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Posted By Cassie on 02/20/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


I know most of my loyal fans hail from the States, but I have to give a shout out to a very special girl from Scotland. If you are ever looking for escorts Edinburgh has got plenty of them. The only problem is that they are tied to an agency which makes them super expensive and unwilling to go the extra mile.

My friend Cate is the ultimate solution for your lonely nights. She can come to you or you can go to her. Cate is unlike any escort you have seen in the movies or in T.V. shows. She is genuine and very seductive. Her talents are many. Cate is whatever you want her to be and need her to be all in one sexy package.

What is a night with Cate like? I think it would be easier to consume if I broke down into a theoretically typical week. I say theoretical because Cate doesn’t typically work seven days straight in a week, but it will give you an idea of just how vast her skillsets are.

Lets start with the weekend. John calls her on Thursday to let Cate know he is going to be in town on Friday night. She has the night available and he requests that she meet him at the airport. Like a wife would. They take a ride in a livery car to his hotel suite where she makes him a scotch on the rocks.

While john sits down at the table Cate puts on some music and lights some candles that were delivered along with their room service meal in their suite. She asked him how his flight was and tells John how handsome he is. After dinner John retreats to the couch where Cate stands behind him rubbing the tension out of his strong shoulders. He looks back and her eyes tell him everything. She was so lonely without him. It is time to show him just how much she missed him.

Later that night they go down to the hotel lounge and enjoy some cocktails and a little dancing. Cate gives him that look again and they both rush out of the lounge into an elevator. While in the elevator they attack each other sexually. By the time they make it back to the suite they their various zippers and buttons are mostly undone. Again, she shows John just how much she missed him while he was away.

The next evening Cate gets a call from Bill. His idea of a good time is much different than John’s idea of one. Bill prefers the fantasy where Cate and Bill don’t know each other. They typically meet at a bar and Bill wins Cate over with his charm. Each time he beds her he can’t believe he is going this far with the woman of his dreams. She tells him how silly he is for thinking anything of it. She tells Bill he is cute and funny. That not every girl dreams of Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

On Tuesday it is Ramon that makes the call. He wants Cate to come over to his place. He orders some delivery food and they stay in watching movies together. Ramon is old school. He wants to know every interesting detail about Cate’s life and enjoys sharing his own with her.

Wednesday night Cate gets a call from Timothy. He is going to attend a high class function related to his business and he wants Cate to come along as his, not to overwork the cliché, niece. Cate shows up with her hair looking exceptional. Her dress is phenomenal. Her manners are impeccable. Cate is a gracious date in every way. A far cry from the Cate she was only a week ago with John. But Cate knows how to be the yin to her clients yang, and she is very good at it.

Do something you wouldn’t normally do with a girl you wouldn’t normally do it with. Go all out and have the most enjoyable experience you will ever have. You will continuously pinch yourself thinking about how incredibly "normal" and natural your time with Cate will feel. But you have to make that call. Book your special night with Cate today!

Posted By Cassie on 02/06/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


While I do find women my age attractive, and I even find some older women attractive, I have always had a thing for girls that are barely legal. Girls like Sara Luvv.

I think my obsession with them stems from the fact that the girls I first started having lesbian experiences with were around that age. So like anybody with warm blood flowing through their veins I guess I covet my first loves.

Watching Adrianna Luna attack her in this Sara Luvv lesbian video I can’t blame Adrianna one bit. If I had Sara’s little body in front of me I’d want to dive my tongue deep inside her too. I might even put on a strapon and give it to her hard so I can hear her whimper and moan. Then I would make her suck her own juices off of my fake cock like my BF makes me do it after he fucks me.

Okay. Now my pussy is super fucking wet. I am going to go frig myself off to more Sara Luvv at http://pornstarbot.com/sara-luvv/ and speak at you later.

~xxoo Cassie

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