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Posted By Cassie on 06/24/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Have you ever heard of a busty teen pornstar club before? Well me neither but I had to do a search and satisfy my curiosity and when I did found it… I was feeling kind of jealous I haven’t found it earlier. It seems to me that these teen girls are constantly fucking, even when they shouldn’t be. For example this little slut should be home doing her homework instead of fucking around with other cocks. She enjoys being treated like a slut and that’s why she’s giving the camera that straight look while her boobs are getting banged… and she loves it.

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Posted By Cassie on 06/21/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Met Art Caesaria - Small Tits And Petite Teen

Recently a friend of mine came over and wanted to know why I had so many girls on my blog. She didn’t know that I was bisexual. She thought that maybe my blog was a front for something my boyfriend was actually doing. He has his own sites. I have this one. My brain is cloudy!!!

OK, so she is thinking she is going to inform me that my boyfriend might be doing something elicit with teen girls. Haha! I assured her that I owned the blog. She didn’t understand it. Why would I want to post pictures of scantly clad teens like Caesaria from Met Art?

So I just blurted it out. I told her I get turned on looking at images of teen girls. That I had been having sex with my friends since I was a little girl during sleepover parties. It was just something that was natural for me. My preference for girls like Caesaria stemmed from the fact that some of my best experiences in the sack (with other women) were with teenagers.

She just looked at me like I was crazy. That is when I opened up a browser to some Caesaria Met Art galleries. I explained what turned me on about the girls. Things like imagining myself sucking on a girls perky tits while I had my hand inside her panties. She was still dumbfounded.

That is when I decided to switch things up a bit. This time I opened up FTV Girls where the women are all college coeds or twenty-something. In particular I showed her to Danielle lesbian videos. I could tell she was intrigued now. Before I knew it she made a semi-conscious movement with her hand to bring it down and touch herself. She tried to hide it, but I reassured her it was OK and put my own hand into my panties.

Just like that we were masturbating right next to each other. Later on we shared a kiss while masturbating again. She is still not sure about any other kinds of mutual contact, but I will be patient and let her come to me… like they usually do. My boyfriend is going to be so happy when I bring her to bed with us!

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Seeing this photo instantly makes me wet. When I was younger I dated a girl and we didn’t let anyone else know we were dating. Back then being bisexual was so taboo. It is crazy how much things can change in a decade!

After several weeks of going out her mom caught on to us. Once she asked me point blank if there was something more going on between her daughter and I than just being good friends. I didn’t know what to do so I lied. I told her we weren’t doing anything… at all! She could tell I was lying, but she could also sense that I wasn’t going to fess up so she dropped it. What I didn’t know is that she was also bisexual and that she was asking me as a concerned parent more than trying to give me a Sapphic inquisition.

Time went by and her mom almost caught us kissing several times. Once she almost caught us eating each other out. Thank god for skirts and quick reflexes! I could tell her mom was getting more and more concerned about our behavior though and I wondered how much longer our fling would last.

The day I thought was going to be the final day her mom cut us short when we were kissing and told her daughter it was time for us to shower and get ready for bed. We both had this crazy idea to shower at the same time and tell her parents we were doing it in our bathing suits, but she said no.

My friend got in the shower first as I waited for my turn in her room. My pussy was so wet from kissing her that I wanted to rub it real quick to release the sexual tension. Just as I got a good rhythm going her mom knocks on the door. I quickly pulled my hand out of my panties and fixed my skirt just as the door opened.

Before I knew what was happening she was on top of me on the bed. While she wasn’t a big woman, she was bigger than I was and I wasn’t much of a fighter so she quickly over powered me.

My friends mom was sort of hot. Many of the guys at school and my own brother wanted to have sex with her. What they didn’t know is that she was only with her husband to keep up appearances. In reality she was a lesbian. Not a bisexual, but a full lesbian.

This woman laid down on one of my arms and then held the other pinned to my chest with her left arm. She flipped her right leg over both of my legs pinning them too. I had no idea what to expect next. With her free right hand she reached up my skirt and planted her hand on my crotch. My panties were soaked. I hoped she couldn’t tell.

"So you weren’t kissing my daughter just a minute ago?" She asked me as she started rubbing her hand in circles over my clit.

All I could do is shake my head no as I felt tears rolling up in my eyes. I must have looked like one of those Japanese Manga cartoon characters with my teary eyes opened wide. I didn’t even know why I was crying. Girls get emotional I guess.

Soon my fear began to subside allowing my emotions to settle down. As they did I began to wonder why she was doing this to me. By now my pussy was beginning to enjoy the attention.

She asked me, "Do you like how that makes you feel down there?"

I nodded and looked up at the ceiling as my breathing got heavier. To be honest what I wanted to tell her was to put her hand into my panties so I could get off quicker!

"Lift up your shirt," she commanded.

When she let go of my arm I did as she asked and brought my shirt up on the side she wasn’t leaning against. Back then I wore one of those bras that clasps in the front. My boobs were small enough that they didn’t make it pop open.

"Undo it," she commanded.

Without really thinking about the fact that my girlfriends mom was going to quite possibly be sucking on my nipple I undid my bra as she instructed. She dived in with no delay. It was more like having a boy kiss my nipple than a female. Her daughter was much more gentle, soft and slow. Maybe it was just that she hadn’t had a girl in a long time?

Now my pussy was soaking my panties so much the cream in them made it feel as though she were rubbing me skin on skin. I could feel myself getting ready to finally orgasm. My lesbian attacker then moved down so her face was over my panties and she pulled them down. Her tongue found my aching clit. It only took a few flicks of her tongue to make me cum.

After a few seconds I tried to push her away. My clit was super ticklish at that point. She wouldn’t budge and my moans got louder and louder. Just then I realized I couldn’t hear the shower running. I had no idea how long it would take for her daughter to come back and I certainly didn’t want her to see me cheating with her mom.

Her mom’s tongue was buried into my pussy. I seemed as if she were trying to lap up every last drop of my juices. Maybe it had been a long time since she tasted pussy? I told her that her daughter was coming and she popped up. Her mouth and nose were wet with my love juice. She looked like a vampire that had just engorged itself on human blood. She was breathing heavier than I was!

"You need to go!" I told her.

She got up, fixed her shirt, wiped her face and then exited the room trying to get out of the hallway before her daughter opened the bathroom door. It wasn’t fast enough. I heard my friend asking her what she was doing. She said she was asking me if I thought my friend and I would want some strawberry shortcake before bed.

I quickly tried to make myself presentable before she came in the room. My bra was undone, my shirt was up, my panties were down and my skirt was around my midsection. I got everything situated just in time to meet my friend at the door and tell her I was "thinking about her" while she was in the shower. She smiled and told me that she "thought about me" too. We both new that to mean that we had masturbated to thoughts of doing some more kissing and feeling each other up. Only I wasn’t exactly truthful about how I had reached orgasm.

While in the shower my thoughts kept going back to her mom. What was her pussy like? Was it like her daughters? Was that part of genetics? Did she shave it like me and her daughter did with a landing strip on top? Then I laughed… if not, I bet myself that she was shaving it that way right as I was having my thought. Probably masturbating too!

That was enough to get me horny again and I masturbated to the idea of licking her moms pussy while her daughter was licking mine. I even thought about them licking each other. Somehow it didn’t gross me out like it does now. I guess when you are in the moment anything goes!

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So my boyfriend calls me into the office and he is like, "Check out this little hottie. Do you want to have some fun with her?" And I cannot deny that AvroraX is a cute webcam model I’d like to fuck. So I tell him sure with a little giggle and a smile on my face. More on that later.

He logs into our account and starts chatting with her. Asking her what she likes and if she is bisexual. After a while he has her flashing him her boobs and she wants us to turn on our camera as well so she can cam to cam with us. Nothing could be hotter than cam to cam with other girls or couples online. Let me tell you!

We take her private and my boyfriend turns on our cam and she is looking at her screen like she is trying to figure something out or find something small. My boyfriend laughs and flops his big cock around at her asking if it ain’t big enough for her to see it. She tells him it isn’t that at all. He has a very nice cock. It is just that she could swear she had just had a chat with… your girlfriend (ME!) only an hour ago. LOL Caught!!!

Hey, we have an open relationship so it wasn’t all that bad. Besides, he doesn’t mind if I stray a little so long as my partner has a pussy. I am the one that should be getting upset. LOL

If you are in between girls (or guys), or if you are a couple that likes to swing I highly recommend you try some live sex online. You can’t catch a disease. You can do these things called Gold Shows that are super cheap. And you might even learn some new skills on how to chat up hot girls!

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Chat Live And Naked With SweetNWild18

My oh my what do we have here?

This is one babe sandwich I wouldn’t mind being the meat of. My boy-friend and I have been going online for sex chats a lot lately. We find it a bit more intimate than watching the same tired videos over and over again. I bet you hide your online porn habits from your significant other. That is so wrong and I will tell you why.

Most guys get into porn at an early age. Over time they learn to hide it from their mother. In a sick Freudian way they go out and start dating girls that remind them of their mothers. In another Freudian twist they begin to also hide their porn habits from girlfriends as well. They don’t realize women look at porn too.

As time goes on a divide begins to open up between the two of them. She thinks he is hiding things because he doesn’t want to include her and she becomes resentful of his pornographic habits. He thinks she is pissed off at the porn so he hides it even more.

Sound like you?

Stop being a pussy and go have a good time with porn and your girlfriend in the same room. Sheesh! My boyfriend and I share everything. We even share my girlfriends. I don’t get jealous because he doesn’t hide a single thing from me. I don’t care if he looks at other girls. What, am I supposed to pretend that I don’t like Brad Pitt or Matthew McConaughey? Of course I do. I am womaaaan!

Perhaps the best thing you will enjoy about having your woman in the room with you is when you do a live nude chat with her. This is particu-larly true when you are doing a cam to cam chat where the model can see the two of you. They will often do things for free they wouldn’t normally do with just a guy only. I am by boyfriends cam chat wing woman. Haha!

Seriously though guys. Invite your significant other to read this post, and the rest of my blog for that matter. You will be a lot happier masturbating with her than you could ever be apart!

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Girls playing with themselves on naked cams

Are you a little freak that likes to watch girls playing with themselves on their webcams? Well, don’t get all bent out of shape. I like watching girls touching themselves too. While I was in college I used to masturbate over the Internet with a girl I left back home. We had fooled around all throughout high school and I missed having her to play with while I was so far away.

Now that I am a twenty-something woman I am finding myself not only missing her, but also missing what she used to look like back in those days. More and more often I am hitting up girls on naked cams with the same killer body and perky boobs. It is so fun to relive those days and nights!

You have your fantasies and I bet some of them are pretty kinky. Finding somebody to play them out with you in real life can be very difficult. Online you can schedule times to meet the girls of your dreams. Many girls have outfits to fit any fantasy you might have. Even bondage fantasies.

Do your night right with girls on naked cams willing to do just about anything you can think of. They are just as horny as you are so don’t hesitate to ask.

Posted By Cassie on 05/15/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens
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Being a girl I am a sucker for spunky girls that know how to flirt. The BrunetteGodess from my favorite XXX Cams site has me wondering where she has been all of my life. She is everything I look for in a cam model and the exact opposite of everything I hate.

I am pretty sure that being a girl has its privileges in the world of webcams. But I also know that you don’t need to be a girl to flirt with this cutie pie. She lit up her free chat room. Just about the only problem is she spends a lot of time in private chats. It isn’t her fault though. People can’t get enough of her and some want her all to themselves.

Find the girls you won’t be able to say no to on XXX cams!

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I am the luckiest girl in the world. It seems my boyfriend and I are always jiving when it comes to the kind of porn we like. There are times when even if we have different reasons for enjoying a site we end up both liking the same site anyway. Take ALS Angels for instance. He loves the shaved pussy and the girls in panties. I like the lesbian videos. Another instance where we both score on the same site!

Once I asked my BF what the deal was with his panty fetish and after some discussion we came to realize it was about him getting back to his youth. The girls he first stated fooling around with all had panties on or teased him by making him jerkoff while they modeled their panties for him.

For me the ultimate reason for going to sites with lots of lesbian episodes is the same as it was for my boyfriend. I can get back to the days of my youth. Some of my favorite sexual experiences were with girls. I specifically enjoy the ones where we were experimenting with each other sexually. It was such an electric time in my childhood.

ALSAngels.com updates weekly and have been doing so for years. The videos have lots of kink packed into them. I think you will find this site to be a cross between softcore sensuality and gonzo craziness!

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My first forays into bisexual promiscuity occurred when my girlfriends and I began to wonder about each others sprouting body parts. At first we just felt up each others boobs. As time went on we were checking out the differences in our pussies as well.

A rather new production company called Nubile Films is aiming to capture these tender moments and put them online. Along with the solo and lesbian softcore fair they also have plenty of hardcore stuff to keep your cock engorged with blood.

My boyfriend and I spend countless hours there. They have hundreds of videos shot in HD. The pictures are also shot in ultra high resolution. They add multiple updates ever week. Some of the hottest models in erotic porn are here and they have tons of up and coming girls as well.

Watch some highly charged sex at Nubile Films!

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See Amy's profile here

So I have this friend and her name is Amy Martinez. She has been striking out left and right in her pursuit to find a quality man. I told her she should try online dating, but she swears she can’t even get that right. That is how I met my BF so I have no idea what this girl is doing wrong. She is so fed up that she asked me to do something truly crazy. She wants me to post her Google+ profile on my blog in hopes that one of my readers will be her Mr. Right. I don’t think she has any idea of just how many readers I have. LOL!

She is going to have to hire a fulltime publicist to hand all of the incoming requests! Haha!

Anyway, see her profile and decide if she is somebody you can swoop off of her feet. She is definitely easy on the eyes. Too bad she isn’t looking for a bisexual relationship. I’d so totally eat her!

OMG! Did I just put that on my blog?

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Brazilian Annie Brazilian Annie Brazilian Annie

This one is for a good friend of mine named Annie. If you are ever planning to go to the Australian island state of Tasmania for work or vacation you might want to look her up. Her rates are respectable and she is available to come to you if need be. Boys order room service, gentlemen order escorts!

When it comes to escorts Hobart doesn’t have a very large selection. So count yourself lucky that Brazilian Annie resides there. You can find more girls on Cracker.com.au. The site is easy to navigate and they cover other areas in Australia as well.

You may also want to peruse the site for the naughty pics. Many of the girls have nude, semi-nude and lingerie photos. I caught myself with my hand in my panties!

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When it comes to feminism women can be very divided. Some will look at this beautiful blonde exposing herself on her webcam and think, "Oh, my God! She is totally messing things up for all women!" While others, like myself, look at her and think she is furthering the feminist movement. Not only that she is empowering girls that don’t fit into some media inspired image of what a girl should look like.

The reality of it all is that this young webcam model has a body that men enjoy even if mainstream media thinks she is a plus sized girl. If she is plus sized and we are all plus sized shouldn’t we be calling the skinny ones thinner girls and ourselves normal?

Have a girl next door fling with a girl from another country. When BlondyShaylla got into webcams it wasn’t for the money. She likes to watch men masturbate. She has been a little fiend for her obsession for years. ChatRandom just allows her to indulge in her fetish a lot more often and without any limits!

Share some fantasies and explore each other right now!

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This teen sex video from www.FapLot.com totally reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine. We used to makeout on my parents couch while they watched the TV in their room. Before I met him I used to wear jeans and shorts. He turned me into a skirts and dresses kind of girl. That way he could go right up my skirt and if my parents came down the hallway it was easy to look like nothing was going on.

As time went on we got more and more daring. One night he had me with my skirt up around my stomach and my shirt wide open with my tits out. God I loved those front clasping bras!

Anyway, he was fingering me real good and I was just about to cum when we heard a noise. It was my little sister. She was standing above of with a look of horror and shock on her face. She told me simply that I owed her big time and she went to her room. She shut her door hard enough to let me know she was serious and not hard enough to make my parents upset.

After that little encounter we went back to being a bit more careful. I wonder where my finger boy is now?

Enjoy the videos and make sure you bookmark their site.

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Little Caprice Anal Sex

I get asked all of the time if I am into anal sex. The answer is yes. My first time having anal sex worked out great because I was on a salad diet, I had just done my business and I found a fleet enema in the bathroom cabinet. We used some cocoa butter as lube and his cock slid right into my butt quicker than I expected.

It wasn’t until I had my orgasm with his cock buried deep inside me that I learned why girls rave about anal sex. While I do enjoy orgasms with a cock in my vagina, it felt "different" with him inside my rectum. More intense.

If you or your partner are looking to try anal I suggest you follow some simple preparations to make it the most pleasurable experience both of you will ever have.

  1. Eat a diet with a lot of roughage. Think salads. And don’t try anal until you are regular.
  2. Time it so you do your business an hour or two before you are going to have sex.
  3. Use an enema product to make sure you are clean.
  4. Use a lubricant! Porn movies don’t show you the lube. They pretend they just spit on that thing and go out at. Notice the editing cuts in the video. At some point she put some lube on/in there and so should you!

Girls: You will find that your orgasm is way more intense. It also often lasts a lot longer too!

Guys: The sphincter muscle is much tighter than the vaginal muscles are. Most guys that last a long time in the vagina end up a premature ejaculator during their first few times going anal.

Girls: Cut him a break and keep going until you go booooom!

Need some tips on positions? I highly suggest checking out this Little Caprice blog. It is filled with her galleries and soon to be filled with her videos as well. Many of which have her going anal and giving you good positions to try!

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I can’t imagine what would have happened if they had webcams around when I was in high school and college. My girlfriends and I got into enough trouble with a Polaroid camera and my parents VHS camcorder as it was. Being able to stream your slumber party live? Oh brother!

Now you can get in on the action with CamFuze teen cams. Girls put themselves up on their webcam and they get a picture on the index page. If you like what the girls are doing you can let them know by adding credits to their account. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I gave these girls the equivalent of $5 for allowing me to live vicariously though them. Haha!

CamFuze.eu allows anybody to chat with the girls including guests. You will find that this place is not just a cam site. It is more of a community. There are lots of hot babes on there and quite a number of cute couples. I need to let you go so I can stop typing and start friggin.

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