is filled with her galleries and soon to be filled with her videos as well. Many of which have her going anal and giving you good positions to try!

Posted By Cassie on 03/11/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


Sometimes the hottest videos are the ones that have the least sex in them. Take this video of a hot teen girl applying lotion after her shower. I had my boyfriend watch it and he recounted how he used to watch his sister’s friends doing the same thing after their showers.

He told me how on the nights his sister would have a sleepover the girls would each take their shower in succession. When one was in the shower the others were doing whatever girls do in her bedroom. He would sneak into the hallway and use a small mirror to look under the door at the girl in the bathroom before and after her shower. What a little perv!

Of course that has nothing on how perverted us girls were in the bedroom while a girl was in the shower. LOL

PornerBros.com has lots of free teen sex videos you can watch without being a member. You can watch them back to back without ever having to become a member. I’d wonder about how they pay their bills, but I am too busy having my pussy licked by my boyfriend.

Gotta go!

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Posted By Cassie on 10/28/10 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


We all go to porn sites for different reasons. Guys tend to look for picture sets and videos that remind them of the good times. Girls tend to look into the future and live vicariously through the people on the screen. However, every once in a while I like to remember some past experiences and that isn’t hard to do at Club Seventeen.

It wasn’t all that long ago that my boyfriend and I would skip school and head on over to my house. We’d be extra careful to make sure we didn’t put anything out of place in case my mom came home and memorized the place.

Sex was all new to me back then (well, with guys anyway) and so full of excitement. Just making out and fondling each other drove me out of my mind!

Club Seventeen has been around making porn for decades. They started out as a magazine and the older sets are scans of said magazine. Since the digital age has landed they have been shooting in the highest definition available to them so things just keep getting better and better.

Take the tour and experience a site with 1000’s of girls, thousands of photo sets, two updates a day and access to their sister sites as well!

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