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Posted By Cassie on 03/15/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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FTV Girls

I know girls are supposed to know it all but, for the life of me, I haven’t the slightest clue on how you pronounce this girls name. Does it sound like May or My? We may never know but, don’t let that stop you have masturbating about how beautiful she is. I know I am not going to let it stop me!

FTVGirls.com is a pretty unique site. This guy and sometimes the girl to the top right, Alison Angel, take girls to very public places and have them masturbate. When I say very public I mean it. In set of videos two girls are eating each other out at a park. Not some desolate empty park either. We are talking people walking around and cars driving by. These people have some balls!

Mai’s FTVGirls masturbation videos are extra hot. She has such a sexy voice and way about her. Slightly shy, but also outgoing. I mean, she shows off her pink little pussy outside. How shy can she really be?

Before she rubs her pussy or rubs a vibrator on her clit she gets into her pink panties and hikes the skirt up so she can sit Indian style. You get some great panty shots! Next she rubs her feet down with lotion. I am sure this is so you guys can pretend she is rubbing your cock. I have to say, if I had a cock, it would be hard as a rock watching this flirtatious girl.

Mai isn’t fat, nor is she thin. You could say that she is just right. A perfect size to have some hips and a big set of tits. But not too big in either regard. Like I said, Mai is just right!

So? I mention this because watching her rub those feet down with her chunky pussy pushing on her panties made me pretty darn wet. I could only imagine what it does to your cock!

I am not sure what the update schedule is at FTV Girls but, they seem to add new girls every 4 to 6 days. Each girl has somewhere between 3 to 5 photo sets and 2 to 3 video sets. The videos are extremely long. Start to finish you could be talking about 40 to 50 minutes of video.

Each video is broken down into segments. A restaurant interview with flashing while customers are only a booth away and the waitress is walking by might be 7 minutes and totally worth the download. Then 15 minutes of outside masturbation to orgasm. Next, an indoor masturbation session for 15 minutes to orgasm. Then she might stuff her panties into her pussy and then slowly pull them out and show you her insides for 7 or 8 minutes. Finally, a shower complete with shaving her pussy. Now imagine 2 more of those video sets, plus high-resolution photo sets of the videos. Plus, more photo sets separate from what was video taped.

There are over 600 First Time Video Girls. Some come back to do more episodes.

One of the things I find most erotic about FTVGirls.com is that the girls enjoy going to extremes. Just like I do. Growing up I stuck plenty of things into my pussy just to see if they would fit, including my panties. Just like me girls will turn on a water hose and fill their pussy with water and shoot it out. To be honest, I still do it and I have no idea why!

The FTV Girls are all hot. I quickly found myself overwhelmed by the selection. I decided to keep going after my first orgasm. You feel like a kid in a candy store with a blank check! By my third orgasm I had to stop because my fingers were cramping up!

Posted By Cassie on 03/14/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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I will tell you what, even us girls dream of other girls once in a while and right now I am dreaming a little dream about Lola from Teen Dreams. Have you ever seen a blonde teen this perfect? I was surfing around and when I laid my eyes on Lola my pussy went instantly wet!

Those guys over at Teen Dreams really landed a hot one this time around. If you have never heard of Teen Dreams I will tell you a bit about them.

First off, there are over 5,600 teen models at TeenDreams.com to choose from. The girls are categorized by hair color, pussy hair, tit sizes, what they are doing, what they are wearing and more! Finding a couple of models that fit your tastes is as simple as can be. I didn’t even have to try to find Lola, she was on the front page (of the members area)!

Girls masturbate, fuck, suck, finger, poke, lick and strip. You get everything from softcore to hardcore at Teen Dreams. There are multiple updates a day and each girl does several picture sets and/or videos.

Teen Dreams conjures up many questions. Like, how do these people stay in business with so many updates? How can they possibly find this many hot chicks willing to get naked? And finally, how do I sign up?

Becoming a member is pretty easy. Just hit the join link and pay $29.95. Canceling is even easier. It is all handled online and they use CCBILL so I trust them with my credit card. I have canceled accounts with CCBILL before and it is done right away. Another reason why I trust these people!

But I guess with so many updates I won’t be canceling my Teen Dreams account for a good long time. And perhaps that is why they can afford to keep updating so darn much!

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Posted By Cassie on 03/06/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Blondes have nothing on redheads. When it comes to sex and it comes to fun, no one can match redheads.

Juicy Jill is the kind of redhead both guys and gals yearn for. She has a killer body and a lot of attitude. Put together they can get a girl into all sorts of trouble. But, more often then not though, it is the guys that need to watch themselves.

JuicyJill.com is home to the kind of drama that breaks hearts but feels, ohhhh so good. I say, "Bring it on!"

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Posted By Cassie on 02/28/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Hailey Little, you are my browned eyed girl! This little blonde bombshell has won me over!

Looking at this blonde teen it is hard to keep my eyes from roaming. I am all over her eyes, her hair, her teeth and her big tits. Damn she has a perfect set of tits!

HaileyLittle.com has been open now for two years and with weekly updates there is a ton of galleries to look at. Yes, Hailey does not get fully nude but, she has mentioned numerous times lately on her message board that she is finally leaning towards it!

Until then you can see her fully nude but, with her hands covering the goodies. That is ok with me. A girls got to be modest when she has a killer set of tits like Hailey’s. I actually like imagining what she looks like underneath those panties of hers.

As a member of Hailey Little you get to chat with Hailey on her message board and write to her using her personal Email address. You also get to see bonus galleries of all of her girlfriends.

Girlfriends? Hey, I thought I was the only one!

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Posted By Cassie on 02/25/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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While she calls herself Private Gwen, I have yet to see the private part. I mean, I have seen her private parts… but she isn’t making a big secret out of them! In fact, she is exposing them for everyone to see.

Of course, that is the premise behind PrivateGwen.com. A real teen site and not some prop photo B.S. site. All of her real experiences and her real life. You actually get to meet her! On line of course…

While Private Gwen does portray her teen star/glamorous side, it really is more about her self-pics. The ones she takes no matter where she is. Documenting her life (including the life in the bedroom) for all to see.

Gwen doesn’t just pose with girls and model teen clothes. She has sex with girls and guys and Gwen masturbates too. Just like me! hehe

Most of the content is shot by amateurs. Private Gwen and her friends take turns holding the camera. It really gives you a sense that you are there as a participant and not just observing. The videos are all downloadable too.

Gwen even includes some pretty private subjects like her first anal sex. I don’t mean her first time on video, I mean her first time ever! You get to see her true emotions. It is so cute!

In one of her videos she really brought me back in time. She has one where she pees. Call me a nutcase, but I really like watching it. Me and my friends used to pee in front of each other. Hey, I like to reminisce!

PrivateGwen.com adds new content weekly with pics and videos. I was surprised to see a $4.95 trial on the join page. You don’t see those on teen sites very often. A nice surprise during these trying times!

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Posted By Cassie on 02/13/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Tattoos and Red Hair = Hot!

Listen up parents. I am going to let you in on what seems to be a little bit of a secret. If your daughter has red hair she is much more likely to be a naughty girl than girls with other hair colors. Nothing scientific here, I have just eaten more redhead pussy than any other hair color out there. And, girls named Zoe with red hair are 99.8% more likely to be naughty than any other name. So there you have it. Do with it what you will.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing against Zoe Fire except for maybe my tongue and a finger or two… I love redheads just as much as guys do. I really enjoy how spunky and frisky they can get. One of my readhead girlfriends almost got me to get my clit pierced. But I was too wimpy and pussed out at the last minute.

Zoe has some great tattoo work done. Though, it is scarey to be sucking on those pierced nipples of hers with that evil looking skull staring back at you. Definately a turn the lights down moment. hehe

I love Zoe’s boobs. It could be because they remind me of some of the first boobs I ever squeezed (besides for my own). Firm looking and soft feeling. I wonder what it would be like to get my nipples pierced like Zoe’s. Do you get a two for one deal?

This girl also has a nice curvy ass. And if you read my blog you should know I am an ass woman. I just want to crack that ass of hers so damn hard! Judging from the body art I am sure Zoe Fire would let me too!!!

ZoeFire.com updates on a weekly basis. You can already see that her photography is amazing and the free gallery above isn’t even the regular sized photos. The ones in the members area don’t block out her sexy pussy and they are much bigger in size. Zoe has some great videos and this girl gets kinky. Try reading some of my old posts and you will get the idea.

If you are ready to leave nice behind, naughty is ready for you!

Find More

Zoe Fire

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Posted By Cassie on 02/11/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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I am a sucker for turquoise eyes. I wish I had eyes like this chick does! This anonymous babe is from HerSecretPics.com. She had a boyfriend take some photos of her naked and when they broke up… Well, let’s just say there is a reason you shouldn’t trust your boyfriend with your naked pics!

Her Secret Pics is a site devoted to posting ex-girlfriends pics. There are even videos! While I feel sorry for these girls I also enjoy looking at all of the candid pics. Real girls, real photos, real videos… All in one convenient location.

Her Secret Pics updates daily. The galleries are also zipped so you can grab them all quickly. Videos range from small clips to long complete videos. If you like watching girls masturbate as much as I do then you will definitely like HerSecretPics.com!

I joined Her Secret Pics because I am a fan of the booty. I like booty in panties and gstrings. There are tons of candids with thick butts. I also like the girls in lingerie. All kinds of lingerie from simple PJ’s to baby dolls. Nothing but the girl next door here!

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Her Secret Pics

Posted By Cassie on 01/31/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Banana Brandy

Ohh, baby, do I ever love this girls nipples! This girls name is Banana Brandy and she is one lovely girl to look at. I could gaze at her nipples for like… ever!

Brandy has what are commonly referred to as puffy nipples. And hers are puffy to the max. I once had a friend with these nipples and let me tell you, swimming with her was an experience. That cold water had her nipples pushing on her bathing suit top like you wouldn’t believe. It turned me on to no end!

She caught me checking out her puffy nipples and asked me if I wanted to see them. Of course I screamed yes so fast it actually frightened her. She was probably used to this kind of reaction from guys.. not from other girls. When she revealed her nipples, I felt my pussy get really wet. My face went flush with excitement.

I instinctively leaned forward a bit with my head and she arched her back a little. What happened next was only natural. I licked and sucked on her nipples until I couldn’t take it anymore. I actually started playing with myself right then and there!

She seemed to enjoy all of the attention and cradled my head into her bosom. My other hand found her clit and she let out a moan. I was in heaven. Rubbing my clit, rubbing her clit and sucking on those sensual nipples. I could have died happy right then and there!

Looking at Banana Brandy totally takes me back to that time. She has the same round face and full figure as my friend. I can just imagine Brandy orgasming to my finger and tongue.

BananaBrandy.com updates three times a week. She loves to masturbate in her videos and she pays special attention to her puffy nipples. Watching her rub oil, butter, lotion and other shiny fluids into her nipples is more than worth the price of admission!

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Banana Brandy

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Posted By Cassie on 01/18/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Anette Dawn

So, yeah… it is pretty much official. I am in love with Anette Dawn.

Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. It could be her perfect boobs, her tone body or her blonde hair. No.. It is her eyes… or her lips? Ohh, if only I could kiss those lips!

AnetteDawn.com is a bit of a stretch for me, I know. I don’t normally fall for the pinup gals but this one does it for me. Maybe it is because I want to be her? Who knows!

Anette is from Hungary and you know what that means…right? A hot blonde with a killer accent. Ohh I hope she likes girls as much as I like her.

Ooooh, I think I figured it out. I like her ass! Anette Dawn has one of the best asses in porn. If you hurry you can see it in the My Latest Updates menu on her web site. It is the last update so you will have to scroll down. It is so full. I’d love to rub her ass down with warm oil. Accidentally brush her pussy while I am down there and see how she reacts.

Just looking at the tour it is obvious that AnetteDawn.com takes photography very seriously. The videos are crystal clear like the pics. A lot of attention and details. I have to go and frig my clit for a while!

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Anette Dawn

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Posted By Cassie on 01/13/08 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Amateur Upskirts

As you may already know I am a sucker for a girl with a cute bum. Growing up I didn’t mind hitting on my friends and had this girl been one of my friends, she would definately have been hit upon. She is from Amateur Upskirts and she currently has one of my hands in my panties and the other one feverishly pecking at the keyboard.

My clit is so hard but I don’t want to orgasm and then lose this feeling before I have finished posting this. Damn I am soooo wet!

While I like guys, girls have always had a certain flare to me. I think it has something to do with us looking so pretty in our brightly colored clothes. We are taught that princesses are pretty and we all wear princess like clothing.

The Amateur Upskirts girls make good examples of what I am talking about. They all wear brightly colored panties. Soft ones like satin and comfortable ones made out of cotton. Their skin is soft and they often have colorful berettes in their hair.

My girlfriends and I always did shows for each other. We would do little Victoria Secrets shows. Put on our skimpiest panties or pull them up into our butts and maybe even our pussies later on. Sometimes we would even go braless!

We would stand over each other and grind our hips so the panties got sucked up into our pussies. The girls at AmateurUpskirts.com have this down! Watching them is like a step back in time for me. Even if you didn’t get to have an experience like this, you can definately get the same feeling watching these girls now.

AmateurUpskirts is teasing done right!

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Amateur Upskirts

Posted By Cassie on 12/21/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Love Abbie

Sure, it is a long way to Vegas on skates but, if you are going to go to Vegas you might as well look sexy doing it.

Love Abbie is one sexy girl! I love her freckles and her cute little tushe. I wish I had one like hers. And I bet she wishes she had one like mine. We girls are never 100% happy with ourselves.

Along with her cute tushe, Abbie also has some great legs. In fact, I love Abbie’s entire body. It is full without being fat. Teen without being tween. And her tits! So pert and perfect. I’d lick those nipples in a heart beat!

Another thing I love about LoveAbbie.com is that she does hardcore! You get to see her fuck and suck cock. Hey, even I need some cock sometimes! She also masturbates and does lesbian scenes too!

LoveAbbie.com updates the pictures and videos weekly and she does live webcam shows. You get to see and hear Abbie live!

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Love Abbie

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Posted By Cassie on 12/11/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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A Great Set of Tits

I am a sucker for girls with large hips and blue eyes. Perhaps it is because I have large hips myself, though opposites are supposed to attract, so it can’t be that. I think I just like curves. Watching the curve from the boobs to the waist to the hips makes me wet.

BluEyedCass.com is where I go when I am feeling a bit hippy. Along with her thick rump she has some awesome blue eyes as the sites name would suggest. Cass was born with the eyes other girls dream of having.

You might have noticed that we both share the same name too. Is this all coincidence or are the stars aligning for me and this girl?

Each week Blueyed Cass adds another picture set and video. She also does two live cam shows and keeps a personal journal. Blue Eyed Cass takes requests from the fans so there is a good chance you will be able to interact with her an a personal level. If not creating a set based on your idea, she might be wearing what you send her on the web cam!

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Blue Eyed Cass

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Posted By Cassie on 11/25/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Pool panties

Do you ever wonder where us girls go when we want to look at panties? Well, I can’t speak for all of us but I will tell you that I go to Panty TV for all of my panty fetish needs!

Call me weird but when I was in school I enjoyed looking up other girls skirts just as much as the guys. I don’t know what it was that made me do it… curiosity perhaps? But soon it became an obsession. I had to know what color of panties the other girls were wearing!

A volleyball playing friend of mine used to wear the sexiest satin panties under her skirt. I would always try to sit across from her at lunch and drop something giving me a reason to go down below. Her slender, muscular legs left her crotch wide open. I could see everything! Her panties were always sucked up into her pussy crack. I decided that I had to see her naked! Eventually I got my chance.

One day when we both finished our sports at the same time I followed her into the showers. It turns out her pussy had no hair! No wonder why her panties always found their way into her pussy.

I went home that day and shaved my pussy bare like hers. It felt so smooth and wonderful. Everything was so soft. I masturbated twice in a row for the first time in my life. I realized I just spent the last 30 minutes thinking about myself. About how good it felt to touch my pussy and I didn’t even think about anyone else.

I spent the next 20 minutes and a third orgasm thinking about my friends shaved pussy. How soft it must feel. What it would be like to rub our clits together. Would we cum at the same time?

When I go to PantyTv.com it reminds me of all of those fantasies I had when I was younger. Fantasies that followed me into college. A panty obsession that would lead to me finding other coeds that shared my panty fetish.

The sample on the main page at Panty TV really gives you a good idea of what to expect. Watching a girl rub satin panties into another girls clit is heaven on Earth. Doubly for me since I know what it is like to both do it and have it done to me. This is as real as it gets. Extremely sexy videos and hi-res photos.

Get yourself a warm towel and some lotion because you are about to cum two or three times!

Find More


Posted By Cassie on 09/20/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Teen Dreams

Girls are universal. We all like other girls asses for some reason. I think I started liking them by accident and I am sure that is how most other girls developed a love for them too.

I fell in love with my first teen ass some time back in 7th grade. I started noticing a change in my own body so I started checking out other girls to kind of gauge my developement. Eventually this turned into an obsession with other girls bodies. By the time I started high school I was an ass-girl.

The guys at Teen Dreams are also ass-people. Today I am going to focus my ass obsession on their model Dora. Damn her ass is fine. Looking at her in her pink bathing suit reminds me of swimming class. Following other girls up the high dive ladder was awesome. No one suspects another girl of checking their ass out, so you can really get a good look!

When I get horny I go over to TeenDreams.com and check out the 5,600+ asses they have available. This also works for tits. With so many models there are hundreds of models with whatever your idea of a perfect set of tits is. How is that for amazing?

Teen Dreams has multiple updates on a daily basis. No more waiting for days or weeks for new girls to gawk at. That is why I LOVE this place. At $29.95 this site won’t break the bank. Pay double and you get 90 days of updates, plus over 1 million photos and 1 thousand videos in the archive. So many girls in so many spreads that it will take you years to view them all!

Find More

Teen Dreams

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Posted By Cassie on 08/24/07 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Girl Masturbation

You are probably wondering what is up with this bitch?

How dare you call her a bitch, asshole!

Don’t give me that look! I am a bitch so I can call her a bitch, to you she is Ms. Bitch and don’t ever forget it.

Am I PMS’ing? Hell no… this time I actually have a point. I can just imagine the fireworks going off… Everyone take a look, this blonde chick has a point. This ought to be good!

My point is that Mel is masturbating because her asshole of a boyfriend ran out on her. No shit. How in the fuck does a guy leave a body like that? I wouldn’t and I am a girl! So her boyfriend left her and the next thing you know she decided to do porn. Not a bad trade off if you ask me, at least now she will get some decent sized cock in her.

But enough with the male bashing, Cassie! Enough with it because FuckYouPaul.com isn’t all about bashing males. In fact Mel loves you all even more now. You see, her boyfriend came back wanting to be a part of her life, asked her to stop doing porn and she said, "Fuck You Paul!" Next she made this website and now Mel doesn’t just want one guy, she wants all of you!

The Fuck You Paul videos are shot at 1920×1080 so they take up the entire screen. The pictures are 3000px and leave nothing to the imagination. This website is more than just a porn site, it is porn-art!

Find More Fuck You Paul

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