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I had to write about this gallery of two girls comparing their pussies from Ivana Fukalot because it totally reminded me of what it is like to be a bisexual girl. Most guys, my boyfriend included, think bisexual girls are just in it for the sex. Wrong! Girls are from Venus, silly! We aren’t in it for the sex. We did the things we do for love. To both give it and receive it fully!

Boys penises all look the same to girls. Unless it isn’t circumcised of course, and even then it kind of looks the same to us. You have a shaft, a head and possibly a scar from the circumcision. Girls are different. We have puffy pussies, pastrami sandwiches, dark lips, pink lips, big clits, small tits, the list goes on.

The first time I looked at one of my older brother’s porn magazines (boy did he ever have a LOT of them!) I noticed the "oddity" straight away. All of the girls had very different looking pussies. I had always assumed they all looked like mine. At that point I wanted to know what all of my friends pussies looked like!

Some girls didn’t mind spilling the beans and others were very private about their private parts. After comparing pussies it was only natural to watch each other pee. Oh the crazy things we did!

Ivanafukalot.com explores the real aspects of teen sexuality. From the benign to the nasty and devious things girls pull like dressing their boy toys up in girls clothes before fucking them. You haven’t seen a site like this before. Ladies like me will enjoy a return to some of the best moments in our lives.

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My boyfriend and I have a few memberships on porn sites and yet we still look around for more. We both share the same preferences when it comes to teen porn which is kind of weird. How many couples can actually say that?

A lot of my friends think I am crazy because I don’t mind if my boyfriend looks at barely legal girls. They say he might decide to go after one of them offline. I don’t think my friends have ever even been to a porn site. The girls on them don’t actually interact with the guys. Even girls with web cams don’t hook up with the guys on the site. My friends are so clueless!

Besides, I prefer to look at barely legal lesbians. How can I possibly hate on my BF for his preference when I have the same desire to bang 18 year old girls as he does? If we were to bring a girl into our relationship she would definitely have to be a young little hottie. I don’t want to lick some dirty skanky pussy. I want the nubile stuff.

OK. Now my pussy is super wet. I need to go give it some love. While I enjoy pictures I also enjoy videos so I am going to go watch some free teen porn videos. I just can’t decided if I want to watch a girl masturbate along with me or some lesbians. Heck, I two monitors. I’m going to watch them both at the same time.

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Posted By Cassie on 01/14/13 - Bookmark Cassie’s Teens


So my boyfriend and I recently heard about, and purchased, the naughtiest sex toy Singapore has to offer. It is called the We-Vibe 3. We already have a very interesting sex life without it, but we are open minded and enjoy adding even more spice to our already hotter than heck sex life.

The sex toy is shaped like short salad prongs and is made of medical grade silicone. Both ends vibrate and at first we kind of looked at its odd shape with perhaps too open of a mind. We were wondering if we both inserted the thing. Haha!

No! You don’t both insert this thing. Only she does. The clamp like appearance is so that your girl can put one end in her vagina for her G-spot and the other over her clit for double the fun. With one end in your pussy his cock feels bigger, her thinks you feel tighter and both of you get buzzed at the same  time!

The We-Vibe 3 is remote control so you can switch things up without having to fiddle with the actual vibrator. You can even use this thing in the shower. We use ours in the hot tub.

There are dozens of kinky toys at ToyOrgasmic.com and they have marked everything down to move excess inventory from Christmas and to get couples ready for Valentine’s Day. Get something you can both share this year with the We-Vibe 3!

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Back when I was in college the girls and I used to have some of the sleaziest sleepovers ever. My first three-way-lesbian-kiss was at one of those sleepovers. We never made a video back then, but I’ve always wished we had. This lesbian kissing video is a good stand in though.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time, maybe too much time(?), on a site called Fubilov.com. It started with guys sending in the videos they received as a perk of their relationships with various girls. Now the girls are sending in videos and photos for you to enjoy.

So start enjoying. I have to go touch myself. Bye!

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Most women think of porn as something their men do to "cheat" on them. Being a woman that seems somewhat short sited and funny to me. After all, what woman hasn’t masturbated and thought of George Clooney or Brad Pitt? On top of that I have a lot of friends that have confided in me that they have fantasized about having sex with the above gentlemen while fucking their husbands!

For some reason women think that looking at a physical piece of paper with a picture on it or a computer screen is different then "just thinking about a guy" while diddling their pussies.

Part of me thinks it all stems from how secretive guys can be about their masturbation. And that has a lot to do with upbringing. Boys try to hide their masturbation from their mothers. Most men never talk to their kids about it until the secretive habits have already taken root. Girls on the other hand often are encouraged to masturbate by their mothers. They tell them how normal it is and that it is nothing to be ashamed of.

My boyfriend and I enjoy masturbating together. We go online looking for girls like Lesbilove above that will "do us both" at the same time. Sometimes we go online separately. Neither of us gets jealous because nothing is hidden. We are very open sexually.

The next time you want to chat online consider inviting your wife to the show. Using a site like http://OnAirCams.com for free live nude chat is a great way to get your wife interested without having to spend a lot of money. You just might find a girl you can both agree on!

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