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Posted By Cassie on 12/26/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


My boyfriend gives Blue Eyed Cass the, “I’d hit it, 2x’s!” seal of approval. I have to admit that I’d hit it two times as well!

Lucky for me I have hit girls like Blue Eyed Cass not only two times, but a few dozen with some of them. In this set Cass reminds me of a girl I used to love to sun bathe with.

Girls can get pretty kinky with each other and my friend and I were masters of kink. Once she tied me up with our bikini top strings and stuffed her moist bikini crotch in my mouth as she rubbed oil into my tits. Not too big a deal in a private area, but we were at a public pool in her apartment complex!

I don’t know why, but getting tied up always makes me really wet. Especially if I am tied up in a place where I can get caught. This was one of those places.

None of the apartments over looked the pool, probably to keep weirdos from taking pictures of girls or some shit like that. But if someone decided to go swimming just about the only thing we could do, or she could do, was throw a towel over me making sure to cover my tied wrists. Then she would have to wrap one around herself as well.

After about a minute or so she got tired of rubbing my excited nipples and moved down to my shaved pussy. Since the Summer was coming to an end my skin had a nice, rare tan. I lifted my head to get a good look at her fingers disappearing behind the horizon of my mons. My clit ached for attention!

When her finger reached my button it was like flipping a switch. My already hot, sun drenched body got even hotter. I began to sweat and moan a bit. She really seemed to enjoy making an impression on me and bent down to get a taste of my pussy.

Her soft tongue was actually a bit cooler than my own skin and was a nice surprise. I had a hard time keeping my legs parted so she could get in there because it felt almost too good.

I turned my head to the side and to my horror I saw a man in the distance walking towards us. He was carrying some pool cleaning supplies. I tried to alert my friend, but with her panties in my mouth she just thought I was moaning. I snapped my legs shut and pulled them up towards me.

She looked at me and must have noticed the scared look on my face and she pulled her panties out of my mouth with one hand and threw my towel over me with the other. Lucky for us he was the type that looks down when he walks. She barely got a towel around herself before he entered the pool area.

Unlucky for us he appeared to be in his sixties. He had that conservative look. Like, maybe, bisexual girls were an abomination and not a turn on.

My friend laid down in her chair next to me and we pretended to just be laying out. He took his own sweet time cleaning the pool and with the sun beating down on us we fell asleep.

I woke up to him standing over me asking me if I was alright. I wondered why he was asking until I noticed a breeze must have kicked my towel over and I could feel the hot sun beating down on my naked pussy. I went to pull it down and alas, my hands were still tied. My friend hadn’t thrown anything over them and that was actually what was concerning him.

He said something about getting the manager and headed off towards the office. My friend had just awaken and quickly untied me so we could collect our bathing suits and get out of there.

A day later her manager served her with a notice to vacate. Oh well. She ended up moving in with me anyway and we continued our fun times until she got serious with a guy and moved away.

Blue Eyed Cass has those curves you want to rub your oiled hands all over. She has just enough chunk to soften her figure and plenty of muscles to trace with your fingers. She has a great set of tits and a thick bottom.

When it comes to alluring softcore with lots of teasing it doesn’t get any better than BlueEyedCass.com. She updates each week with new photos and a video, plus you get two live cam shows a week.

This girl is no stranger to getting it done in public and there are plenty of sets and videos of her baring it all. Sometimes she even gets caught! In addition to the professional content you also get her candid pics too. Some of those sets feature her getting frisky in public with her friends!

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Posted By Cassie on 12/15/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


A hot blonde with hot friends, plenty of girls kissing, girls in panties, sleepover orgies… the only thing missing is YOU!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Light Speed Girls. Today’s focus is on Heather Lightspeed because she reminds me of an old high school friend named Jenny.

Jenny and I used to enjoy our bisexuality and pledged to live life to the fullest. Both our parents worked and we both had pools so that meant plenty of lying out by the pool and plenty of lotion that needed to be applied. We used to marvel at each others bodies. Applying lotion was more like foreplay!

The reason why Light Speed Girls are so wonderful is you get more than one for your money. In fact, I have the 31 sites package. Yes, it is $10 more than most sites charge but I get 31 reasons to remember a fantastic string of girls in my life.

Because of my time spent with Jenny, Heather Lightspeed is my current crush and my boy friend gets his first Internet crush Tawnee Stone. Newer girls like Dana Lightspeed and Courtney Lightspeed deserve mentions, as well as, Jordan Capri. Jordan and Tawnee are the foundations of the LightSpeed Empire.

Light Speed University is well known for its bisexual sorority parties and initiations. While I got pretty freaky with my sorority sisters, we never did anything this crazy. I wish I had found this site a few years ago!

If you are tired of stupid plot lines and the same regurgitated hardcore crap most sites are promoting try Heather Lightspeed and her sorority sisters on for a try. Like me, you might find yourself wondering why you didn’t know about this place earlier!

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One look at this gallery from Nikky Cassidy and my pussy was wetter than an otter’s pocket. A what? Forget about it…

When I was living in a college dorm a girlfriend of mine and I played this little game. First it started off all innocent and sweet, but soon it progressed into something wicked and quite sexy!

Our game was to see if he could tell what certain food was with a blindfold on. Things started out pretty tame with the questionable objects being candy or pieces of fruit. Then I dared her to guess what my next object was and it was a cucumber.

Watching her mouth swallow a few inches of that cucumber gave me a powerful feeling. Like I was dominating my new sex slave or something. It was really weird.

My next object was a marsh mellow. I had flattened it out and put a crease down the center of it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what I was imagining her tongue was licking. Just before her time was up I think she got the idea of what I was imagining and she kind of put on a show by running her tongue all over the fold instead of just tasting it.

I had never tested my roommate to see if she was bi-sexual but now I was pretty sure I had been missing out on some pretty good lesbian sex for the entire time we were shacked up together.

When it was her turn she had me taste the marsh mellow too! My pussy got so wet I almost unconsciously reached down and started rubbing it in front of her!

My turn!

I grabbed the marsh mellow out of her hand and once her blindfold was securely in place I silently pulled up my nighty and pulled down my panties. I rubbed that now wet marsh mellow all over the top of my pussy crease and my clit. Then I leaned into her and pulled her head forward. Her tongue found its mark and she locked her lips on her pussy, sucking and flicking her tongue on my clit.

God, I loved dorm roommates! You could come home after getting dumped by your boyfriend and still have hot passionate sex!

Nikki Cassidy reminds me of that girl for more reasons than just being blonde and sucking on a phallic symbol while wearing a blindfold. My old roommate was also French Canadian. They say the French invented love making and I believe them!

Like most French Canadians, Nikki Cassidy likes to fuck. Unlike most French Canadians, Nikki likes to videotape her fuck-scapades and put them on the Internet. All of her movies are full-length and you can find exactly what you are looking for with her search features. Everything on her site is fully categorized.

Now for the best part. NikkiCassidy.com is part of the Porn Mega Pass network so you also get access to her friends. Some of my personal favs are Candid Beach Chicks, Lesby Friends and Tissue Queens. There are quite a few more than that so check the join page!

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Posted By Cassie on 11/09/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


My boyfriend has this joke about helping a goat over a gate and for some reason when I saw this gallery it reminded me of his joke.

My boyfriend and I are pretty open minded and I know there are a lot of women out there that are not. Perhaps you have a girlfriend or a wife that isn’t as open minding as I am. I feel for you. Yes, your respective others have a point. Women don’t usually wear chainmail panties and nylons with high heels. But, sometimes we do! Or, at least… I do!

MET-Art is not meant to be taken literally. It is a fantasy site and if your women can’t see that then they need to get their self-conscious feelings in check. I might be biased because I have been masturbating to my older brother’s porno mags since… well, let’s keep that my dirty little secret.

So enough about me and you… How about MET-Art?

It isn’t hard to see why my boyfriend loves this site. Hot chicks from all over the world captured in ways that define the term artistic-nudes. MET-Art has multiple updates everyday. Up to six times a day!

The MET-Art.com pictures are up to 5000 pixels across. That is a little too close for my own personal comfort, but these girls don’t seem to mind and neither does my boyfriend. Two to three new high-def videos are added weekly.

There are over a thousand models at MET-Art.com and their search function makes it easy to find the ones that turn you on most. I have a thing from blondes with big tits and I found over 200 hundred of them.

Get your own MET-Art membership and tell that girl to get off your ass!

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Posted By Cassie on 10/22/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Boy, oh boy, does this pic ever take me back. It reminds me of the first time I ever took a shower with another girl when we both had boobs. Sure, there were plenty of times I took innocent showers with plenty of other girls before I had boobs, but this time was very different!

The two girls above are Shelly and Giovanni from Sweet Apples. The girl I was with will remain anonymous to protect her from weirdos. For the sake of the story we will just call her Shelly.

So, Shelly and I were swimming and I had spent the entire time ogling my friends body. Her boobs weren’t huge, but they weren’t small neither. They were capped off by some cold-water-hard nipples. I could tell she shaved her pussy like me because her wet bathing suit kept sliding up into her bald pussy crack. She seemed embarrassed by this and kept pulling it out, which kept bumming me out.

After we were done swimming I suggested that we wash off the chlorine in my shower. She said OK and we proceeded up stairs to my bathroom. When I entered the bathroom with her and removed my top she seemed puzzled.

She asked me if I had meant we would both be in the shower together? I replied that it was no big deal. We had showered after Volleyball games at school all the time. The only difference is the location.

I tried my hardest not to linger too long with my eyes on her shaved pussy. It looked so soft. All I could think about was running my tongue over her hard clit and watching Shelly move and moan uncontrollably.

Once inside the shower I went first with washing my hair and while I was rinsing out the conditioner I caught Shelly gazing at my bald pussy. I  had hoped she liked what she saw. When it was her turn do wash her hair I took my turn enjoying the sight of her bald pussy. She quickly opened her eyes to catch me and instead of acting embarrassed I asked her how long she had been shaving her pussy for.

My question must have sent her for a loop because she developed a thousand yard stare for a minute then came back with it being ever since it started growing thick. I told her it was the same for me. I didn’t like the feel of it when I masturbated. She developed that stare again.

Once her hair was done I told her to turn around so that I could soap up her back. She didn’t move on her own so I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. Once my hands were soapy enough to wash an entire 747 I rubbed them on my tits first and then on her back.

Shelly seemed to enjoy what I was doing so I moved lower to her buttocks and made big circles around her cheeks. I purposely pushed her a bit on the down stroke and she grabbed the wall in front of her. Now my pussy got really hot. I was like her dominatrix and she was my slave.

I got on my knees to continue washing further down and use both hands to do each leg individually. Once her legs were finished it was time for the front.

Grabbing her hips I spun my little sex slave around and told her it was time to do the other side. She obeyed and I started on her feet. Moving up to her calves and the backs of her knees and finally to the insides of her thighs, I pushed Shelly back and she leaned against the shower wall.

While rubbing those tight thighs of hers I commented on how soft her skin was. She said thanks as though she was in a trance. I then pulled each leg out about three inches giving me a bird’s eye view of her swollen pussy. There was a bit of dew on her inner labia and I had to know if it was water or her juice. I stuck out a finger and touched only the droplet. Shelly flinched a bit not knowing if it was casual contact or deliberate.

Once I had my droplet on my index finger I touched it to my thumb and then slowly pulled away. Shelly looked down to see what I was doing and seemed a bit embarrassed when she saw the droplet turn into a strand of oil. She was getting turned on!

I brought it to my mouth for a taste and it tasted just like Sweet Apples. Shelly let out a surprised sigh because she knew she had been caught and that I was going to act on my newly found information.

Before she could react I grabbed my sex slaves butt and pulled her pussy towards my face. When my tongue met her clit her knees almost gave out completely. Shelly straightened back up like a sailor on the deck of a rolling ship. She re-braced herself on the shower wall and let out a long moan.

It didn’t take long to make my little slave orgasm. At first she doubled over and used my head for support. Then her legs went rigged and she lay back against the shower wall. When she put her hands on my head to stop me from sucking on her swollen pussy I stood up and open mouth kissed her. Shelly didn’t seem to mind that her spunk was all over my lips and tongue. She eagerly kissed me back.

OK, now that my pussy is so wet, my panties are soaked, it is time for my to go masturbate in the members are of SweetApples.com. You can join me and enjoy the daily updates of webcam photos and videos sent in by girls from around the world.

Sweet Apples has the largest collection of amateur webcam content and candid photos in the world. There are over 1,000,000 web cam pictures and most are in sets. Everything is categorized so you can find what you want in a jiffy.

If a girl like me can find what she wants at Sweet Apples, surely a guy like you can find something to get rid of that hardon?

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I have a confession. My Photoshop skills are not all that. So my boyfriend usually does all of the pics for my site. Sometimes a pic doesn’t need any editing or touch ups or even resizing and I do those…

Right now my boyfriend is at a webmaster convention so I decided to give Photoshop a whirl. He tries to teach me sometimes and I think I have this thing down.

The hot babe on the commode is Mai from The Wet Peach. When I finished doing her photo I sent it to my boyfriend and the fucker gave me my title when I asked him, “What do you think of the photo?”

Plump and Juicy…!”

Lucky me! My boyfriend is into girls with my body type. That is the way it should be right? Actually… make that double lucky me! I am into girls with my body type too!

Mai has a naturally beautiful body. Her Rubenesque figure is something the porn industry is severely lacking. Does anybody remember the old Jenna Jameson? You know… The one that looked like Mai above? The full figured blonde hottie with big tits!?!? She looks like an anorexic alien now! Tito Ortiz can have her!

I’m sorry. I am going off on a tangent now aren’t I?

The Wet Peach. Have you ever wished there was a web site with nothing but hot models? A place where each girl does several photo sets and several videos? Somewhere that you can see girls masturbating because they enjoy doing it… for you!?!?

That place exists and it is called The Wet Peach. The site updates six times a week with multiple picture sets and videos. Sometimes they throw in a bonus seventh update just to keep you comfy.

Models do webcam shows and the site has a big archive of past shows. I hear you can engage the models in a private session too.

Dear, boy-toy, if you are reading, I miss you, but I have Mai here on my monitor keeping me company until you get back. If you ask nicely I might let you have us both at the same time!

Posted By Cassie on 09/19/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Sweet Natural Girl originally started with the girl next door Jamie. As time went on and school took up more of her time she invited her niece Jillian to pick up the slack. Now you get two girls on one site!

Both Jamie and Jillian talk the the members of SweetNaturalGirl.com in the members forum. You can also read their blog entries to see what is going on in the girl’s next door lives.

There are hours of video at Sweet Natural Girl and over 12,500 pics for you to look at. Fans of panties and camel toes will enjoy this site the most. Every gallery features a fresh pair of skimpy panties or a tight fitting bikini.

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Posted By Cassie on 09/02/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

So my boyfriend and I are watching this porno and in it a guy takes his blind date to a strip club where. What a gambler! Not really… It is a porno so obviously this girl is going to be a slut and want to fuck everything she sees including the strippers.

My boyfriend seemed pretty turned on with all of this so I decided to setup a date of our own. Our anniversary was coming up in a week so I got us some dinner reservations at a seafood restaurant that just happened to be located down the street from a strip club.

When we finished our meal at the restaurant I ordered us some oysters. You know how they make women horny right? Yeah… right… So I pretended to be all hot and bothered and suggested we go to the strip club down the street. It was like he had added an extra syllable to my question. That syllable was an ecstatic YES!

So off we went and guess who is on the billboard as a guest dancer? My boi-toy’s favorite porn star Briana Banks. At this point he is telling me this is going to be the greatest gift he had ever received and I was thinking, “Oh, fuck! What did I get myself into?”

Still feeling a little randy from the liquor and the oysters I flashed my tits at the door to get us both in for free. Bouncers always love girls that want to party.

Briana Banks was already on stage dancing and I handed my boyfriend some ones and sent him over to tip her. Briana still had her g-string and bra on so when he put the dollar in between her big tits Briana grabbed the back of his head and thrust it against her bosoms. He looked like a wino after drinking several bottles.

Briana looked at me and whispered something in my boi’s ear. Uh oh, here comes trouble!

After her dance was over Briana came down from the stage and walked her pretty little porn star ass up to me. I had to catch myself and stop looking at her boobies and shaved pussy. I was acting like one of the guys!

Turns out the porn stars don’t like to do couch dances with the guys because they can’t stop themselves from getting all touchy-feely. Briana Banks straddled  my thighs and grabbed my hands and put them on her boobs. My pussy went from moist to roaring rapids! I wasn’t wearing any panties and I could feel my oils on my inner thighs.

Briana pulled my skirt up until she could barely see my cleft. She smiled and repositioned herself so that one of her knees was jammed between my legs. Next she lowered that beautifully shaved pussy of hers on my thigh. Oh, how creamy and hot get pussy was!

Briana and I gave the entire audience the show of the night by bringing each other off as we humped each others legs. My boyfriend was so pissed! He didn’t bring a camera…. he thought we were just going to dinner and a movie! Oops!

Well, that is my Briana Banks story and I am sticking too it. HEHE

You can watch Briana Banks perform with both guys and girls and even going solo on her web site BrianaBanks.com. She updates weekly and now has live video chat.

Keep that chat going because you never know when you will meat Briana Banks yourself.

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If I know you guys as well as I think I know you, I know you will give Annabelle Angel a nice and sticky, warm welcome!

There as been a gluttony of new solo models so having Annabelle Angel begin her modeling career right smack dab in the middle of summer is delightful! One nice fact about grand openings of new teen solo sites is that the models stated age is indeed their real age. Annabelle is 18 years old.

Members are treated to videos of Annabelle Angel masturbating and having some racy lesbian sex with her friends. It is actually a little bit comical that there is no boy-girl sex on her site since she lists her sexual preference as boys! But, I won’t get too upset with her since she does share her fleshy buns and perfect tits with girls like me.

Interesting fact: 8% of every solo girls members are girls interested in having sex with them!

While Annabelle Angel is new I am sure she is growing a large fan base of both boys and girls interested in having sex with her. I know I can count myself into that category.

Annabelle Angel does two cam shows each week and updates her web site with two photo galleries and one video per week. You get access to her wishlist allowing you to dress Annabelle in anything you want in an upcoming shoot. This is how all solo models should run their sites!

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When my friends and I put on our bikinis and layout by the pool all kinds of hi-jinks and spontaneity ensues. I have this one friend that likes to pull her bikini bottoms up her ass cheeks like Amber above. When ever she does this we all spank her and part of me wonders if she does it because she likes the spanking?

Kiss Ambers Ass is home to a pair of sweet ass cheeks. Amber used to be a gymnast so her ass is firm and fleshy at the same time. All grown up and going to college, Amber is finding new ways to exploit her natural physical gifts.

Guys and Girls into bottoms will enjoy KissAmbersAss.com more so now because now it is part of a larger network. The BadGirl network is made up of mostly large breasted and big bottom girls. Some of the sites are entirely devoted to thick, juicy ass!

Become a Bad Girl VIP and start enjoying all of the teen booty your hard drive can handle!

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You could say that I have been with a lot of girls. Just like you I don’t always get the girl of my dreams. Unlike you I am treated to sights like the one above often.

Right now I share an apartment with another girl and she doesn’t enjoy the girl-girl thing. Too bad for me except that she does enjoy strutting her stuff around our apartment with nothing more than a tank top and panties on!

If I had a nickel for every time I have masturbated to a scene like the one above without her knowing I’d be rich. I’d still write my blog, but I could leave my day job.

FuckOverMyEx.com is one of my favorite sites. I am a big fan of real girls in real situations, candid photos and silly pics too. They have tons of pics I haven’t seen before and I scour these types of sites all day long. I even submitted some of the photos in the members area!

If you like variety you will love Fuck Over My Ex. Each update features pictures and videos of girls of all shapes and sizes. Girls posing, girls masturbating, girls kissing girls, girls giving head and more.

I know most girls don’t like these sites but that is because most girls aren’t like me. They aren’t uploading photos!

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Some girls try to kid themselves when it comes to knowing what a guy really wants. Working in the porn industry might have given me a unique perspective on the issue. I know exactly what guys like and I try to give it to them both in real life and here on my blog.

Today we will talk about My 18 Teens, a web site full of barely legal teens doing everything you ever wanted to watch them doing. Girls like Bianca masturbate their tight shaved pussies and Albina above enjoys skinny dipping with some friends at the lake.

My18Teens is not just about softcore. Things get heated up when girls like Zuzana show their friends how to have sex even if guys aren’t around. When there are guys around you can watch Pamela suck their cocks before she fucks them.

To be a model at My18Teens.com a girl must be 18 to 21 years old. There are daily updates and each video is shot exclusive. Anyone into real amateur teens must buy a membership to My 18 Teens at least once.

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sweet baylee skanky slut
Sure there are plenty of polished girls out there like Teen Katie out there but I have always looked for the skanks and sluts like Sweet Baylee.

Skank, slut; can girls talk like this? Sure, being a girl I can also say twat without raising eyebrows since I have one of my own. Membership has its privileges.

And that is why I always looked for girls like Sweet Baylee to hang out with in school. I always knew we would be getting it on at some point. Girls like Sweet Baylee don’t care what everyone else is saying. They just care about feeling good and believe me when I say getting your pussy licked by another girl is divine!

Sweet Baylee gets frisky with her friends and loves to masturbate. She is my kind of girl! Members get access to an entire network of porn too numerous to list here. You can read all of the sites on her join page.

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Posted By Cassie on 06/22/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

Some girls get all weirded out when you watch them suck your cock. Other girls, like me, enjoy ourselves too much to worry about being self-conscious.

Meggan Powers is a lot like me. Not only can you watch her take a cum load, she will show it to you and look you in the eye while you are filling her mouth with your sperm. Meggan is a swallower. She makes sure to gobble up every last drop.

You could say that Meggan Powers is an exhibitionist. She counted down the days until she was 18 and did her first movie on her 18th birthday! That is what I call dedication.

I also call updating several times a week dedication. Meggan has pushed past many of her boundaries for her fans. You get to see her first swallow, anal, etc… Anything to make you, the fan, happy.

When it comes to hardcore teens with small tits nobody can hold a candle to this girl. Show her some love!

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Posted By Cassie on 06/05/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

I am often told that I am not like most women. Just like most guys I hate listening to women bitch about their man looking at other women. If you don’t like it, leave him or shut up, but I don’t want to hear it.

Once when I was in the gym with my boyfriend I had another girl friend of mine come up and inform me that my boyfriend was checking out some other chick’s ass. At our gym the people on the elliptical machines and the stair masters have a perfect view of the girls doing their aerobics class.

Personally I think it is healthy when my man checks out other girls. On this particular day he was checking out a hot brunette like Angelika above wearing a blue thong leotard and white tights. Her ass was amazing. My pussy got wet looking at her. How can I get mad at him for doing the same?

But… on this occasion the girl telling me about it wasn’t bisexual. So she wouldn’t understand where I was coming from. So I just told her thanks and I’d deal with it later.

And deal with it I did. When she was done working out I followed her into the ladies locker room. I quickly got naked and put on my bra with my shaved pussy in full view. I snuck a peek at her and sure enough she was admiring my shave job. Like a good little bisexual girl she non-chalantly showed me her shaved pussy too.

Later that night me and my boyfriend shared her shaved pussy for dinner. I let him fuck her from behind while she ate my pussy. Her tongue was amazing. Watching my boyfriend fuck her while she licked my pussy made me orgasm twice!

My boyfriend recently turned me on to a new site (for me) called Met Art. That is where Angelika is from. I have to say, this site rocks! There are over 1,300 models at Met-Art.com. I found so many girls I would love to share with my boyfriend and even a few I’d like to keep to myself!

Met Art updates four to seven times a day. We are only on the fifth day of June and already they have 22 updates from 22 different models. The only thing that scares me about Met Art is that I spend so much time there, I haven’t even been posting to my blog.

Welcome to my new fascination. Met-Art.com.

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