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get dominated tonight

I have always wanted to play domination/submission games. My only problem is that I am not the most trusting person. I have a hard time letting my boyfriend tie me up. I also have issues with the fact that I am usually a dominating person in my regular life. A natural born leader. So allowing my BF to dominate me in the bedroom doesn’t sit right with me. Besides, he likes having me take charge and I enjoy doing it. But I have always wanted to be dominated by another woman.

When my boyfriend and I hit Toronto for a webmaster convention he set me up with a surprise. We got one of the top floor suites in a swanky hotel in downtown. I noticed one of the walls in the bedroom had a full length mirror that was the size of a bed. Only something was off about it. My boyfriend showed me that the next room had full view of our bed!

He booked that room and then called Fantasia Escorts to have a hot dominatrix sent to my room. Knowing my boyfriend was watching really made me wet. When the girl showed up and began her routine she was surprised to feel how wet my panties were. She smiled into the mirror. She knew someone was watching me get dominated!

If you are looking for a special surprise for your special somebody or for yourself make the call to 416-556-8843 and get dominated by the best escorts in Toronto!

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Posted By Cassie on 06/02/14 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens

dublin ireland escort directory

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I enjoy giving women out there shoutouts if I think it can help them out. Today I am going to tell you about a girl I met while in Ireland. Her name is Carmella and she is an independent escort in Dublin, Ireland. She has been working by herself for just over a year now and she loves it. She says she can charge her customers less than an agency and offer them a much better service. Forget about those agencies that forbid you to contact the girls directly. With independent escorts it is the norm and to me that just sounds smart!

While I couldn’t ever see myself being an escort I have enjoyed their services from time to time. My BF and I have made it a point to always use independent escorts. All to often girls with agencies are hooked on drugs or sold into the industry with no hope of getting out of it. They aren’t making a choice to be with you. Carmella can pick and choose who she meets up with. She can stop at any time. That is very important to me as a woman.

So the next time you are looking for Dublin escorts remember to check Irelands-Finest.com for some independent listings. They are also branching out into other areas of Ireland like Cork and Galway so be sure to bookmark them. This is near and dear to my heart so do it!

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Girls This Hot Are Not Out Of Your League When You Use AurumEscorts Of London

Are you one of those guys that thinks girls like London escort Crystal are completely out of your league? If you said yes you thought wrong. By making a quick call to AurumEscorts of London you can have Crystal for a quick incall, as a dinner companion or for an overnight experience you won’t match anywhere else!

Let AurumEscorts.com put you into the drivers seat. Go online and pick your favorite girl. You can even check out the girls on your mobile phone. You select which of their exquisite women you want to spend time with and they make it happen.

The sooner you make your reservation the more likely you are to get the girl you desire most. Don’t worry if you miss her schedule though. At Aurum Escorts there are many different London escorts to choose from. There are even many different incall locations to choose from.

It all starts with you. Make an online reservation or give them a call tonight!

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Growing up I was always somewhat self-conscious about how my g-string panties bit into my hips. Then I saw a 60 Minutes episode where they were candidly talking to a fashion designer and he said he actually preferred that to skinny girls… I was so happy!

The truth of the matter is this… You guys will stick your cocks into anything. Seriously! Raise your hand (or your cock) if you have ever done one of the following:

  • Fucked a warm jelly donut or an éclair.
  • Fucked a banana peel.
  • Rubbed a girls satin panties on your cock.
  • Fucked an apple pie.
  • Fucked a water jet in a hot tub.
  • Fucked the space between a pillow and a mattress.
  • Dry humped the couch.

I could go on, but you all have your cocks up already!

So if you guys will do all of that to get laid it is pretty obvious that us ladies try way to damn hard to "display" ourselves for you. Perhaps that is why sites like Figure Baby are doing so well.

Figure Baby started with just five models and a dream. Now there are dozens of models and all of them are basically girl next door types. They say that beauty is a subjective thing. Some of you will find a certain girl hot and others will think she is ugly… But wait! That happens in Playboy too… So maybe this guy has a good idea of what porn should be!

The site doesn’t use professional models so they keep the costs very low. You can become a member for as low as $9 a month! For just $24 you can become a member for 90 days without worrying about rebills!

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I was the girl you wanted next door when I was growing up. I loved to wear dresses and skirts and I always forgot to cross my legs properly. Even when I began to notice boys looking at my knickers I didn’t let it bother me. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it!

Those knickers of mine got me into a good college on account of my teachers enjoying them enough to give me straight A’s. In college it was more of the same, only this time, even the female professors got in on the act!

Only Tease is filled up upskirts, panty shots, pantyhose, nylons and all of the things you expect to see when a girl doesn’t cover herself properly. The panties come in every color of the rainbow, in all styles imaginable and of every fabric known to mankind. If you like looking up a girls skirt, this site definitely has you covered… or make that uncovered!

With an Only All Sites pass you get more than just teased. The pass includes every site and on most of them the girls get completely naked at some point during the shoot. Some even do more than just get naked!

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Throughout the ages the art of seduction hasn’t changed much. However, one group in particular has had a lock on the craftiest of techniques when it comes to this sexual art form. That group has been, and always will be, the secretary.

I was a secretary at a law firm during my later years of college. While the prudish women and girls always complained about how tight their bosses were with the budget, I was reaping the benefits of knowing how to flirt for cash and advancement.

My regular seductive secretary uniform consisted of a tight dress, a tight bra that pushed my boobs out and garters, nylons and high heels to keep my bosses coming back for more. Sure, those other girls thought I was a slut… No – a bonafide prostitute. I didn’t care. I was the talk of the water cooler and the life of the Christmas party. I even seduced a few of the other girls!

Only Secretaries is all about seduction. You could go to just about any other web site and watch girls strip and blow cock. Watch as they slap their faces with man meat and take it anal… Or you could learn something by joining Only Secretaries. Enjoy the dance…

As a member you get access to the entire network. A group of seductive sites meant for men that want something more from their porn… from their women… from their lives.

If only this site was around while I was in college. I so would have modeled my seductive secretary uniform for all of you!

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My boyfriend has this joke about helping a goat over a gate and for some reason when I saw this gallery it reminded me of his joke.

My boyfriend and I are pretty open minded and I know there are a lot of women out there that are not. Perhaps you have a girlfriend or a wife that isn’t as open minding as I am. I feel for you. Yes, your respective others have a point. Women don’t usually wear chainmail panties and nylons with high heels. But, sometimes we do! Or, at least… I do!

MET-Art is not meant to be taken literally. It is a fantasy site and if your women can’t see that then they need to get their self-conscious feelings in check. I might be biased because I have been masturbating to my older brother’s porno mags since… well, let’s keep that my dirty little secret.

So enough about me and you… How about MET-Art?

It isn’t hard to see why my boyfriend loves this site. Hot chicks from all over the world captured in ways that define the term artistic-nudes. MET-Art has multiple updates everyday. Up to six times a day!

The MET-Art.com pictures are up to 5000 pixels across. That is a little too close for my own personal comfort, but these girls don’t seem to mind and neither does my boyfriend. Two to three new high-def videos are added weekly.

There are over a thousand models at MET-Art.com and their search function makes it easy to find the ones that turn you on most. I have a thing from blondes with big tits and I found over 200 hundred of them.

Get your own MET-Art membership and tell that girl to get off your ass!

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